Cai Yilin "Rose Teenager" released the dance version of the MV, a sentence, "Never forget remember, the past is not as good as smoke." Which Rose has no thorns? "Let's rediscover the important milestones of gender education in Taiwan, and have you found all the four ingenuity behind this MV?

Cai Yilin released the new album "Ugly Beauty" at the end of last year, from "Strange Beauty", "Brain public", until today released the dance version of the MV "rose Teenager", the album has been clinging to the "love of their own" core concept.

In the "Strange Beauty" song A discard of the world's aesthetic, only believe in their own looks, in the "Brain public" song no longer pursue the social definition of the "perfect mate" conditions, but open the eyes of the heart, to find the other half of the best for them, and in the "Rose teenager" to encourage us to show personal traits, Don't hide yourself because of the eyes of others.

Love oneself, is from the inside out, complete the whole. "Ugly Beauty" released each song, layers of progressive, from the external courtship conditions to the appearance, and finally deep into each person's internal personal characteristics, less which step, are not complete. Sophisticated arrangement, perfect buckle album Core concept, we in each song, have dug into that long-hidden anxiety, and then bravely break.

Today released the "Rose Teen" dance version of the MV, let us re-understand the important milestones of gender education in Taiwan, and the MV behind the four ingenuity, also share to you!

Four things the rose teen wants to convey

The Rose teenager never forgets

The name of the song "Rose Teenager" refers to the Ye Yongji. The "Ye Yongji incident" has a profound impact on Taiwan's awareness of gender education, Ye Yongji in the country of study, because students laugh at their sissy, like to take off his trousers, so every day after class dare not go to the toilet. April 20, 2000, he left the classroom to go to the toilet five minutes before class before he was found dumped in a pool of blood and died. (Recommended reading: CAI Yilin concert rereading rose teenager: Ye Yongji dead, but there are more Ye Yongji in the world )

The incident of Rose teenager Ye Yongji evokes reflection on gender education in Taiwan, when the Gender Equality Education Act was also renamed the Gender Equality Education Act, which does not divide the gender of two yuan into more meta-gender education. We should not let the next Ye Yongji worry about being afraid because of her gender temperament.

When Cai Yilin talked about the Ye Yongji of the rose teenager, she choked and said, "Not just comrades, when you know yourself and don't live for others, you can reach out and help the people around you." 」

"Whether it's a boy or a girl, you should love your body." 」

Now, Cai Yilin will be such a profound story into a song, inspire everyone like the rose teenager, no longer feel sorry for their own characteristics.

"The rose teenager" sang this: "Never forget remember, the past is not as good as smoke." Which Rose has no thorns? The best revenge is beauty, and the most beautiful blooming is a counterattack. 」

Photo | "rose teen 〉mv screenshot

Release the dance version first, not the full version of the MV

Cai Yilin in this wave of the main MV, decided to release the dance version of the "Rose teenager", rather than the full version of the MV. She said in the interview that the song was written in the hope of showing the beauty of the body's posture, and when she heard the choreography, she couldn't help but want to swing along.

Life and its posture, your hands up, look swinging, are innate, but we often hear in life to the attitude of others criticism, hate others are not manly enough, not gentle enough, not temperament, like a sissy, and these words become a bondage, imprison our every move, only in order to meet the "social expectations."

When you hear this song, try to find the most primitive, unadorned self, swinging your body!

Dancers ' costume ingenuity

The rose teenager not only blends ideas and emotions into the dance, but also gives meaning to the dancers ' costumes: At first, the dancers wore suits and danced in pain, symbolizing how social values were imprisoned, tied to our behavior, and echoed the lyrics: "Who put whose soul into whose body?" Who put whose body into prison to imprison themselves? 」

At the end of the meeting, the dancers changed their suits and finally put on their most comfortable clothes, which means they were finally able to be themselves.

Photo | "rose teen 〉mv screenshot

The complete presentation of a mirror in the end

Director Ryan Parma is very good at "one mirror to the end" of the mirror technique, so this dance version of the MV is also a mirror to the end of the shoot. And such a shooting technique, the complete presentation of Cai Yilin and dancers posture, expression, not too much editing, do not need camouflage, just as living under the social norms of the commotion of us, with their most authentic appearance presented to the world!

Don't let anyone change you, you are you, or you, you can, someone will love you with all your heart.

--〈 Rose Teen

May all be in this song, Fall back in love with yourself, and have the power to Love Yourself:)