(Nevan) Taiwan independent game development team "red candlestick" after "back to school" launched another horror masterpiece "also", launched in two days to set off a trend, more attracted 100,000 people at the same time online viewing. However, in addition to being a horror story, "The Wish" is also a family story about love and obsession.

On the evening of February 19, 2019, at nine O ' clock, the computer put on a family tragedy, 100,000 people watch online at the same time, perhaps you are one of them.

Family tragedy writer, from Taiwan independent game development team "red candlestick". 2017 launched the horror puzzle game "back to school", because of the fine plot setting that fits the social culture of Taiwan, will be the era of martial law such as bandits, blacklists and other specific elements to reproduce and greatly praised.

After throwing a historical shock bomb in the player's heart, the red candlestick returns to the Steam stage with the new work "also", the game plot still combines Taiwanese culture, incorporates the 12 team members of the Red Candlestick, and has different emotional links to the land of Taiwan. Hope that through the "also" with the players to explore the deep heart of the past memories.

This time, in addition to talking about history, talk more about life. Life is the starting point of history, from that endpoint, to see back.

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As long as you take out your sincerity, what you ask for will be achieved, won't you?

On the official website of the red Candlestick, it is described in this way: "Once, someone once said to you:" As long as the sincerity, the request must be achieved. " 』」

A family of three, the original happy and harmonious days, after the body members of the physical, mental situation, began to change. The plot revolves around the family, and from them a glimpse of the home culture of the time (or the modern one still exists).

Heart sincere spirit, believe it or not, anyway, the main character of the game "Douffont in" is the letter. It was Taiwan in the 1980 's, and the art of variety and singing was popular, and the writer Douffont in love with the pop star "Gong Li Fang" and went into marriage, giving birth to the next child named "Du Mei Xin".

How difficult will it be to raise a home? It's really not easy for at their fingertips, who has already Douffont, and Gong Li Fang, who has become a housewife. Although the couple both "look at the female into the Phoenix" hope that Dumey heart and mother like to go to the singing world, but the family financial difficulties, Douffonus's script has long been out of the outside affirmation, also do not want to let the wife back to the stage to make a home, couples often for the family quarrel endless.

A child, on the one hand, bear the pressure of parents ' expectations, on the other hand, endure the disturbance of family quarrels, all kinds of living conditions make du Mei heart depressed and sick. Such a disease is greatly influenced by psychological factors, and physicians have advised that they should be transferred to psychiatric clinics. But that's the 1980 years that mental illness is still stigmatized. How can Douffont Bear "his own daughter, with mental problems?" 」

He shifted his hopes of treating his daughter to religious beliefs, perhaps coincidentally, or very doomed, and Du Mei's condition picked up after his father began to Buddha. Douffont therefore more believe is the power of the "gods", but also listen to the words of "teachers", regardless of family financial difficulties, adhere to the payment of "merit gold" for the daughter to heal the body, so that du family will eventually because "teacher said" to the road of fragmentation.

Is it so sincere that the things you ask for have been achieved? At the same time as making a wish, how much will it cost to ask? Douffont to pay back a whole family, is that enough? (Recommended reading: less love from parents and partners, you can also be your own home )

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Superstitious psychology: Because of coincidence, instinct sets the rules

Douffont to believe that the gods can save their daughter, is a superstition, from the psychological experiment to see the reason why people are superstitious, in fact, can be attributed to the nature of animals. Behavioral psychologist Skinner (B.), who was active in the 1960 's. F. Skinner) had done a famous experiment in which he put several pigeons into a box, and whatever the movements of the pigeons, he fixed them into food every 15 seconds.

After a period of time, the pigeons automatically associate their accidental movements with the appearance of food, so they began to try a variety of movements, and as it turned out, the food appeared again. The otherwise vague association, which was gradually reinforced every time the food appeared, the pigeons began to believe that "the food came out because they did some action." 」

Later, Skinner locked a pigeon and stretched the time interval for food into one minute, and in order to get food, the pigeons performed harder and harder than before, and to eliminate the behavior of pigeons, Skinner stopped feeding.

The pigeon, convinced of its movements to get food, shook more than 10,000 times before accepting the fact that the food no longer appeared.

The experimental results show that, despite the lack of any connection between our actions and our results, we instinctively identify some of the rules and, in each coincidence, reinforce the rules we have set.

Douffont because of a coincidence, believe that the instructions of the gods can really let the daughter's physical recovery, so again's deep in which can not extricate themselves. The pigeons tried 10,000 times before they were willing to believe that food did not appear because of their actions, and that Douffont had to dedicate several virtues to see that there was no connection between health and faith. The answer may have to be hidden in the paper tulip of Du Mei's heart fold.

There is a scene in the game, playing Home du Mei Heart perspective to feel the pressure of family quarrels, in fact, children know that the father for their own condition to take the "Buddha" such action, but in the face of the parents who spent a lot of spirit and money, the heart still can not improve, or can not become the parents look forward to the appearance. The force of her marbles banging on each other was getting heavier and heavier, almost shattered, and in a way, perhaps a symbol of Dumetsen's heart was about to collapse.

It's this superstition, and it's the pressure that affects the future of this family.

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Love and obsession have become the "also"

Hands to push the family into the abyss of non-reply, can you say that Douffont is selfish? Maybe it is, and maybe it isn't. He selfishly believed that his faith would redeem his daughter, and that he would not selfishly give his own for his daughter. "Also" is not so much a horror game, it may be closer to a story about love and obsession.

Because of the love of writing (or "male doctrine") Douffont to think that their script will be popular, do not want to let his wife work outside the home, because of the love of children, Gong Li determined to run away, in order to maintain the family back to the stage, because love parents, Du Mei Heart under pressure also still obey the rules.

Family is a heavy and necessary presence for three of people. Because of love, these three people thought to do something, just did not expect to do a head, then together towards a very different life.

Two o'clock in the morning, after the tragedy, one of the 100,000 people online at the same time, there is a question I vaguely want to ask, how much can the family affect a person? And how should it be done in order to convey our love for our family in a relatively "right" way? (Recommended reading:"Jasmine's last day" doesn't have to hate, and you don't have to wait for your parents to change, you can love yourself back to your childhood )

From "Also", we see two relationship management points, any "for Hello", should be in the other side also feel good premise, will be really good, all love, if over the head, can become pressure. May such tragedies remain in the game only, or, at least in real life, a little less sad.

The lyrics of the theme song of the same name as "also devotion":

And I want to talk to you about the universe and the sky.
Or the rubble and life in the beach.
Are you going to still smile frankly at my absurdity?