Cai Yilin recently released the song "Negative MV" to talk about getting along with negative emotions: "When things go well and bad, stop to swear, bereavement, is also a kind of vent and forward wonderful motivation." How do negative emotions become the driving force behind our progress? How do we get along with negative emotions? Watch the negative energy that music works convey, and together find the power to move forward in the process of the note's beating.

How you will love others, you should love yourself so much. When you fall in love with someone, you like both the strengths and weaknesses, and when you love yourself, you should cherish it regardless of the positive and negative. Whether from the side of friends and relatives heard or the public's vision, we are often reminded to be positive, positive, not positive, life will be destroyed.

But every soul is three-dimensional, always maintain a high positive energy is too difficult, there must be certain moments will be surrounded by negative emotions, do not they represent their own? Isn't it worth paying attention to? Should it be hidden?

When talking about learning to "love yourself", you should love the moth like fire, just as you have talked about the indelible love in general, the good and the bad are love. It's easy to fall in love with the positive side, but how do you fall in love with your negative self? This time, we can get solace and empathy from Cai Yilin's latest work, negative.

Where to fall, where to lie down

In the past, we were always expected to face bad things with a positive perspective and actively seek solutions. There are also a variety of articles and books to convey the "heart chicken soup" style of inspiration, we have too much positive thinking ink, too little awareness of negative energy. The power and comfort of the negative energy of recent years, both in social media and in the music industry, has a great resonance, and perhaps we don't know each other too late.

Cai Yilin's new album, "Stranger Beauty", has been released from the end of 2018, and the theme of the song is all-encompassing, talking about emotions, talking about facing the real self, talking about identifying with his own diverse characteristics, and the latest release of the negative stalking focus on negative emotions. In an earlier interview, Cai Yilin also said: "This song wants to express like the lyrics said, we all have emotional high slower peak, but also will encounter things and things are not smooth, that stop to scold dirty words, bereavement, is also a kind of vent and forward wonderful motivation." 」

MV through the atmosphere of bereavement, whether it is massage master, boxer, multi-golden woman have to face the low tide, the full number of actors lying in bed performing "bereavement dance", but also let Cai Yilin laugh and say: "Everyone can try, I every once jump yawn, feel very pressure!" 」

In the face of low tide, negativity can be seen as an option to gain unexpected power, or as a way to "give up treatment" for difficult situations. Although the whole song reveals a world-weary atmosphere, but after the world-weary mood, the last paragraph of the song gives hope, look forward to and fans together negative, negative talk. (Recommended reading: What about loss of love, frustration, low tide?) Five Exercises to Embrace Negative Emotions)

Take enough rest and get back on the tight bar.
Enough is decadence, activity hands and feet
Negative enough, say goodbye to trouble.

Images : Negative MV Screenshots

Life sucks, but you're the X

Through out of the negative music, is a world-weary atmosphere, so that the negative music online less than two days to break through a million points of reading, is everyone has had a negative emotional resonance. Negative emotions ghost, always in the heart when not paying attention, the last second like in the sky, the next second fell to the bottom. In recent years, "life is difficult" is also often mentioned, the whole society is shrouded in negative energy.

But behind life's difficulties, life sucks, perhaps you should see that it's life, not you. No need to equate life dilemmas with personal success or failure, and to be human, you have unlimited possibilities, you are X, is an unknown. Despite Life's sucks, you'll be An X. Accept the "bad things" of these lives and prove by conquering them that you really have infinite power.

Of course, you can feel the difficulty on the way to conquest, and you can definitely lie down and rest and be ready to start again. Accept your negative emotions, you can truly love yourself. As the negative saying, "There is hope in life, everything is healing."

Life is like a game, there is always a card stalled, there is always a time to get props to move forward smoothly, because of these rich experience, we can live a fun life. Think about it, difficult to break, or easy and smooth immediate break of the game, will you love to play endlessly? (Recommended reading: Anger, sadness, anxiety, jealousy!) How do you use negative emotions to make positive changes? ) )

Cai Yilin released the "Strange Beauty" album song MV from the end of 2018, from the song of the same name, the strange beauty of the song, the brain, the rose juvenile to the recent negative, whether it is visual, art, composition and the past Cai Yilin is very different. Behind these gorgeous productions, "true stories and feelings" are the most important reasons for the public's resonance, from appearance, emotional outlook, body, and embrace negative emotions, are very real issues, and are also conveying the same concept: "No matter what others say, loyalty to oneself is the most important."

Back to the negative debate, the importance of negative emotions can actually be told by the closing manifesto of a Facebook page of 700,000 people in 2017, "A little negative energy every day":

Negative energy is to enable people to face every dilemma in life, when we go through the difficult situation, there is no longer a need for negative energy, we can get up and move forward.

Where to fall, where to lie, rest enough, we go forward together.