If you also feel busy in life and work, want to know the way to be "happy and happy to live", invite you to join the women's fan 2019 women's influence survey results, looking for the life of modern women to solve the side. Work and life is no longer a single topic, we can write their own unique wonderful Life.

It's another day to meet a client. For you, in fact, there is no difference between meeting and fighting with customers. You got up early to dress up and make yourself look refreshed and hurriedly squeezed into the overcrowded MRT carriages, when the phone made a succession of sounds-the supervisor's temporary delivery notice, the forgetful partner summoned to ask where his key was placed, and you clearly saw it on the most conspicuous table before you went out.

We spend most of our time working, but are we happy at work? In order to understand this question, but also curious about the answer to this question, women fans in particular on last year's International Women's Day (March 8) launched a "Women's happiness Thing" survey, in the vast number of miles, there is such a number stunning US-not 6 points of the 5.78 points.

5.78, is more than thousands of female readers on the job satisfaction score, and the full score, is 10 points. In the 2019, women's fans again conducted a questionnaire survey on women's influence, which showed that this year's female workplace satisfaction was 5.67, or even 0.11 points lower than last year.

What is the reason for the annual decline in women's workplace satisfaction?

Modern women face difficulties: Many roles and difficult time allocation

In the March 2018, women fans made a questionnaire survey on "Women's happiness", which showed that women's satisfaction with the workplace was 5.78, which still needed to be improved.

In December 2018, the World Economic Forum (WEF) released the Global Gender Gap Report 2018, which states that women's rights and interests are rising at a very slow pace, and that, at this rate, it will take another 202 years for the economic and pay gap between men and women in the workplace to have clashed.

In the March 2019, women's fans continued last year's questionnaire to launch a new survey on the new theme, "Women's influence," which showed that women were 5.67 more satisfied with the workplace, down 0.11 points from last year.

Whether it's an analysis of 149 countries by an international organization, or a women's obsession with two consecutive years of female force surveys, the same is the case-despite the gradual rise in women's rights, the change is still slow.

Of the 2019 women's impact questionnaires collected by thousands of readers, 68.8% said the biggest challenge at the moment was "numerous roles and difficult time allocation," showing a decline in women's satisfaction with the workplace, which could have something to do with "numerous roles" and "Time allocation." (Recommended reading: work and life is not two choose one!) A guide to getting women in the workplace out of Tangled thinking )

Why are there so many characters? And why is time allocation difficult? The data gives us the answer again.

55.6% of wives are expected to "be responsible for household chores regardless of whether they are on the job, and";54.4% 's daughter-in-law is often expected to "festive season the mother-in-law should be the";43.9% of her husband, who is often expected to "take on the child's educational responsibilities."

As the stage of life changes and advances, women are given different expectations because of their different roles, which may be multiplied by overlapping identities, many roles, difficult time allocation, is our daily life, is our common situation, is the limit we hope to break through.

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What about the two burns of workplace life? Use "Choose 3 Philosophy" to choose!

Lanty Zuckerberg, the former marketing director of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg's sister, Randi Zuckerberg in her 2019 new book, Philosophy of Choice 3, mentions that she is often asked: "How do you achieve a balance of life as a mother and worker?" ' She tried to answer a few times and found out that, in fact, she couldn't do it.

There is no way to maintain a balance of life in a wide variety of jumbled identities, almost the main cause of modern women's belief that life is tired, and Lanty Zuckerberg has come up with a way to reveal everything in the name of her new book, which allows her to wander through multiple identities without feeling tired.

She summed up the various aspects of life into five categories:

  • Job
  • Sleep
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Movement

Lanty Zuckerberg knows he "can only do three things a day," so every morning when she gets up, she's thinking about the three things she's going to pick out of five types today. You can choose a different three things tomorrow. Each day you can choose the different orientation of life focused on it.

Although only three things a day, but the day is long, in fact, the equivalent of each aspect can be balanced. Choosing 3 philosophy is precisely a rope that pulls modern women from the obsession of "time allocation difficulties" to focus on goals, maintain energy, and take care of their lives together. (Recommended reading: is life and work unbalanced?) Ways to make life more efficient )

Back on the digital surface, the reason for the decline in modern women's satisfaction with the workplace is that, with the exception of 68.8% women who believe that "there are many roles and difficult time allocation", other reasons are related to "gender roles", including 57% women who have experienced gender discrimination and differential treatment, 37.9% women who believe that they are vulnerable to inappropriate banter, 34.1% Women are not thought to have to have their own careers, etc., and we still need to keep working hard to get out of the gender framework given by others.

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If the environment is difficult again, you can gain strength from yourself.

In the questionnaire analysis at the same time, I looked at the number of eyes really reflect the huge pressure of women, inevitably feel a little emotion, the original in their own tentacles difficult to stretch, there is such a group of women, such a voice is rarely seen, this group also really hope to get assistance.

In the questionnaire, 63.9% women wanted to be assisted by "having partners who are going through the same situation" on their way through the framework, which is the most desired help. Some readers have also mentioned that they will use "efforts to improve performance, not because they are women and want help, but through their performance to prove that they can do it, and then to be recognized." 」

Changing the environment requires organizations to advance with individuals, while women fans also propose different ways for organizations and individuals to welcome to enrich their lives together.

Seeing that women have multiple positions and needs to be understood and encouraged, women are fascinated by the "2019 Global women's Impact Forum Spring field ", which invites six female speakers who are also in a variety of identities but still live together, and the event will take place in the Ushen performance Hall on March 28. Expect to be able to find strength from stress and play to their unique influence on that night with every woman who has felt the pressure.

In an organization or team, giving each partner the most appropriate arrangement will naturally also be a stress reduction practice. Among them, foreign enterprises in recent years have responded to the d&i culture (diversity and Inclusion, multi-inclusive) will also be the organization of the application of the method, so that the different talents in all walks of life, can have a day, for the organization and society to create a win-win situation.

The power of women should not be seen only on 38 women's Day, and at any moment, anywhere, we can gain strength from ourselves and each other.