Interview ig handwritten character is small, talking about handwriting, she said: writing often feel like a sea, there is nothing on the sea, so that all passing people become sad, if you want to read, come in, I give you two fins, a tail, teach you to breathe, every fish in the sea crying, open the book, From then on your tears are in my custody.

In the generation of the community, everyone can develop a world of their own interests, some people take pictures to cook, some people with the title of missing, in the way of hand-written words over and over again to fill the heart of goodbye and sadness, perhaps you have been deeply related to her words, Perhaps you have also seen her with ink-stained halo sedit edifying and believing that she is small.

Tiny is good at writing the way to turn themselves into a sea, buried in the deep miss. In this ocean, your sorrows will be felt the same way and you will find your own space for leisure.

Get to know the girl together.

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What are the opportunities to start sharing handwriting on IG?

Recent life is full of work, in bedtime, red lights, such as bath water warm up such a few free time, also began to seriously recall, when I "started" writing?

I don't remember, the only certainty is that the person who let me start writing, as early as seven years ago, no longer have any relationship with me, I do not know what to write about his miss, regret, emotion is for what, in order to let him know, or to solve the sadness, or not at all for anything, like I like him.

In the Middle Ages, the appearance of the word gradually stereotyped, often said it looks special, and now I try to use this special, let him find me. Handwriting is a cover-up, but also a clue, I expect that I wrote into the article of the person, can not from the picture of less words to push out my heart, want to see love, must first recognize my handwriting.

These whispers, can be called "work" is really an honor, as long as carefully read, you will find that all the words are like Ye Qing's poems - "delete all the words, only I love you." 」

Any opportunity and purpose to write will eventually come to me to love him, if he loves me, I want him to know.

What impressed you most in the process of writing a book?

I think about the book, the most impressive is not the process of writing, but before the publishing house contact me, the heart buried "if you can write a book for you" such a moment of vision.

It was an afternoon in the summer, I wandered in front of the bookcase of Xinyi sincere goods, casually picked up a translation novel, opened the first page, the yellow page only three words "to K."

I forgot who the author was, and didn't take the time to understand the author's relationship with K, just took a picture and passed it on to you, saying, "If I'm lucky enough to write a book, I'll leave your name in it, and you know it's for you." 」

The best things to eat to stay until the last to eat, the concert's last first and most mouthed, fairy tale treasures are in the deepest forest, so I put you in the last word of the book, in the practice of other topics, you are the only answer.

Is there any mission to do as an opinion leader?

The same as the sorrow of others. My text is like a password, only the eyes wet people have the ability to disassemble.

When writing often feel like a sea, there is nothing on the sea, the ship sank, the waves are very big, so that all passing people become sad, if you want to read, go in, I give you two fins, a tail, teach you to breathe with a gill, every fish in the sea is crying, open the book, from then on your tears by my custody.

"You've gone far, I'm still practicing goodbye" The book's greatest mission is not to teach people how to say goodbye, but to turn the page with the thumb and index finger, and the speed of eye ball rotation, the same as my sea, the sadness of every fish.

What is your most recommended book? Why?

Big A's Pure Love Letter/60 Letters to Lovers.

The book affected me deeply, he bought it before I broke up with my then-boyfriend in my freshman year of college.

Inside contains 60 love letters, respectively to the author's two former lovers, I went forward to talk about the break-up of the train, inevitably let the tears wet the pages of the book, watching those words like the end of my short love made an accurate prediction, and then I really did not accidentally fall all the love lost people must pass through the abyss.

The concept of "You've gone away, I'm still practicing saying goodbye" comes from this book, and I, like Big A, writes belated love letters.

Share a favorite paragraph in the book (excerpt from Pure Love Letters/60 Letters to Lovers p.39)

Don't worry about not responding to me, think I did anything for you. I'm not so humble and ignorant. I have long understood that love is not without merit and hard work errands, more is willing to gamble to lose. I have a sportsman's spirit. I'm very cheeky. I'm just, don't do it for the last time, just because I didn't try my best.

What advice would you give yourself in your 20s, 30s, 40s?

"Believe in yourself" is an important thing, but I have not been able to do, nor can I be sure that in the next ten years, twenty years to do.

The reason why I can be now I, are relying on the affirmation of others, stumbles, not easy to arrive.

I hope one day I will be brave enough, confident, safe and self-sufficient.

No matter what age, I will always remind you to believe in yourself.

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What do you like most about your body, how would you invite you to like yourself?

eyes, because like mom.

I have always been not very confident person, I can spend a minute to say my ten shortcomings, but since the past many years, I have not found a place in the body can be called the advantage.

With all due respect I can't tell you how to like yourself, and I'm trying to learn how to like myself.