Time back to 1990s Hong Kong, there is such an idol, with long black hair, wiping a big red lip. In her we see the flow of gender temperament, whether male or female, have become the most special beautiful appearance, she is Mei Yanfang, eternal Hong Kong idol.

In listening to Mei Yanfang song in the afternoon, thinking of her stage and the style of the film, let people soul of her, I do not know she is well at the other end? She is a timeless idol, in the past once comrade - in the line, I took a picture printed with her wearing a suit jacket, medium-length black hair, red lips, next to the words: yin or masculinity is also good, gender temperament is flowing. The slogans were popular with cameras, journalists, friends and strangers. I can't think of anyone other than her who is better suited to appear next to such a statement.

The fierce mei Yanfang inside the Bad Girl, Hong Kong's rare female bass, singing provocative lyrics, a bright red thick lip, is the beginning of her become a Hong Kong classic;

Later, with the encouragement of fashion designer and friend Liu Peiji, she became a woman in menswear on the album cover with a short hair, suit jacket. Men's wear Mei Yanfang, and then play live Kawashima Fangzi, military uniforms and dresses on both sides of the walk, the same body is mouth-watering. (Recommended reading:Handsome Lady: Fashion Crossing: There's a Sex called Tyse Swinton)

Photo by "Looking Up to the Moon Liu Peiji's Autobiography"

Hong Kong media described her image as a change, because she every time she played a song will be in costume this code, to match the concept of the song, to the body, makeup and demeanor to interpret the song, the song is not an independent existence, but to use their own interpretation to cooperate with, become a pop culture inside the complete art (presumably Pop Art bar), It's also the reason she teaches people to admire and remember.

Bad girl, cat-like charm exists

He's holding his body close to me and gently kissing me from the eyebrows.
Breathing in my ear heats me up everything, forgets where the reason puts it
Bad Girl, Mei Yanfang

Cat-loving Mei Yanfang, in addition to a cat called Fifi, she also exists like a cat, agile, sensitive, difficult to approach but at the same time full of charm.

The 1985 Bad Girl was filled in by Lin Zhenqiang (Mei Yanfang's iceberg fire and the witch, also from his hand), carefully describing midnight and desire from the girl's point of view, which was banned. Listening to the song, the ear came her charming sound line, the music video is Mei Yanfang short hair, wearing a green coat of the neutral image, she pulled out sunglasses, walking in the street, while staring at the camera. It was she who had the lead, not the one who gently kissed her from the beginning of her brows. Such a strong and dominant desire for the image of girls, not male sexual prey, or represent a new generation of women's role models, but also Mei Yanfang's most basic personal style declaration.

In the red lips of the flame, we see single women who do not want to control and suppress the fire of the stars (i.e. desire), although love has gone away, but without preventing her to continue to shine. In the close-up, we see her widow-like image, hair is neatly combed hair, but Mei Yanfang's image is always full of contradictions and impact of traditional symbols. The video turns to her body after the anthem, with a corset jacket and black heels, and her movements on a chair, telling us that she has no intention of suppressing herself, that she is still beautiful and full of desire, and that she is very feminine.

The lyrics of the Goblin are about the autonomy of a proud girl, as well as the dominant type of love and sex. The cover shape of the single, created by Liu Peiji, is based on the Arabic classic "One Thousand and One Nights." This classic story, basically revolves around a king whose infidelity triggers his misogyny, in which a woman is a danger, evil and immoral existence, must kill them with hatred and deny women freedom to fall in love and libido. At the same time, he used his power to marry a girl every day and then kill her every day.

But fate makes you meet this demon as the night goes

Tonight you watch out, you run into no longer willing to retreat
Legs that can be forbidden while standing
Men look at the feet of the full of all become empty and bitter pursuit
The witch's fork waist looks bad Boy can interfere with the thought of the tin slightly open

- Mei Yanfang's Fairy

Through The visual element of Mei Yanfang's role as a Sphinx (the sculpture of the ancient Egyptian pharaoh Rekidev, modelled on his father, Huf, and the king/patriarchal symbol of 1001 night, it becomes a male character of a woman who is anti-serial and constantly witch hunted, and the claim is obvious. The witch is about to take back Bad Boy, turning the bad girls who were killed and marginalized into kings, and the targets of sanctions (but sanctions, not killing, but intercourse) become boys, very attentively.

The lyrics of the witch is certainly the same as the bad girl and the flame red lip to declare the female power, and combined with Liu Peiji designed the clothing code to read together, Mei Yanfang several singles have a sense of continuity, but also powerfully speaking of the powerful message of women's autonomy. Mei Yanfang is not in the role, in fact, she is also a bad girl in life, once her nightlife in Tokyo, good friend Liu Peiji was impressed.

There are six or seven Japanese boys around her, Amei like a goddess, the more beautiful the night, her emotions, trance like a night flower bloom, and that group of young men as if the soul stay in the gloom, not drunk everyone drunk. I've shown Amey a lot of Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn Monroe, and at the moment Amey is like a classic character' comeback, with a red lip, a swaying, all-encompassing style pouring out of the air.

