The first independent film, "Captain Marvel," featuring a heroine, was released, and many criticised Brie Larson, who plays the actress, for not being beautiful enough. Everywhere the myth of beauty, even heroes can not break free.

"Marvel Captain" (Captain Marvel) recently hit, a number of fans long-awaited, released less than a week, has become the United States, the whole Taiwan box office champion. However, some viewers were unhappy with the film, which, in addition to the storyline, attacked Brie Larson, who plays the heroine, for his poor looks. The same is the hero movie, Gadot and DC are often compared, some viewers think that the appearance of "Marvel Captain", compared to the Gal, who plays "Superwoman of the Divine power", is really inferior.

In fact, as early as September 2018, "Marvel Captain" released the trailer, the heroine was "suggested" can be a little more smile, and even some netizens with post-system technology in her face with a smile. (Extended reading: should a heroine smile more? "Captain Marvel" Brie Larson humor responds to sexism )

First smile or not, then is the appearance of beauty is not beautiful, why the heroine was born, the appearance of evaluation almost covered everything, become enough to be a hero of the standard?

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Two girls stand together and choose the beautiful one?

It's no surprise that "Marvel Captain", an independent film for the first female hero of the show, was compared to DC "Superwoman the Divine." But we can see that the audience's discussion of the "personality traits" and "life experiences" of the two heroines is far less than the "appearance".

When two women stand together, the first intuition may be: "The one on the left is more positive" or "the body on the right is better," and so on, comments about appearance. We do not deny that the first time you see someone else, you can quickly get into the mind only the appearance of the impression, but if for the surprise captain and Superwoman's appearance, excessive comparison, two distinctive heroes, as if instantly become flat, leaving only the appearance of empty shell.

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Your body, is a battlefield.

Your body is a Battleground.--barbara Kruger

Here, we can talk about physical politics (body politics). Our body, not just pure flesh, contains a variety of social or cultural symbols-beauty and ugliness, fat and thin, tall, reflecting the established mainstream social values.

Is "Captain Marvel" really not beautiful enough, or is our definition of beauty too narrow?

Beauty Myths, we're not strangers.

In fact, Gal Gadot, who plays the Superwoman, has also been criticised for not being big enough to interpret the character perfectly.

The feminist writer Naomi Wolf published the Beauty of the Myth of Beauty in 1991, arguing that the myth of beauty hostage the body of a woman.

When a woman is finally liberated from family myths, beauty myths quickly take over the seat and once again achieve the goal of social control over women.

As a released themselves from the Feminine mystique of domesticity, the beauty myth took over its lost ground, Expandi Ng as it wanted to carry in its "the Myth of Beauty"

Open magazines and turn on the TV, the beautiful female stars present a slender, bony figure, smooth and flawless skin; If a female star is not in line with mainstream beauty, she may be reduced to a laughing stock or clown on the show.

Women fans have also received a lot of echoes on Instagram when they asked readers if they had ever been criticised for their appearance.

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Looking back on my personal experience, growing up, as I changed my age, I would always be anxious about my appearance. At a senior, even if the weight of "only" 45 kg, I still think I am too fat, in order to lose weight, all day only eat breakfast, lunch and dinner are replaced by tea eggs. From primary school to university, I observed that dark skin will be laughed, chest flat will be laughed, high height will be laughed, eyes will be laughed, legs will be laughed at ... the reason for being laughed, not only because you do not meet the standard of beauty-white skin, big chest, high pick, watery eyes, long legs. At that time, I really envy the girls who are considered beautiful, because all the communication media and people, all tell us: "So beautiful."

Of course, it's not about criticizing mainstream beauties in turn. We encourage anyone to live the way he likes it-but at the same time, is the community already offering a friendly environment that allows everyone to be free?

In the play, the Marvel captain breaks free and her strength is no longer suppressed and released.

As she said:

' I don't have to prove to you who I am. "--" Captain Marvel "

As a hero, you can be like a superwoman with a sword, or you can be a Marvel captain who exudes powerful power.

As a woman, you can laugh brightly, you can look no fear, you can decide your own appearance.