A French astronomer, Laurent Lavider, uses special imaging techniques to make the Moon more, more, more or less than practical, and academic as a "force perspective", creating a 19-month-dislocation Moon Games photography set.

Laurent has also collected these pictures into a book, requesting 19 authors to write the corresponding short poems according to different photographs. He says that this is a book dedicated to the moon, and it is hoped that you can see the beauty of nature, fun, and charming moon!(Sibling: Retrospective!32 of the most exciting and exciting photographs )

uses misplacement to make the moon shoot more interesting!

Drinking three people, would you like a moon?

the moon to become part of the body?Go catch the moon with Laurent!

Fill the gaps on the moon more fully!

Laurent, a page in < Moon Games, which is written by the author on the left, the French short poem written by the author

It's funny to shoot the moon with different camera tricks!In fact, only a little bit of ingeniography can be used to make photography different from the public. When the Mid-Autumn Festival is a month of appreciation, it may be possible to try a simple misplaced photography, so that it will become the next moon camera.(Recommended reading: Ukrainian photographers, bring you into fantasy world )

For the likes of photography and you
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