Interview Zhang Hui next article, live in the symbolic world, we are anxious to break free, escape, she said: "When the label, you know, that is not necessarily you." "The only way to fight symbols is to live yourself more fully."

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Why don't we all drink a little wine?

When it comes to history, for a long time, men have the power to speak and interpret history, and most of the heroes we remember are the same masculine look. "Zhao Zilong is not the same," Zhang Hui said. "When I read the Three kingdoms, I was thinking, is he real, is it true that the creation of such a role in Luo he also wants to create a different hero? 」

Zhao Zilong, single-handedly, holding the baby from the long Osaka slope to kill, is to save, not to kill. "Deeper Than the Fog" has a chapter on Zhao Zilong, talking about symbols and the three-dimensional behind the volume label. I said, since we live in such a symbolic world, can we imagine the path of pulling away?

"When you get the label, you know, that's not necessarily you." "Zhang Hui listen to questions and answers, eye focus," perhaps the only way to fight symbols is for you to live your own type more fully, so that you will expand this type, the rear of the person, will continue to pour in. "She said to me," We are also using the way we live to expand the definition of the word woman, right. " 」

She went on to tell the story of Hannah LAN.

After the famous Eichmann trial, Hannah Lan was attacked by many people for publishing "Eichmann of Jerusalem" and presenting evil mediocrity. At a symposium, there came a lot of Jewish intellectuals, many of whom were old friends of Hannah Lan. One of the hoarse, the statement criticized her book, the person finished, flushed face, Hannah Lan did not have any rebuttal, but with the organizer said, "Can, pour us all a glass of wine." (Recommended reading: reading the biography of Hannah Lan: In the darkest days, people still have the right to expect light )

The friend also knew that she had not argued for herself, that she was kind and gentle. Although he was targeting her, she knew that it was because he also had a place to get hurt. So, don't argue, it's better for us all to drink a little wine.

Zhang Hui said such tenderness was enough to make her seen as a hero. She also mentioned Wu Zetian, "I was very curious about Wu Zetian in the history of the Sui and Tang dynasties in college, and I also believe that the history of her now may be distorted and not left in a female way." 」

Recently, there is a collation, talk about Wu Zetian at that time legislation, so that women can participate in the government, open the road to women's political participation, "if from the point of view of Li Tang, probably think she is just a palace bucket winner." Wu Zetian was overthrown in the coup, but not life-threatening, she is actually convinced or admired it. She didn't get to the world right away, but she started a new situation, launched a new way of understanding things, and she opened up a new possibility. Order is changed, not just for her own sake. 」

The establishment of a new order, let people in it, there is a new settlement, settle down, Zhang Hui said with his head up, this is also a hero ah.

Leave the business logic and go back to seeing the world on your own

Zhang Hui in Beijing, advertising strategy, look at a lot of numbers. Business environment has its own rhythm and judgment logic, to judge in a very fast time, there is no commercial value and interests. A large part of her, can not be revealed in that environment, "so the writing time, is a return to their own time." "When she said this, she was neutral and had no value judgment, which was not a question of superiority or inferiority, but only a difference." "Leave the business logic and go back to seeing the world on your own." 」

The time of writing, the time of reading, are all important. She said she is not a birth literature family, but also from the classic novel children's version of the Reading, dream of Red Mansions, Three Kingdoms ah, until high school martial law, reading flowers scattered, only to really form the habit of reading, know how to find books for themselves.

"What I read to me is the imaginative world. Without reading, all my things are distributed on a daily basis. I would not say that reading is more real, but you will get a parallel time and space, reading is to have the coherence of that world, so that my life in this world is a little different. "For example, when Crows flutter their wings and their feathers stick to the window glass, you flurried flurried think of whether this is 1Q84 plot, green bean hiding scene." So you use a heterogeneous look, and then look at it again, you are in the world, adding another color.

"It's true that sometimes I like to follow the clues I read to me, and it's true that I'm in real life, and sometimes I'm pulling that line and going forward." 」

I said ask an old question, if you can only bring a book to the desert island, what would you choose? She first said Proust's "Remembering the Water", okay? Is there seven rolls like this, or is it too greedy? Then he thought carefully, "maybe it's a novel, a long novel." Like Tolstoy "War and Peace" or "Anna." Karenina ", the big pattern, a lot of characters, all kinds of human nature, hundred look tired. 」

"Anna." Karenina "in which Levin said to himself," I know I will still be in pain, I will still lose my temper, but I also know that all this still has the meaning of good. " "Zhang Hui said, such a sentence, but also very suitable for the fog generation of us. The meaning of existence, not false, facing the non-black and white road, choose to go forward.

It's impractical to put the expectation of not being alone on someone else.

13 Zhang Hui to Beijing, with a fresh feeling, know the strange city. Beijing's daylight, dust and refracted light, stacked home look; 17 years later she went back to Taipei, re-linked with this land, back a lot of old feelings, I asked her after leaving home, how to build a "home" feeling? She also I sincerely replied, "When young, feel lonely also okay, free." Now on the contrary, it feels that the connection with people is very precious. 」

"Over the years, you've grown up, and so have each other. Reconnect, suddenly realize that each other has gone through an era, a 30 years, this is regional and temporal, you will see the change more clearly, a more comprehensive understanding of the world. She said that the way she settled herself, the so-called resettlement, was in fact a link with so many people in the city.

' I'm a single person for years and loneliness is a regular thing to come across. I actually think that now people talk about loneliness, the reason why so uncomfortable, is because the "not lonely" this expectation, put in a certain relationship, think must be how, will not be lonely, must have what. "She whispered," it's impractical to put such an expectation on someone else. " 」

If lonely, then take the initiative to put some things into their own, not necessarily love, may also be friendship, in such a day, practice with their own ability to get along. Because of the change of life, she also reminded herself, do not let all relations become very superficial, if there is a close to the people, we have to find a way to close the deep. (Recommended reading: Relationship Psychology: Practice and loneliness, also practice dependence )

' People like me who are single, don't have a partner or child, it's easy to feel vulnerable to people's links. This is not to say that being single is bad, but that you have to let yourself have someone who can say something deep. This is very important, for their own establishment of such a circle of friends, there is a rare dialogue to happen, there is the feeling of foot on the ground. 」

Have you developed new habits since you came back to Taipei? She said to climb the mountain. Six o'clock, go out, walk to the mountains, "climb the early morning mountain, very awake, as a person's state is also better." ' she said.

Perhaps the next time you climb the mountain, you will meet Zhang Hui may also be.

It occurred to me that she wrote in the book, "When you have to go out, whether it's a satisfying, or unsatisfactory self, a world you like, or don't like." 」

I'm glad she pushed the door open and chose to walk towards us.

Interview PostScript

I talked to Zhang Hui about "The Prodigal Swordsman." I said it was because I read her book that I started watching "The Prodigal Swordsman," knowing that everyone was different and had a relative position in the face of the powerful thing. And some people are so vulnerable in the face of strength.

Comics have not been finished, as if some kind of moral, she said in the past a new book, she will buy immediately, now may not, not so eager to wait, "Kang has not finished painting, he himself is going through a lot of comics outside the matter." "She said blandly.

I feel like that's Zhang Hui's tenderness, too.

"It's nice to concentrate on a road." However, the average person cannot do it. Lost, misunderstood, go back, then there is no such thing as, you just turn around and look at it. Although there is a wall over there, this side is also a dead end, and there is a lot of confusion to make you lost the way. But your path must be wider than anyone else's. "--" The Prodigal Swordsman "