People want to have more ground, is a solid from the inside out, all find the most suitable for their own way of survival, to create a more quality of life. Give you five ways to create a high-texture life together.

28 years old is a fantasy age, brewing 20 generations of youth, is preparing to the 30-year-old mellow forward.

It's also a time when you'll feel like you're getting your guts, walk through the just into the society of the Meng understand, fell a few times, but also accumulated some achievements, we say that people have five sense, the relationship is also, kinship, love, friendship, workplace feelings, as well as your love for yourself, in these five math, you pay different social credits, but also know yourself more.

People want to have more ground, is a solid from the inside out, all find the most suitable for their own way of survival, to create a more quality of life.

First, try to cook for yourself

Three meals a day, dinner is important ah, this is the main source of nutrition and heat, every entrance of the choice, you do not want to casually.

is a week of off-duty time, you design the menu, decided to eat Chinese fried rice today, Japanese curry, or Italian fried chili spaghetti, so on the road to buy food, know which path to go to the supermarket in the neighborhood, for this meal to choose every point of ingredients, pot, drop material, on the table, feast.

Not for any other who, start to prepare a meal for yourself from beginning to end, it is delicious enough. From today on, cook the desire to please your tongue. (Recommended reading: To single you: A person's life can be loose, not loose )

Second, find your sleep time zone

Everyone has their own physiological clock, some people need nine hours to get enough sleep, some people five hours on the spirit of a hundred times, it is important that you can understand your body's sleep cycle, and feed the body enough sleep.

Create a good sleep space for yourself, create rituals to fall asleep and get up, such as the first trick to fall asleep, do not touch 3C products after going to bed, leave external links outside the door, lock the time to themselves, bedtime massage and hot eyes, soul window, but also need you to take good care of forever nimble. The night of the past to get up, you will open the curtains, know for you, let the sun sprinkle in, the warmth of the sun on the body, is the secret to wake up every inch of skin and start the brain.

Live well and start by finding your sleep time zone.

Third, for the skin to hit the bottom well

In the first few years of society, the skin also with the disorder of life, began to emerge problems, you have tried a variety of maintenance products, from the open shelf to the counter, from MIT to international brands, makeup table of various bottles and cans, is your youth traces, now start, choose a quality assurance is also suitable for your skin conditions of the product, careful care.

Taiwan's original professional maintenance brand Lanvece 10 steps Green Peak , from the quality of orchid raw materials began to control, through exclusive patented technology, extraction of the essence of Phalaenopsis made of orchid Initial dew , the manufacturing process is more alcohol-free and artificial pigment addition, there is no animal experiments, It gives you a gentle, non-irritating ingredient that can be seen with efficacy.

Say more, it is better to let time oneself say, starting from this year, for the skin to hit the bottom well. (Recommended reading: Taiwan staff brand |lanvece 10 steps Green Peak: In the change of the generation, do not forget the first heart of the People )

Iv. spending time on important people

From the time to go out, the weekend full schedule, do not want to be a person in the face of lonely understanding, began to perceive every meeting, are precious, should have meaning.

"It only makes sense for us to meet when you want to see me, too." "--Simompova

When you meet the right person, it will make you feel satisfied and can't help but look forward to seeing you again next time. You value every encounter, it's charging, not energy consumption. Now it's better to spend 1 minutes closing your eyes and think about the last time you feel meaningful about talking about time, when, where you see it, who you're with, send a message to him, and make a date for you all want to see each other.

Life is so short that you want to be the master of your own time.

Five, know how to make yourself happy

Mature is not not low tide, fragile, feel wronged, but know how to deal with your emotions, in the same situation next time, you can have more surplus face, know how to become happy yourself.

Write an exclusive encyclopedia for yourself and record the magic of all kinds of emotional and incurable diseases. When bored, the need is no longer to eat and drink and get drunk, but to stroll all the way to the distance. Sad time, watch a more sad movie, know life sometimes, everything will pass. When the low tide is fragile, you know that you can accept it, embrace it, ask for help from others, be human, and you are no longer feeling unbearable for yourself in a different state.

Everyone has different specialties, so don't forget to be your own emotional expert.

Finally sent to Michelle-au-Bama said a sentence, "We must practice, improve the" own "on the to-do priority. 」

Every choice is leading you in the direction you want more, and now you're starting to live a better life with good things .