Have you ever been in a situation where you have had a meal with your partner and spent 368 bucks on a person, and when you take the money, you will produce a lot of inner small theater, "if you count with him, will it look very stingy?" "If you take money with him, does that mean I don't love him?" ' It's embarrassing to talk about fair billing every time, how do you and your partner talk about "money"?

Often listen to people say "talk about money hurt feelings", but we all know that in a relationship do not talk about "money", silently forbearance after the possible results, is to care about who pay more money, who should return less.

Some couples, in order to avoid this situation, the appointment will choose to use 55 cents, or worry about the other half can not afford, will be allocated according to each other's salary ratio, may be the meal to pay their own, coffee money is paid by the other side.

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It's embarrassing to ask for money! is the other person going to hate me?

Have you ever been in this situation? After eating a meal with your partner, the cost is allocated 368 bucks a person, and when you take the money, you will produce a lot of inner small theater:

"How do you open your mouth and take the money with him? 」
"Would it look stingy if it was a fraction of him?" 」
"If you take money with him, does that mean I don't love him?" 」

In addition to worrying about the other side to look down on their own, in love, we are used to "pay attention to the degree of money" and "the degree of love" to equate, PTT, Dcard have a lot of discussion about the cost of couples, the most commonly seen statement, is that when the other side too much care about money, will be seen as not enough to If you care about these bits at the moment, how do you go in the future?

However, we ignore the important element of love: inclusion.

Because different family background, growth environment, cultivate a different concept of money, and such a difference in Money view, and no one who is wrong, emphasis is only to grind with each other, which is why we should be brave in the relationship. " Talk about Money ", talk about money is not hurt feelings, but the importance of this relationship, the establishment of each other's values, if because of fear of the other side to hate themselves, then whether to continue this relationship, is what you should think about."

When you go shopping and eating for the first time, you can start communicating with the other person, ask your current financial situation, such as the price you can afford for a meal, the cost of traveling you can spend, talk about your thoughts about money, and clearly state how you want to split the bill fairly with each other. Next, you can come up with solutions, such as: I think we can hang out in OO Scenic area, where the scenery is also very good, do you think?

How do I split the bill fairly?

If you and your partner want to be able to split the bill fairly, here are three ways you can try it:

Using the Billing app

Now there are a lot of ledger apps, like Splitwise, that can quickly help you calculate how much money two people need to spend, and even apps that provide transfer after a split, such as line pay, can try to use them!

Store your common expenses fund.

If you don't feel the need to open the bill too clearly, but still want to pay for each other equally, you can try to create your dating funds and put in a fixed date fund of 1,000 or 2,000 a month or a week, which is also a good choice.

Whoever makes a date will pay for it.

The advantage of trying the third approach is that before one party offers an offer, it can measure its own financial situation and draw up a affordable budget. At this point, you can also add small ingenuity to your date itinerary, such as going to the market, eating cute and creative snacks ..., a carefully planned date that doesn't necessarily require money to pile up. (Recommended reading: farewell to boring dating!) 14 Dating proposals to warm up your relationship)

Remember, money is not an emotional thing, but to go further with your partner, towards that you have a common understanding, look forward to the future!