Note: This article has "true favorite" spoiler. Greek director Yug Lancimo's "True Favorite" was shortlisted for 10 Oscars. It's more like a black humor love movie than a palace fight. Can love not ask for reward? From "single Zoo" to "true favorite", the director's attitude is still retained. After all, love has limits, and often reach out.

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"Kiss These rabbits," the Queen said. 」
Sharaf refused, "I don't want it, Love has its limits (loving has its limit.). 」
The Queen replied: "It shouldn't have. (It shouldn ' t.) "

"True Favorites," directed by Greek director Yug Lancimo, was shortlisted for 2019 Oscars 10 awards. The story narrates the triangular relationship between Queen Anne of England in 18th century, played by Olivia Villacormain, and Sharaf (Duchess of Marlborough, Yurichu Wyz), Maid Abiga (played by Abigail, Emasdon). (You might like it:2019 Oscar shortlist out! )

Queen Anne was chronically weak and moody. Often roar at the maid and kick over the wheelchair. But beneath the exterior of madness and authority, she was also an ordinary woman. Wearing pajamas in the palace swinging, stomach inflammation still secretly eat cake, a person playing poker card. Before the speech, there was always a fear that the court officials saw themselves too fat and ugly, craving eternal love, like a black hole filled with discontent. She is very ordinary, but also very lonely.

Mrs. Sara: You're as ugly as a badger, but I love you forever

Queen Anne could not leave Mrs. Sarah, who had been a young man since childhood. Sarah has a strong personality, is ambitious, loves equestrian and hunting. She took advantage of the affection with Queen Anne to take over government. She persuaded the Queen to support the Whig Party of the main faction, prolong the fighting and collect land taxes.

At the beginning of the film, the Queen will meet with the Dutch ambassador. In front of the chamber, the Queen asked Mrs. Sara, "How is my makeup? "She answered sharply, who did it for you? You look like a badger. The Queen was in a hurry to cry out. Mrs. SARA said sweetly, don't cry, you go straight back to your room, and I'll help you with the meeting.

Sharaf is like a scary lover of typical meaning. The love of a horror lover comes from power and possession. She always humiliated her, fat, old ugly, no opinion, not fit to govern the rule. But after the humiliation, she would always comfort the queen carefully. Push her in a wheelchair, throw a party for her, and have sex with her. When the Queen had a sore leg in the middle of the midnight, she rushed to her bedroom and pressed her legs. When love and power are entangled, like fresh raw meat and blood oozing, she gently applied to the Queen's swollen legs. She had control and hurt in Anne's love, but there was no denying it, and there was sincerity in it.

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Abiga: I don't love you, I Only love myself

The intervention of the young maid Abiga to make a change in the relationship. Abiga came from a fallen aristocrat and turned to her cousin, Mrs. Sarah, to seek a job at the court. Because innocence and kindness are loved by the Queen.

"Those rabbits are so cute." 」
"I have 17 rabbits." I've been pregnant 17 times, some small birth, some not growing up alive, these rabbits are like my children. 」
"Can I hold them?" "The Queen nodded. It's as if someone in the world can finally understand her softest part.

The Queen, who has no children, named her pet after her premature child. In her later years she also suffered from depression and stroke. As the operation became more and more inconvenient, the Queen gradually handed the government to Sharaf to take care of, Abiga became her close lady. Abiga accession to the WTO early, she has long known that she does not love, she will take care of the Queen meticulous, flattery, but they all know that in the near infinite indulgence, Abiga do not really love her, she just want a place to settle down. But they're all willing to pretend.

"You're Beautiful." 」
"You're laughing at me." 」
' I'm serious, if I were a man, I'd flirt with you. 」

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Love is desire, but moderation.

Later stories, we all guessed. Mrs. Sara, with Abiga compete, was hostile to each other. The Queen was provoked by Abiga and began to alienate Mrs. Sarah, who was at odds with the political opinion. Sarah was forced to move away from the palace, before leaving her sounded threatened the Queen, saying she was going to make the love letter she had written to her one by one public in retaliation.

"There is a limit to love." "Sharaf reminded her before leaving. The Queen sat in her room but did not open the door. She didn't want to hear it. How can love be stingy? Her life, she thought, had been tormented. Now just want to find someone to be loved well.

"I am honest with you, and I will tell you bluntly where you are doing well and where you are not good enough." But I am not like Abiga, always only praise you as beautiful as an angel. That's not true love. 」

When there was no one, Sharaf quietly burned the explicit love letter The Queen had written to her. She was still the first Sarah, protecting the Queen everywhere. There was violence in her love, but there was moderation. Sharaf left, the politics turned by Abiga take care of, Abiga gradually become like that year's Sarah, sophisticated vicious. Love in the court is like a distant war, a repetition of history.

Between a horrible lover and someone who doesn't love you.

Can love not seek return, no limit? Inherited from "single Zoo", "The death of the Holy deer" to reduce the doubt and loneliness of love, to the "true pet", the director's attitude is still retained. Sharaf loved Queen Anne, but loved to gain the cruelty of profit; Abiga did not really love the Queen, but enough to fill all her loneliness. (You might like it:"Single Zoo": We are extremely poor all our lives, for the same kind )

"True favorite" looks good because it is not only a palace drama, but also almost a black humorous love film. Sharaf is like a horror lover, and Abiga is a person who does not love you, in between the two, how will you choose? Without the so-called best love, you can choose two or two. But the Queen eventually made the decision, and it made the end of "true favorite" creepy and sad. The innocent Queen did not get the love she wanted after all.

After all, as Sharaf has repeatedly reminded, Love has its limits and reaches out.

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