Interview with the writer Zhang Hui, "Deeper than the fog" with questions about the world, in the emphasis on right and wrong, advocating justice, we asked to take a stand, asked to choose the side station, she stopped to say: "If hard to decide blue and green, around, things, a lot of people are cut off half of their own, to adapt to the position of choice 」

The last book was six years ago.

After four years of working in Beijing, Zhang Hui returned to Taiwan in 17, with half of the collection of"deeper Than Fog" written in Beijing and half written in Taipei. When the title of the book just fell, the editor-in-chief said that the title is not too clear, Zhang Hui said with a smile, this is the effect I want to achieve. "Some things are really shrouded in fog, and there are landscapes in the world that only appear in the fog." "Deeper than the fog, in response to this situation, there is a tolerance of time, the letting go of love and hate, the tenderness of the world."

At the beginning of 20 years of age, reading Zhang Hui, I like it on first reading. It felt most of the time, along her fingertips, to reach the unknown side slowly. The other side is unknown, but do not have to be afraid, to exercise, to experience, to grow, as she did, firm eyes.

Years later, I saw Zhang Hui a black cloak of black trousers, neat and soft, like her words, she sat down, yingying smile, in fact, you call me Hui just fine.

There is a world of disease outside the book, and Zhang Hui wants to stop and look at the shape of the fog.

Blur the importance of not having to cut off half of yourself

"Deeper Than the Fog" is a collection of essays, The Strokes are very light, but between the lines there is a strong, stop to ask the intention.

Zhang Hui explained, "We are in an era where there are many right and wrong black and white, axiom Justice claims, let us stop to see ourselves." When we speak and fight in the language of movement, some things will be missed, for a long time, a lot of things become thin, but can not see the pattern of things. "Aware of the presence of fog, she said it might have something to do with her own experience.

09 years continued until the end of 11, Zhang Hui played a lengthy lawsuit. In the post-lawsuit period, many people ask, either think she is a victim, or think she is why she drips water, "but neither of these are me, no matter sympathy or sarcasm, I do not want to fall into the default good position and role." "She paused," I wished to blur a little. So I also went to ask, if not the victim, then who am I. 」

Who am I? Later in the day, she went to Beijing, pulled out her identity, returned to work and life, in the rhythm of reading, to find the answer. She was both a question-asking person and a question itself, when she felt vague value. (Recommended reading:"Who am I?" Probing practice: We don't have to be better people )

This era, the demand for a position to take a stand, left and right to choose the side, on the unclear tolerance is very low, Zhang Hui want to talk about, is precisely the importance of ambiguity. "If hard to decide blue and green, around, things, a lot of people are cut off half of their own, to adapt to the choice of position, that is actually very painful." "She believes that it is important to go back to everyone's diversity and, more first, to go back to yourself.

"Let go of the illusion of the wrath of the fresh clothes, and return to the place where there is nothing, and how much you can see yourself, in order to see how many worlds "--" a deeper place than fog "

Zhang Hui said the fog, along with the world, was seen as a sum of data at the moment.

You haven't met, just because it hasn't happened yet.

Zhang Hui's writing has always been a keen eye for time. She went to high school before and after martial law, the process of studying, experienced Taiwan's rapid changes, was repressed for a long time finally opened. The changing times, the generous words of pregnancy, along the way, she was used to change, Ben is part of life.

She talked about her recent reading of historian Ouyangtai's book, one of which touched her very much and remembered Shi Jingqian's conversation with Ouyangtai. Ouyangtai wrote, "At that time analysis, I would like to paraphrase the theory, Shi Jingqian but told me not to do so." He said, do not rush the theory, you should know how to appreciate the beauty that happened on schedule. 」

happen as scheduled, but you watch quietly. You can't meddle, but you can close your eyes and go through the present.

She described the state of the writing as a walk in time. "Every article before, I want to have a very intelligent answer, to this one, put more loose, I think there is no conclusion, it does not matter." "Things are not just an answer, the future is not just a path, time has a lot of experience of the possibility, but also vague to the nutrient bar."

So how do people think about themselves in the midst of change?

She thought about it, like she had already answered many times, saying it was actually very simple, "change if it is what you want, you are like the cloud water, take the cloud tread fog, change is not what you want, it is difficult." For example, it's realistic, getting old. Just because you can't control it, it feels bad. But life is about learning, not everything you can control. "She talks with Zen," learning to get along with change, but also learn to get along with yourself and the world. You haven't met, but, because it hasn't happened yet. 」

To grow old, young or beautiful people, is very easy to be noticed, Zhang Hui self-deprecating, "When I was young, also a bunch of people called me a beautiful writer ah", after a certain age, you will know that they are no longer the focus of other people's eyes. "However, it also gives you a chance to pay attention to and appreciate others." Vision outward, no longer only put on their own body. 」

This interpretation of the current situation and changes, like loosening the knuckles, put down the compulsion, really have, there is another kind of tenderness, but also very Zhang Hui.

Go back to history and find the answer.

"When life is confused, go back to history and look for answers." After all, I still feel that the root of confusion comes from a lack of sense of history, because there is a lack of sense of history, and the reality is constantly emerging at this moment, feel no context, do not know how to judge the simultaneous and raw things in all directions, its importance, relevance, sound intensity or weak, far or near relationship. "--" a deeper place than fog "

Since last year, Zhang Hui a large number of lessons from history, as if there is an internal knowledge system, the desire to be formed. Why is that? "Of course I can say," People can't Have no history, "The empty talk, but it doesn't make sense. I feel that the so-called past, with you now linked to people, is related. 」

She looked serious, "for example, I, I am Taiwanese, mom and dad are." Both sides have experienced the period of Japanese rule and the Republic of China, the changes are very great. The days when they were young were different from ours, and I was in the process of chatting and knowing what the age of Japan was like. If I don't even have knowledge of history, how can I start a dialogue with people? So I have some kind of fragment to myself, to the family? 」

The meaning of history to people, from my standpoint from an early age, in order to know the family, in order to understand the previous generation, to form a sense of continuity of history, "the lack of history, your understanding of the surrounding, there will be a piece is missing." If you don't know that other people have had different experiences with you, it's hard to get along with others, it's hard to do the same or imagine how others think. "So it's easy to fall into a very materialistic conversation, and it's hard to get into deep mutual understanding."

Zhang Hui said, he likes to ask others where the home is people, "if the other side is not bothered by me, willing to tell the truth, I am very happy." "She laughed and asked me, and asked where her parents had come from? I said I heard that one side is Zhejiang, on the other side is Taiwan, what kind of family memory and history? I shook my head, said really did not think I can ask this, but in the future can try, she said, yes, after can talk, this is also the topic of the family. (Recommended reading: are we born in Taiwan, do we know enough about the history of Taiwan?) )

Go back to history to find the answer, to see where your source is, to construct your own shape as a human being.

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