At the end of last year, Rep. Ogachu-Curtiz (Alexandria Ocasio-cortez), a 29-year-old woman elected by New York State, frequently won media favor. She is the youngest congressman in the history of the United States. Young, Latino, female, working class, left. There were many tendrils glued to her. Many people think that the label can hurt her, but she is not afraid, in politics and dance posture as chic.

When "Democratic hope" falls on her shoulders,

February 5, 2019--Women members of the Democratic Party wore white together in Congress to congratulate the women's parliamentary seat on reaching a record high ever. (You might like it: after the Sichuan state of the Union address: Why do female politicians wear white? in the same wave of White Sea, a young woman smiled particularly happy.

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She is Alyssan. Zhuo, a 29-year-old Xinke councillor. Ogachu-Curtiz (Alexandria Ocasio-cortez, often referred to as AOC), had just won the Battle of the House of Representatives in New York's 14th district late last year, and had started her first run.

Ogachu-Curtiz pushed the Democratic Party to draft the Green new Deal, declaring that it would allow New York State to use renewable energy for 100% in 10 years, and that old age had endorsed her. As a representative of New York State, she spoke out against Amazon's establishment of a second headquarters in the city of Long I., February 14, when Amazon officially announced its abandonment of its headquarters program in New York. She has been making good use of social media, with a clear mind and the courage to speak out for ethnic, gender and class issues.

With ultra-tall gas entering Congress from Bronx District, New York, she has also been hailed as a "new hope for the Democratic Party."

Who's the AOC? From working girls to entering Congress in American politics set off a craze

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His father was from New York and his mother was from Puerto Rico, and Curtiz-a working class from Bronx District, New York. Like many ordinary families in the United States, families are on the verge of bankruptcy because of the 2007-year financial tsunami. Her father died of a myocardial infarction in 2008. The mother worked as a cleaning woman and drove a truck to support her family. After graduating from Boston University majoring in politics and international relations, she worked as a waiter and bartender to subsidize her family.

She worked as a volunteer for Sanders ' presidential election in 2016. We all know the end, though. Sanders lost to Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Party primary. In the 2018, the 27-year-old was still paying for a school loan and decided to enter politics and invest in the deputies ' election in the 14th constituency of New York State. The 14th constituency, Bronx District (Bronx) and Queens (Queens), which has a large multi-ethnic distribution, has always been a Democratic ticket.

As the political man to run for the first time, her opponent is Joe Crowley, the Democratic elder Crowley, who has been a Member of Parliament for 10 terms.

Her campaign style, too, is very unusual in terms of Democrats. Policy, she calls herself a democratic socialist (democratic socialist), with a focus on gender, race, health care and environmental protection. Political views include promoting the green new Deal, advocating for the abolition of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (abolish ICE), and Medicare for all. In action, Arvato-Curtiz serious business community, daily hair tweets and Instagram time-limited dynamic; She also does not accept corporate political contributions, the campaign funds only 128,000 dollars, rival Crowley raised nearly 3 million dollars.

The day before the primaries, she chose to travel outside the migrant children's detention centre to protest in action to assure the children, who had been forcibly separated from their parents, that she would stand with migrants.

June 25, the election results fell below everyone's glasses, she won the crowly. November 8, she beat the Republican Party as expected to win New York's 14th constituency.

Not afraid of the eyes of others, political and dancing posture as chic

From New York Bronx District to Washington's Capitol Hills, it is a near-real road, and this path of women's political participation continues. Last month, The Huffington Post reported that she was more likely to be dug up by netizens for a film that danced wildly on the roof and imitated the film "The Breakfast Club," and that people on the right were trying to attack her too young to be an ill-appointed member.

She certainly didn't apologise for it. Ogachu-Curtiz instead jumped again outside the congressional office. She uploaded the movie in a tweet response:

I hear the GOP thinks dancing is scandalous.

Wait till and find out congresswomen dance too!

Have a great weekend everyone:)

-alexandria Ocasio-cortez (@AOC)

I hear some people think that women's dancing can be treated as a scandal. Then I'm going to tell them that members of Congress can Dance, too.

She was even more humorous in an interview with the Hill Capitol : "Very few politicians will be praised for dancing well, and I am delighted to be one of them. 」

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Not afraid of the eyes of others, more brave to fight back to the mockery of the road, Curtiz-to become a model of action for many women. In a speech at the Women's parade in 2019, she asked the crowd March, "Are you ready for a riot?" Ready to fight for your rights? (Is you all ready to make a ruckus?) Is you all ready to fight for our "

This is her full-text speech film:

In her speech, she said:

Justice is not just the concept of books, justice is about our daily drinking water, justice is about every spit we have, justice is about how we vote, and justice is about how much women can get paid. Justice is about whether we can live with our children, and justice is about "staying polite" does not mean "keeping quiet."

Latino, female, working class, left, she has a lot of labels on her body. Many people thought that the label could hurt her. But she was not afraid, confident as the Flames ignited New York in the January. Her posture in politics is as chic as dancing. As a political figure, she breaks stereotypes with her living life experience and has a new influence on American politics. In the Bronx, New York, in Puerto Rico, in Taiwan, I hope we can all see ourselves in her.