Recently, a group of high school students independently launched a joint request to end the top news. After all, in the course of schooling, we all have a single imagination of success. Freshman year, I was very confused, I did not get into the mind of the first volunteer, nor brave enough to read like the department.

"The weight of the"--is the subject of my examination composition. But how do we lift our weight when the shadow of success is so heavy?

Repeated big test results announced, news layout is a full level of dazzling wind. Whoever does well, who is worthy of glory for the school, deserves to be interviewed. Recently, male Chinese and male female students independently launched a joint, to "End list news: Reject the" success "template, stop manufacturing myths" as the theme, ask the school to refuse relevant interviews, but also call on the media to stop reporting list news.

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Although the media is very fond of the list related reports, but in fact some people, do not care much about this matter. Ask a friend next to him and get these answers: "It's none of my business." "It is cruel to judge a person's value by merit." "Even if you look at it, the results won't get better, and I'm not interested in getting the results better ⋯⋯"

Of course, there are still many people who are interested in this matter. "Very inspirational!" "The previous definition of success was narrow. "Would you like to try and copy their success?" "It can be found that the" success "of the matter has been invisibly stereotyped: good grades are equal to enter a good school, a good department, the so-called good department, and career development is inseparable.

In addition to the students, the school also pays special attention to this matter. It seems that the school can not blame because the students excellent performance "and proud", however, when the school to the top of the matter over the initiative, those who do not stand out of the outstanding students, the figure is so invisible.

Students who are not well tested are not to be encouraged, but compared to the nature of praise, it is more media spying on students ' privacy, and then cutting content material into stories of public interest. and "Media certification" is a moment, but may let the top students who have been on the news, in the days to come under more pressure.

Is the cost of such a "heavy" too great?

Where it makes you heartwarming, there's a starry sky there.

I'm not the one with a particularly prominent grade. I confess that I have also enviable them in this battle for further studies.

After the exam, I thought I could not go to the favorite University, then choose the Department! It would be nice as long as the school ethos is free. Parents quite respect me, but in fact more or less can be from their eyes and inquiries, know themselves so to fill the volunteer is called "Low fill." In the end, I didn't hold my own-I still chose the university that my parents wanted me to attend. Freshman year, I was very confused, I did not get into the mind of the first volunteer, nor brave enough to read like the department.

Until, I got on the phone with a close friend who was studying in France. She said:

"No matter what school department you read, you'll end up walking where you like it!" 」

It would be too pompous to say a word, but I really felt something different at that moment.

I started trying a lot of things, in addition to school activities, but also looking for some off-campus opportunities. Originally thought that their yearning for college life, is the kind of participation in large and small activities of the warm blood version, a few times, found that they are not particularly happy, I left. Occasionally cast some resume, now in retrospect, but the gun hit the bird, at that time was rejected to no sense, he is actually not too sad. Gradually, I seemed to know more about what I was interested in.

It's the way I find the ideal: a sense of heart. Yes, found not fit, do this thing without momentum and heart feeling, I will leave.

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"If the heart has no place to perch, it is wandering everywhere." "--Sanmao

Friends A, B and C all went to the university where everyone was envious. A always do not make up for what is learned in the department, so give yourself a Gap, to Europe as an exchange student. B dare not say that he loves what he has learned, but he feels that he is very good at professional, and can have a stable career development, he is now as smooth and happy. C has been taking out classes and even has more credits than the department; he likes music, sets up an orchestra, and works in related industries-an industry that has nothing to do with his department.

Many people, after college only began to find themselves, nothing good or bad, everyone at a different pace, you have your own time zone.

Let's be our own wind

In the newsroom, I asked women, fans, if you could go back to college, what would you expect someone to tell you then?

With a partner to share, she was very afraid of a person's action during her freshman year, causing a manner surround of editing in the newsroom. "Don't worry about a person's moment, you'll fall in love with it," she wants to say. "Another partner also clouds:" You can not worry about the relationships in front of you, you can choose the relationship you want. " 」

Take advantage of this complete college time, more contact, learn some of the things you are interested in! "Seriously, don't just choose a cool lesson." Oh, my God! So many good classes have not been on before! Others suggested: "Skip the lesson of not being able to learn anything." Go to a place outside the school! "A partner graduated from the Department of Accounting said," the transferred is transferred and knows what he loves earlier. " When I came out of society, I suddenly surprised that I didn't like what I had learned. 」

"Feel like you're on a long detour right now, but when you look back, you'll find that you're not going to donate." "Studies, internships, extracurricular activities, love, you may not go all the way; physically or psychologically, you might run into any difficulties.

"Nothing is wasted, skipping school, playing waste, lovelorn are all." The meaning of everything will slowly emerge in the days to come. 」

Come back and talk about the high school student joint event mentioned in the first paragraph of the article. There are really fewer news points, and many people jump out to comment on the bad habits of the top news. Some schools are willing to sign promises, but there are no shortage of unsatisfactory results. Co-sponsorship has had limited success, but it has indeed changed anything.

This is the departure that changes the wind direction, may be a little trembling and uneasy, but you can do it after all.

Your heart is still hot, you can go your own way, shave your own wind.