Every aspect of life, there is a trace of five sense. If you want to create a life, start by starting the senses and starting to build your five-sense experience.

Every aspect of life, there is a trace of five sense.

See the Gray sky, you know, wait for the rain will accompany all the way, reach out, let the rain drip in your palm, is gently cool, in the rain slightly cold, a bowl of hot soup noodle under the belly is a great reward. Soon after, the sky will pick up the rain, is washed after the net transmittance and fragrance, you know after the rain, will always clear up.

Create a life that starts with starting the senses and creating a five-sense experience that belongs to you.

Visual | To build your own room

"If a woman wants to write, she must have money and her room." "--Woolf

With your own room after the next step, not only writing, it is completely belong to your ME time space. End of the day trip back to the residence, open the door of the brakes, what is your first feeling? is felt how to live and the room are similar to the appearance, day after day repetition and boredom, or can bring you healing and relaxation, wash a whole day of fatigue?

For their own to create a really want the room, do not have to rush to change, changes are accumulated by bit, you can pick the room every week corner, step by step! Spread a photo wall, change the style of the desk lamp for the table, match the shades of curtains and quilts, or put a candle cupboard the bedside. The first trip of the weekend will help you add a personal style to your space.

Take a picture of every small corner of change, it is a good trace of life. (Bathroom is your own me time, we recommend you take care of the privacy of me time: The "gentle" to do the ultimate privacy shower Gel! Three reasons to fall in love with ME time)

Tactile | gives the skin a good absorption of refreshing

One day, we wash our face and skin and say good morning, open our eyelids, look into the mirror, and then tap the lotion on your face to feed your skin moisture.

To meet the spring, you might as well try 10 steps of Qingshan lanvece Orchid , its texture between the lotion and the essence, but can be rubbed on in a few seconds to absorb, while bringing skin hydrating moisturizing, both refreshing and moisturizing maintenance feeling, but also left more time to care for the skin , in addition to the general wet compress, you can choose the ice part of the initial dew, with make-up cotton wet, through the ice compress to feel the shrinkage of the pores tight.

Every inch of your skin is worth using well .

We also received such a real feedback, so that mother are full of praise of the good things, you can choose Orchid First Dew.

The auditory | Moderately white, and hears your inner longing.

Our day from morning to night, there are different sounds, try to open your hearing, feel carefully.

It was the morning bells and the traffic outside the window, which showed that the city had been carried out one day; it was on the commuter road or at various paces, fast or slow, that it was a rush to run after the time, or the joy of expecting to meet; in the classroom and in the office, there was a manner surround keyboard banging sound and brushing notes, and Talk to you, and have a long symbiosis with the environment.

Fix a period of time each day, which is where external audio is put aside for a while, so you can listen to your inner voice. How are you doing today? What are the three most grateful things? What do you like best about what you did today, what kind of words you said? (It is also recommended that you: leave your life with 10 kinds of blanks: be busy again, be alone )

Leave moderately white and hear your inner desires.

Taste | From food to life, experience different tastes

Sour, sweet and salty, manifested in a variety of cooking methods in food, a certain taste of a particular hobby (or nuisance), can be innate, but also acquired fate. You may not be happy with the smell of soft eggplant, but in a very taste fish eggplant unexpected entrance, the taste of the change, shake a turn into the best face of eggplant.

Life is the same, there is a fall of frustration, and love accompanied by the sweet, but also tears slipping on the lips of the salty taste. In food and life, are you a light pie or a heavy taste pie? Bring up the courage to try something you're afraid of, give the taste buds a different thrill, and challenge something you're afraid of, and put more flavor into your life.

Smell | Smell your habits.

You know, people can recognize the smell of more than about 10,000 species, to this moment today, you smell several? Behind every taste are clues to the habits of life.

Picture | Source

After bathing the fresh hair fragrance, is you today early 30 minutes to get up, prepare for life in advance, the night before tired to forget to clean up the sour taste, it is time to stop to care about your eating patterns and fatigue warning. You know what kind of perfume smell, will let you look back, you know that walking through the corner Café Bean incense, will make you rise in the corners of the mouth, the mood followed by a smile.

If you want, change the taste to yourself, this week might as well arrange an outdoor trip, open your senses, introduce the natural fragrance of nature for the body, and wash the toil of the week.

Again tired, life has a better possibility.