The best actor at the 91 Oscars, Remimalic by Rami Malek, who starred in Bohemian Rhapsody, said in a sensual speech on stage: "For those who are also struggling with self-identification and trying to find their voice, now we have a movie like this, saying a comrade, The story of an immigrant, while he was himself, without apologizing. "Such a film, is the story of Freddy, is the story of Remimalic, but also the story of each of us, it is honest carving out everyone's inevitable self-doubt: Who am I?" How do I become myself? Who can stay with me? Who am I in love with again?

The 91st Oscars ceremony ended with the best actor won by Rami Malek, who starred in "Bohemian Rhapsody." Remimalic In the film, he plays the late Queen Orchestra lead singer Die Meu Churi, who performed the music talent of lead singer Freddy from the Rise of the Queen Orchestra, as well as the loss of confusion and self-identification struggles after becoming famous.

After taking the stage, Remimalic thanked his mother, her deceased father and the Queen's Orchestra for being part of the legendary orchestra through the film. He, who was of Egyptian descent, also mentioned that he had been frustrated and confused by his self-identity as a child:

If I had known I could get the honor as a child, my curly head would probably have been scared to fly, because he had been struggling with self-identification and trying to find who he really was.

I (s) about WhatsApp would have been-to-tell little Bubba Rami-a day this might happen to him, and I s curly-haired mind would have been blown. That kid is struggling with his identity, trying to figure himself.

For those who also struggle with self-identification and try to find their voice ... now we have a movie about a comrade, a story of immigrants, and he is himself, without apologizing. Tonight, we celebrate his story together, and it proves that the world really needs such a story to be seen.

I anyone struggling with theirs, and trying to discover their voice ... Listen, we made a film about a Gay Man. and an immigrant who is unapologetically himself. The fact-I ' m celebrating him and this story with your tonight is proof-re longing for stories.

"Bohemian Rhapsody" is not only the life of legendary singer Freddy, but also a picture of everyone will undergo the self-struggle: Lost after fame, despite the money and the attention of the crowd, but the heart of the empty, eager to be understood mood, but always can not be filled. He was born in India to Indian Persian ancestry and emigrated to London, England, at the age of 17, in recognition of his sexual struggles (though some argue that Freddy did not explicitly express his personal nature when he was alive and questioned the distortion of the film): He loved Mary dearly and had an erotic passion for men.

and Remimalic In addition to his mind to delve into Freddy, he also found his own story, and Freddy is so similar. "I need to get to know this person," Remimalic said during a visit to NPR. Then I began to return to myself from his story: a young man who emigrated to another country, ruled out all difficulties to do what he loved. Our family is also an immigrant, I am the first generation after immigrating to the United States, my family is from Egypt, In order for children to live a better life and come to the United States, like many people, they want their children to be lawyers or doctors. 」

When he was young, he felt out of step with his peers because of the cultural differences caused by his immigration status, which made it difficult for him to identify with his identity. And such difficulties are reflected in the name, when others read the wrong name, he did not dare to correct: "Nearly 10 years, no one can correctly read" Remy ", it is difficult for me to shape self-identification. 」

This is the story of Freddy, the story of Remimalic, and the story of each of us, and it is honest and engraved with everyone's unavoidable self-doubt: Who am I? How do I become myself? Who can stay with me? Who am I in love with again?

Backstage at the Oscars, Remimalic went on to talk further about the self-identification process of being an immigrant: "When I was young, I used to feel like I should get rid of these [Egyptian ancestry] because I felt I couldn't fit in with the crowd, as if I were an outsider." When I grew up, I realized how beautiful my pedigree was, and now I'm proud that I have Egyptian ancestry. 」

Remimalic and Freddy, with their stories, prove that although the process of life is full of confusion, want to deny self-existence, but do not be afraid ah, we all walk through this period, looking back at their roots, to affirm him, to love him, to believe in the meaning and value of their existence, that is why you for you, born for their own reasons.