Sensitive muscle is a kind of civilized disease of modern skin, innate physique or acquired internal and external factors, may cause skin to appear sensitive symptoms, such as redness, itching, swelling, in the face of these symptoms, in addition to seeking professional physicians, from the daily adjustment to start, the purchase of really suitable for their own maintenance products is also the right way.

Life pressure is great, modern skin civilization disease

Have you ever heard of skin civilization?

Modern people live a fast pace, pressure, coupled with air pollution, ultraviolet radiation, chemical contamination and other issues, if the living habits and improper use of exfoliating products and unsuitable maintenance items, it may cause skin sensitivity, and sensitive muscle is a kind of modern skin civilization disease. Many people's sensitive muscles are sudden, such as staying up late the previous night did not sleep full, the next day from the skin condition can be seen in your "muscle overwork", in the long run did not pay attention to improvement, the skin will be overworked, even if the usual skin shape is no problem, there may be a sudden sensitive situation.

Dermatologists share, our face of "grease" mainly from the "sebum secretion" and "Wipe maintenance", moisture balance will be affected by the weather, moisturizing factors, moisturizers and so on, the face of the grease and moisture together constitute the moisturizing effect of the face, when part of the imbalance, will affect the skin moisturizing condition, stimulate sebaceous gland secretion. When the environment temperature is high, male Hormongao, sebum secretion will increase, other like pressure, sleep, irritating food are related to the increase in sebaceous gland secretion, said oil and water imbalance is a civilized disease can not be too.

Are you a sensitive muscular family, too?

In fact, there is no clear definition of sensitive muscle, dermatologists said that when the skin is exposed to sensitive symptoms inside and outside the environment, we will say that the skin is at a sensitive stage, when the skin is stimulated by the outside, immune cells will react, common symptoms have redness, itching, swelling or rash, basically, When the immune system reacts excessively, these symptoms persist for a long time, which can be called sensitive skin.

Occasional sensitive conditions of the skin, origin and innate physique or acquired disorders may be related, such as the recent decline in cold immunity, is in puberty or menopause, or seasonal changes, and by many people ignore the problem of excessive face washing and maintenance products, will also increase the burden of the skin, when the cuticle damage, will make the skin inside the water evaporation quickly, Allergens and various stimulant substances are also more likely to invade. (Recommended reading: reshaping the healthy moisturizing skin, holding up the shield for the sensitive weak muscle: Jie mei net layer lipid conditioning cream )

Three things you can do in the face of sensitive muscles

Usually if the skin is sudden sensitivity, it is recommended that you first step must first go to see a doctor! The cause of the allergy is found by a professional doctor. Many products on the market, drugs will use steroids to deal with the symptoms of skin discomfort, rapid inhibition of symptoms, but at the same time steroids are also more likely to produce dependence and resistance, do not recommend long-term use, the most important thing, or to find the cause, from the fundamental solution to the problem.

The next step, you can simplify the maintenance program, maintenance steps and product focus is not much, but in a way that really suits you, do a good job of daily skin care. (Recommended reading: Are you a "sensitive muscle"?) Three steps to recover the gentle autumn and winter maintenance way )

The third step, choose a really suitable for your maintenance products, the use of safety, simple ingredients of the maintenance products, choose as far as possible not to add excessive spice pigment, alcohol, propylene glycol and other easily sensitive components of the maintenance products, you can also use by Taiwan in the ground maintenance brand Lanvece 10 steps Green hills, the launch of the Orchid Initial dew , To the anthocyanin-rich Phalaenopsis extract as the main ingredient, rubbing and gluten acid (R-PGA) moisturizing molecules and vitamin C, natural ingredients to bring skin moisturizing, in the extraction process not only alcohol, but also no artificial spices added, mild and non-irritating nature, full skin is applicable, so that you step by step to play a good substrate, Gradually restore skin elasticity and balance, farewell to skin civilization disease.

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