As a leftist, is it acceptable to dress up chic and wear designer clothes? And why is this harsh aesthetic standard often seen in female politicians? U.S. Rep. Ogachu-Coutize, who came from the working class, has been criticised by the media for laugh and right. But dress is not only a personal choice, but also a political show. Wearing fashion can also be a political tool to speak out for rights and interests.

Alexandria Ocasio-cortez, a 29-year-old US Democratic rising star, has recently Ogachu in politics because of the idea of democratic socialism, and has even been hailed as "the new hope of the Democratic Party." As a female political figure, though, the difficulties are more famous.

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A leftist female politician, can I wear designer clothes? Why not!

Female politicians are often magnified to examine their appearance. Ogachu-Curtiz has drawn a lot of criticism for his good looks on many occasions: "As a leftist, how can she wear designer clothes? 」。 "Her coats and jackets don't look like the clothes a bitter girl would wear," Examiner, a Washington Observer, tweeted a mockery. "(Knitting: means that her clothes are expensive and extravagant.) But let's think about it, the question behind it actually reflects two myths.

First, critics of this kind of speech, is a stereotype of the working class. Why do you expect politicians to wear stereotypes if they are expected to speak out on leftist issues? Ogachu-Curtiz certainly fought back. Today, she says, whether she dresses well or badly, she will eventually become the focus of criticism. It seems to be a fate that female politicians can't escape.

' If I was wearing a sack today, you'd laugh at me and steal it from behind. If I wear the highest fashion today, you will still laugh at me, and then steal from behind. "
"If I walked into Congress wearing a sack, who would laugh& take a picture of my backside. If I Walk in with the I sale-rack clothes, they laugh the take a picture of my backside. "

Annabelle Timsit, a reporter for The Atlantic magazine, commented: "As a woman, she was constantly humiliated for her clothes. Opponents know what she means to her representatives, and they feel threatened to show that she is not the kind of person everyone thinks she is, by humiliating her appearance. "The further response of Arvato-Curtiz himself also means that there are still many stereotypes in society about women of working class origin.

" A woman like me has never been considered fit for an election, let alone a victory--but that's exactly why, my voters in Bronx District, in Queens, are sending me here. "
"The" aren Me "t supposed to run for Office-or Win.that's exactly why the BX and Queens sent me."

Dress as a vocal tool the fashion politics of female political figures

Second, wearing Chinese clothes is not only a personal preference, of course, can also be a political tool. The clothing of female political figures can inevitably become the object of being gazed, but there are also many women who use force to force themselves to take such a gaze relationship as a prop of the idea of initiative.

Yenave, an American historian. Rabinovic-Fox (Einav Rabinovitch-fox) has written that, like Ogachu-Curtiz, the style of leftist initiatives, which do not shy away from fashion, has not been the first in American history. 1909, American labour movement leader Clara. Clara Lemlich, who Lemlinch a "20,000-man uprising (uprising of the 20,000)", called on tens of thousands of workers in garment factories to go to the streets to protest against low pay, high working hours and sexual harassment in the workplace. Unlike the middle class's narrow impression of women workers in rags, they wore their best hats and marched through the streets.

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' We're like other young girls, and we love new hats, can't we? "said Lyme Lynch.
"We are the new hats as well as the other young. Why shouldn ' t re? "

Rabinovic-Fox Analysis, the practice of using fashion clothes to advocate for labor rights in political movements does not mean superficial, but rather a political strategy for self-empowerment, expressing itself that, despite being labour, it can be economically independent, unlike the outside world's imagination of poverty. Women workers are also ordinary people and should be treated equally.

Ogachu-Curtiz said many people were not optimistic that working-class girls like her would win, and that she should not wear a good dress. Because of this, when she put on Chinese clothes, seemingly personal choice, actually show up for politics. ' That's why my voters in Bronx District, Queens are going to send me here. 」

Clothing is politics.

Life is nowhere to be political, and so is dress. When we comment on the clothes of female political figures, what are we talking about? Appreciate her well-dressed fashion, does not necessarily mean that she advocates capitalism, more than the concept of the left. Her constituents are also likely to be encouraged by the girl from the Bronx, who wears designer clothes and advocates a better social blessing policy at Capitol Hills.

During the campaign, omega-Curtiz often wore large golden ring earrings and painted bright red lips. For many conservatives, a female congressman who makes such a dressing up could look glaring. But she didn't care. As she once said: " If someone tells the Bronx girl next time:" You should take off your big golden earrings, "Please tell him I'm just dressed like a congressman. "