Instagram has nearly 70,000 followers, and kol is a small choice of five relationship diaries to write down all your resonances and emotions: there is no ideal love in the world, only your own intimacy.

IG KOL, a post-90s expert in writing emotional writing, recently published an essay, "You're Far Away, I'm Still Practicing Goodbye."

Perhaps you have also been caught in the middle of the night by her warm handwriting, but also in the bookstore over the small text works, we invite the faint for the reader to choose five belong to your relationship diary, there is no ideal love, only their own intimate relationship. (Recommended reading: weekly handwriting | life does not wait for me, why should I take life waiting for you)

Read what you've chosen for reading together:

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"We Later" was the first movie I saw with him, for no particular reason, except that mod happened to be on the show, and at dinnertime, we cooked a table of dishes, which happened to be a prophetic movie.

I've forgotten most of the details of the story, only that it's a story I keep missing.

The so-called miss, is the encounter to bear the risk.

Occasionally think, if I did not fall in love with your poem, we will not go to see the sea together, even the opportunity to say goodbye is not, how to miss.

If only I hadn't met you.

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Want to believe how important they are, but I have never done, such a thank you may come a little late, but I think considerate you will not mind.

This book has been copied thousands of copies, in the Asian book market circulation, everyone looked at the word inside, will think of a special person, like I write when thinking of you. You told me at my worst that I had a good chance of holding me up with gentleness before I was overwhelmed by inferiority, thank you for believing I believed more than I believed in myself, thank you for putting me in your eyes.

Thank you if it's love.

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Did I ever tell you that I want to be your rose?

You don't have to spend too much effort to irrigate, as long as a handful of soil and a little sunshine, I can accompany you across the night dark. I am willing to cut off the leaves cut people's teeth, let the wind with sand to remove my spikes, just to not let you get hurt. If you like red, I'll use blood to make the petals redder.

You mustn't let me be your rose.

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Standing on stage, the world praised my gorgeous packaging, for me to fabricate can get a good drink of beautiful, only you have seen under the sugar coat, I nightmare, pick teeth, just woke up to the right hair and wearing broken socks ugly look, and, listen to you said a bad joke but laugh close, even I have not seen the look. (Recommended reading: Weekly handwriting | people with wounds to their souls, beautiful and true)

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