When she becomes a mother and wife, no matter what dreams she has, she is easily chosen or forced to give up for family reasons. In March, International Women's Day was celebrated, and you were invited to come with us and see the influence of your mother.

Speaking of Mom, what's on your mind? Is the mother breastfeeding and babysiting? Did she lead the children for a walk in the park? Or, after a middle-aged woman finishes cooking, she quickly calls on her husband and children to eat?

From the above example, you will find that our imagination of the role of mother is very single, usually "housewife" is often the majority of people's first impression of the mother. Although there are actually a lot of working women today, but the children think of her, than the mother in the workplace, the daily Chaimi oil salt, only closer to their mother's imagination. According to the Women's Influence Survey 2019, married women are given many expectations by society, with more than half considered "family first."

In March, With Women's Day, we want to invite you to see your mother's influence in this month of women's rights. In fact, in addition to a hand shovel, a hand mop of the "family superman" look, mother also continued to create more possibilities. Let's see!

Gentle power, blogger mother: home cooking, no longer ordinary.

Picking up kitchenware, many mothers are good cooked, in addition to cooking dinner, but also to help children prepare the meal. Have you ever thought that doing a job can make a career?

Didi, a mother of three, describes herself as a "mother who lives in the kitchen." Since 2015, she's been uploading her baby-ready dishes on Instagram almost daily. See the colorful layout, miso sauce roasted potatoes, dried shellberry cherry shrimp jade burning, sea moss burning hamburger chops Didi use unlimited creativity and imagination, so that the dishes rarely repeat, each dish looks delicious, the original will also make people's index finger move!

It's a choice that combines mom status with career. Not only take care of the children and family's stomach, but also build their own second life. Through community broadcasting, many people experience the healing feeling of eating and even doing it. Mother's home-cooked food, both gentle and influential.

Positives - Entrepreneurial Moms: Be yourself before you light up your child.

We often hear about women's second-degree employment, but not very often do we hear about married women starting businesses?

Zhang Yushan, who runs both companies and two websites, originally intended to be a full-time mother, but found the relevant needs in the parenting process, so he created a parenting counseling platform for parents, "Mommy Love", so that everyone can share their own experiences, but also provide parenting questions and answers, parenting information and online shopping and other services. (Same scene: One daughter, two start-ups!) Zhang Yushan: "Be a mother and be yourself")

In a previous interview with women's fans, she talked about her days as a stay-at-home mom: "My world was small and I focused my life on my children and my husband. Every day in the hope that my husband to go home, if he came home late today, it will be very lost. She found herself in trouble and began to focus on other things before embarking on the path of entrepreneurship.

After all, children will grow up and live a good life, so that they do not have to follow the children. When you have the center of gravity of life, you can reduce expectations of others, not only reduce each other's stress, but also avoid the feeling of loss.

"Being a mom, and also being yourself. (Be a mother, but also be yourself.) - Zhang Yushan.

Growth Power: Student Mom: After marriage, continue to class to solve problems.

Have you ever seen the Korean drama "The Second Twenty Years"? In the play, nearly 40-year-old Helula is a housewife, 19 years old married and gave birth to a son, since then the focus of life has always revolved around the family. In order to reduce the knowledge gap between herself and her college professor husband, she decided to go back to campus and start a college life.

Such stories don't just exist in dramas. Known for her self-guided travels, the writer Chu, who has traveled in more than 50 countries, published "Love Walks And Walks" in 1995, one of the few women's self-guided travel travel in the country at the time, demonstrating her fearlessness and courage. As a child, Chu was unable to continue her studies, leaving a regret in her mind, so in 2003, she and her daughter went to the United States together, and returned to books, one after another to complete high school and college.

When a woman becomes a mother and wife, she spends most of her time with her family. If a woman has a dream of studying or studying, she is more likely to choose or be forced to give up for family reasons. We are eager to see more and more examples of this in real-world environments. (Extended reading:Ding Lingxuan column: 30 years old I put the child's work aside, study abroad)

She has other options besides her mother.

According to the Women's Influence Survey 2019, in the three roles of wife, daughter-in-law and mother, women are given different expectations by society, of which almost half expect "family first": 55.6% of wives are "responsible for housework, regardless of whether they are in work or not"; 54.4% of daughters-in-law are "family-first on New Year's Day" and 42.9% of mothers are "responsible for their children's education". From this, we can find that many women's lives after marriage, and family relations are still tied to a fairly solid, especially the vision that society expects to give, often making it difficult for women to be free.

When faced with the expectations and pressures of society, married women may lose some of their options.

Working women can be good mothers, as can full-time housewives.

These three types of moms are just some of them. Whether it's work, study or housework, moms are not a fixed look, and there's no good or bad. What does your mother look like?

As mothers, we can be gentle, positive and eager for our own growth.

Mom, there's always a hundred looks. Please let Mom define it herself!