Did you see "Rome"? In addition to being shortlisted for 10 Academy Awards, you may not know that actor Aparichio, who was shortlisted for best actress, is still of vegan origin. In an exclusive interview with Vox, critics had asked her how it felt to work with the gold medal director. She replied: "It was really a great experience, although I had no idea who he was." 」

A few years ago, at the age of 22, Ally Aparichio (Yalitza Aparicio), a girl from the city of Estado De Oaxaca Trachiaco, Mexico, was still studying, and her dream was to be a kindergarten teacher. Until she was recommended by her sister for a movie audition. At the time they knew neither who the director was nor what the theme of the film was, but only that it was a grand event. I didn't think it almost changed her life--

It was an audition Aifonso Collan by the Academy Award director Alfonso Cuaron, who had not yet made a clear script and was only sure that it would be based on his childhood memories, as well as his Pauli wave (Libo Rodríguez). The final finished product, known as the "Masterpiece of Memory" and "Love Letter to Mexico" by the media, was shortlisted for best picture of the Oscars: "Rome" (Roma).

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If you've ever seen "Rome," it's easy to break your heart for the Maid Creole (Cleo) Aparichio plays in the play.

She has very few lines, most of the time just brushing the dishes and dressing the bed. Her mood is not much, happy with the sister to talk about the mind, sad when sitting on the bench stunned, looking at the distance.

The real power of an actor, though, is not just his lines. Her eyes and body language will make it hard for you to forget, how a vegan actor can interpret this kind of daily trivia under the heartbreak, still gentle.

Before the audition, "I don't even know who the director is."

Before the audition, Aparichio never had a stage. But after getting the role, she turned a domestic girl into a mother's growth story, silk. On the Oscar shortlist announced in January, she became the first Aboriginal woman in history to be shortlisted ( by : Her father was Mestizo, her mother was Tridge) and the second female actor ever to be shortlisted.

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Curran described that in order to find a suitable babysitter, he and the crew walked through many cities, auditioned a lot of girls, until meet Aparichio: "Her temperament and Polly is exactly the same, even let me before the audition, I hope she can nod directly to say good." 」

In an interview with Vox last year , Aparichio recalled:

"Before the audition, I only knew who the film was about, but I didn't know the specific plot. (medium) but it was the character who attracted me, too, who was a babysitter and a maid, just like my mother. 」

Last November, the Hollywood report mentioned that Aparichio initially had doubts about the audition, and she even thought it was a hoax set up by the Human snake Group (human-trafficking scam). ' I've been told the director's name and I've looked up the photos online a little bit, but I haven't found anything. "vox film critic Wigginson (Alissa Wilkinson) asked her how it felt to work with the gold medal director. She then replied:

"It was a really great experience, though I didn't know who he was yet." (medium) But then I found out that he was really a great film director. 」

(The following may involve a movie spoiler, please note.) )

Love when you don't know anything, it's part of life.

Many people are curious about the 25-year-old who has never been involved in a movie show and how to interpret the story of a babysitter in the 70. From innocent girls, unwanted pregnancies and miscarriages in middle-class domestic helpers, she has finally become a "mother" in a sense by saving her children from small care.

Asked about her superb acting skills, she was shy, "I never thought I was an actor, probably because I never learned how to act." Aparichio said that the mother, sister, her own life experience, have become the nourishment of acting. Outside the play, it's not really that different. There are countless chores in the play, taking care of the children, and Aparichio is handy to do it. She said she would help her mother do housework from an early age, "and when I figured out the character, I thought about my mother. 」

A play wrote that she decided for love to give birth to the child, but was abandoned by her boyfriend, and later the production process is not smooth, but also lost the baby. After returning home from the hospital, she sat in a chair in the house and stunned. There are no extra lines, just staring quietly into the distance. A reporter asked her, why can this loss of the child's heartbreak be interpreted so precisely? She said:

' I just thought of my sister, who has also experienced a bad miscarriage recently. At the same time, I also thought that there are many women in the world have suffered this kind of sadness. 」

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according to Variety reports , as a prototype of the film role, Lillian himself has described that this no-show love play is indeed the real thing. She said:

"When you're young, you don't know anything, and as soon as you fall in love, that's what happens." And as you grow, you'll want to change it. But that's not going to happen. That's part of life. 」

What seems to be a boy's growth story is actually a female experience movie

In movies, there is a metaphor for women and water everywhere. At the beginning of the film, Creole toiled to wash the pet droppings on the outer porch of the mansion, brushing the water floating foam dregs, gradually drowning the screen, as if there is nowhere to escape the daily life, a wave of waves hit everyone.

At the height of the whole film, Clio, who could not swim, walked firmly into the sea just to save the drowning children. Wigginson asked, Aparichio how to ponder this scene. She said, she is actually very afraid of water, after all, her hometown is not by the sea.

' But when I'm standing in the water, I try to imagine how desperate a mother would be to save her child? Some people say it's a maternal instinct, or they convince us that our mother has an instinct. So I immersed in this feeling, that is enough to make me fight to the sea. 」

Movies seem to be the director's childhood, but they are more like a film about women's experiences. Moreover, it does not only praise motherly love selfless, but presents the process of their struggle.

Inside the play outside Aparichio and her journey

After the release of "Rome", Aparichio from a prospective kindergarten teacher to an international superstar. With Aboriginal ancestry, she boarded the cover of the Mexican Vogue magazine. In the past, she had been refused a job because of her complexion, which was common in Mexico. Now, she has decided to do more. (Recommended reading: Oscar big hit!) Grenk Rose "Love." "Deceiving": This is completely the epitome of my mother's life )

Aparichio never shy about talking about his complexion and prides himself on it. "I used to joke to my cousin that my complexion was the deepest in my family because I was made of chocolate," she said. "Her Instagram tracker has broken through 1 million people who sometimes make public testimonials and illustrations written by fans, many of whom come from Aboriginal fans.

However, not everyone was pleased with her success, and Aparichio's community site was often attacked by racist opponents, and according to the Chicago Tribune , Mexican actor Segio Gory Sergio Goyri even called her "abominable Indian" (Pinche India, English for Damned Indian). She responded, hoping that everyone would stop calling them by the Indians:

"I'm not an Indian, I'm an aborigine." (I am not a Indian, I am indigenous.) "

Back to the movie, I think, "Rome" is indeed a love letter, it is cruel and gentle to talk about a woman's growth process, may contain at the same time what happiness and pain, how they in the tide swept through the daily, sometimes backward, sometimes forward, struggling but still willing to be gentle to the world.

Such stories, outside the play, are worth seeing well.