Do you want to be more satisfied when you want sex?Learn five types of tricks to make sex more enjoyable!

Are you easily satisfied with your bed?You often wonder if you are not sensitive enough, not wet enough, not sexy enough or not good enough?Today, womany gives you five small ways to make you more easily satisfied, so you don't have to be afraid, and you don't have much to do with sex.

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First trick: learn something together, do something, hottest!

The famous master Judy Dutton recommended that an appointment that allows two people to interact is a sexy date.Forget the long dinner and the silent movie, and two people can try to go to dance classes or cookery together, or any kind of activity that allows you two hearts to have contact with your body!

The New York State Stone Creek University study found that some partners who have been married for decades still maintain good interactions, and their brain nerve dopamine reaction is the same as those of a lover of passion.And how can we maintain this kind of passion after a long period of time?Expert advice: One of the easiest ways to learn new things and embrace new challenges is one of the easiest ways.

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In particular, there is a growing pressure on work and a stimulus campaign or learning a new thing that will add to each other's fresh and unyielding feeling.The two people learn together, and can feel the spiritual stimulation together. They encourage communication and let the other party see you differently.(Recommended reading: Regular life stimulates the nerve cell to improve brain power )

Second trick: learn to think in the lower half of your mind

People always say that men use the lower body to think, and women use half-body thinking. So when you talk about sex, it is generally believed that men can compare the time when they want to happen when they want to happen.And we all recognize that women are most eager to have a closer relationship, and that sex is not just a physical need, but a close act of love.But Judy Dutton suggests that sometimes women don't want to "wait for a perfect moment to have a perfect sex," because too much is too demanding or perfect, and sometimes it makes you forget the moment of sex love.Sometimes you have to learn how to think in the lower half!

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Sexology Studies show that sex was originally a 2-6-2 rule.According to statistics, generally speaking, there are only two occasions when each sex is a "very good" level. Six times, it will get "good" feeling. It will probably have two times for people to find it unwell.So don't try to be perfect every time, and the Hollywood movies, the perfect sex scene is just the best one for the movie.The most important thing is not every time it's perfect, but two people who can enjoy more sex in their sex and understand each other.

Third way: Mastery of ovulation dates is really important

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Mastery of ovulation dates can not only calculate the security period, but also allow you to enjoy the unpleasant pleasure of having sexual pleasure. It turns out to be closely related to your "sexy" index!The study found that women usually tend to dress up as sexy as women during the ovulation period (usually the 10-14 days since the start of the period), and the female orgasm is twice as high as usual and makes it easy for men to feel sexually attractive.(Extended reading: Really a sixth sense!Women will be unconscious to prepare for "ovulation" girls )

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To remember, ovulation also means that you are at a high risk of pregnancy, and if you want to have a climax without a child's stress, you must remember to use contraception.

Fourth trick: The new thing is a lot of good.

The more sex change, the more likely it is possible to orgasm!Research has found that 50 percent of women who have sex without change and skill do not have a high point of sex in sex, compared with three sex partners (hands, mouth, massage), which are twice as high as those of unchanging groups!Different kinds of changes represent the stimulation of the different parts of the private place, which can bring the clitoris, vaginal or hybrid orgasm in a more comprehensive manner.So if you want to enjoy a lot of different pleasures, you have to be brave to try different kinds of sex tricks or use various props.

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Through the aid of some spice things, both sides can stimulate each other's body sense more easily and easily.For example, a simple eyeshade or a massage can add a different kind of love to the boudoir.

Fifth trick: find your favorite gesture

Everyone's body feels comfortable posture, so try out different positions with your partner as much as possible!Different kinds of gestures can give different stimuli to the body, and there's a point where women don't just have a G point and a U point and a woman's secret point. In fact, they are full of nerve endings and perception. Different positions can stimulate different positions, and you can find the most powerful way to make your body feel like you can do in these attempts!(Extended reading: Sex Robotics and Feminism: What he wants is not a woman, but an entirely obedience nature )