Liu Peiji, "Looking Up to the Moon Liu Peiji Autobiography" P.334

Dressed in leather on the street, the unruly eyes naturally showed, as wild as a cat, and explained why her image was so attractive that she was just being herself. (Recommended reading:Handsome Lady Mei Yanfang: Life is short, the process of happiness is the most important)

Remake from "Looking Up to the Moon Liu Peiji's Autobiography", "The Next Volume"

The ambiguous spy of the same body

In the 1990 film "Kawashima Fangzi", Mei Yanfang plays the beautiful man, very famous spy woman, wandering between the Chinese/Japanese, male/female, women's kimono, dress /men's military uniform, in the film's opening, arrogantly sitting in the middle of the court for trial, in a scolding and attempt to put her citizens to death and judge, She asked calmly, Is there a cigarette? Slowly lit a cigarette, she side of the mouth up, will be in the world before the second world war story, at the same time give people a kind of beautiful calm about their singing career illusions, can not tell the end of her acting or doing their own.

Historically, Kawashima was originally a Manchurian, but grew up in Japan, initially as a political tool (political marriage, wife, passive and powerless role). However, the political marriage to her Mongolian husband failed, returning to China in the early 1930s to become a Japanese spy, and later becoming the commander-in-chief of manchuria's "Anguo Army", where he was in fact a woman in a military uniform and held power.

Kawashima Fangzi has been fond of menswear since the age of eighteen, for her, wearing men's clothing is the way to protect themselves, masculine activities are also her interests. At the same time a well-known singer Li Xianglan, and Kawashima Fangzi to brother and sister, the two as the two national identity between the wandering women, with the name of the Chinese adulterous, espionage, but now, the bad women's stigma have not reduced their character charm.

Mei Yanfang plays this kind of woman in the gray area. In the gender temperament, Mei Yanfang in the film is first innocent kimono girl, and then put on a wedding dress. Soon, her femininity began to fade, abandoning love, feeling, shifting the pursuit of status and power, the desire to establish and even command a new China, she dressed up in military uniform, to become commander. In the film, she uses sexual charm and wit as a tool for success, she once with a female color to please Xie Xian played by the Japanese officer, a neutral image to seduce the Queen (Chen Yulian), boldly staged intimate scenes.

And whether it's for men or women, she doesn't have the same position as leadership and control. In the face of men, she was even a mistress, an officer in a uniform, and in the face of a woman, she was the one who entered the other person's body on top.

"Kawashima Fangzi" focus on Mei Yanfang's sexual charm and the plasticity of the same body, want to talk about more than a historical figure how to become a spy so simple, through gender inversion, constant replacement, anti-string and neutral Mei Yanfang body, talk about a spy with ambiguous identity, but also speak of Mei Yanfang over the years of the image of the music world, the contours of the characters.

If the film's popularity, childish and Peugeot Jia Baoyu need starring Lin Qingxia to live, then the film's Kawashima Fangzi must be Mei Yanfang, because Mei Yanfang's bad and ambiguous, just corresponding to the bad and ambiguous of Kawashima Fangzi.

and hong Kong as a whole, from June 4 to the film sebum buckle

1989 was a special year. Mei Yanfang, in Guan Jinpeng's "Sebsi Buckle", plays Shi Tang Tsui (Hong Kong Island West Camp Plate area) famous prostitutes such as flowers, the film and Zhang Guorong played the twelve young fall into love. "Sebsi" is full of Hong Kong's nostalgic code, from trams, seafood shops to Tangxi FengYue, pointing to the old Hong Kong back.

Such as the flower in the film is a righteous poor man, and twelve young together to take poison to fight the class brought the separation, but the dead only such as flowers, twelve young and then married, such as flowers stuck in the middle of the world and the yin. If you can't afford to stay where you can't afford it, it's a good match for the mentality of the people of Hong Kong before the reunification (1997).

Before the reunification, some Hong Kong people believed in the return of democracy, were optimistic about returning to the so-called embrace of the motherland, and wanted to start with Hong Kong, eager to integrate Hong Kong's democracy, judicial system and freedom into China, and then the people on both sides were happy. Simply put, these people are not resistant to China, return, integration, and have hope. Of course, there is pessimism and anxiety about the return, and there is a wave of immigration as a result.

The June 4th incident of 1989, which shattered the dream of a return to democracy, proved that freedom of speech in demonstrations, assemblies and expressions was not acceptable to a government, or even the subject of violent killing. According to Stuart's memoirs, Mei Yanfang paid for help during Operation Yellow Finch, a secret operation to rescue Chinese school men, between June 1989 and the return of 1997. She also quit Guan Jinpeng's "Yu Lingyu" because of the June 4 incident and did not want to step foot in the Mainland.

Doomed to extraordinary, but longing for ordinary

She is undoubtedly Hong Kong's daughter, this daughter is a wayward and rebellious girl (but very righteous, not afraid of things also calm), but also eager to be loved and stable woman, she is contradictory, can be Kawashima Fangzi, for their own abandonment of love, can also be "sebum buckle" such as flowers, for love desperate. At one point, she retreated, and when she returned, according to Liu Peiji's autobiography, she went through a period that she wanted to turn into a Monroe. What is Monroe? The woman men want, the weak, feminine.

Mei Yanfang is destined to be an extraordinary woman, although she wants to be an ordinary woman, helpless god to give her giftised too complex.

In 1982, she took Xu Xiaofeng's wind season to participate in the first rookie singing contest won the championship, as the beginning of entering the entertainment industry; 2003 in Mei Yanfang classic gold concert, to wear a wedding dress to marry the stage knot, she walked her way alone, extraordinary woman is destined to be lonely, but the name left a thousand years, the other side of the flower will never fall.