Know each other's personality is not at odds, still love each other's hugs and kisses. After another big quarrel, we finally decided to break up, even if we were still in love.

He laughs like a child, so that I often smile, as if also know how to smile happily. We know, know, love, we are no different from other couples. When you love, I always feel that the other side is the world, we will walk together for a long time.

As the time we spend together gets longer, so does the friction. We often can't understand, why don't the other person understand themselves so much?

I love to cry, it's my way of venting my emotions, and he doesn't think it's going to help solve the problem at all. However, I did not have to cry to solve the problem ah! When the emotion comes, who can stand it? Why don't you let me deal with the emotions and talk about things again?

When he is angry, I dare not disturb him, purely thinking: let him be quiet! Wait for him to be emotional and then accompany him to face. In hindsight, he thought I didn't care about him at all. I felt as if I had done something wrong, quickly comforted him, and even said sorry.

We often misunderstand each other's needs, so we keep fighting, and then after the storm, holding each other while crying, while apologizing. Although guilty, but also wronged.

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Again and again the argument, I and I, like thin ice walked. In fact, we are often unsure whether each dispute has a "conclusion" because of "good ness". Because often in the near future, we will still be caused by similar reasons, the same mistakes.

It's a run-in period! I often comfort myself like this; Later, whenever we notice some signs of a noise, we silently stop talking. Such a tacit understanding, showing that we attach importance to this relationship, it will be held carefully. But, don't talk about it, is that really good?

The problem is still unresolved, it's just hidden there, and we pretend we didn't see it.

We know that we have been repeating the same mistakes. Even, as we all know, this is a relationship that will end.

A while ago, I had another big fight with him. In fact, it's just a small thing, the fuse is almost impossible to remember. But this time we decided to separate.

I still love you and can't say, "I wish you a better person." Although very sad, but also know that there is really no way to continue.

Relationship Psychology: Can't walk hand in hand, learn to say good goodbye

Perhaps you have been or are experiencing such feelings. You know your personality is not right, but you still like the way his mouth is up and in good spirits; you know that sooner or later you won't be able to walk, but you still love his Buddha to hold all your restless hugs.

Late at night, you turn around, do not know how to for this love without the future under the annotated. You know you're going to be over, but you can't guess which day - maybe a few more years of love, or tomorrow will die.

Every time you look into his eyes, you are the last.

You hesitate in your feelings and know that you may not be able to go on, but you don't know how or should you let go. It's not so easy to say goodbye to a relationship that's not good enough. You can't bear to be so good as you have been, can't let go of the past memories of the little bit. What to do?

Suzanne Vegges-White, a scholar who specializes in women's relationships, offers some advice for you:

  • Make up your mind: Enter a relationship for happiness and better. Careful consideration, have his days, good? Would you have less tangles and worries without him? Are you going to be happier? If you've been disappointed or anxious about him, maybe it's time to let go.
  • Self-talk: Many people think that they have to do their best to maintain a relationship, to be worthy of heart. If after a number of run-ins, the two still have a cross-over threshold, you may not really be suitable. You don't have to feel guilty, let go, just to make each other better.
  • Healthy breakup: Don't procrastinate and deal with the state of the relationship as soon as possible. If you decide to end, say goodbye! Communicate and say goodbye to each other rationally. Adjust your emotions well and don't get caught up in who's right and who's wrong - you know, it's a good decision for yourself and your partner after careful consideration.

Love is for the better, and it's also

Breaking up is not a failure, leaving does not necessarily pass worse. (Extended reading: Zheng Yinon's Love and Resurrection: A bottle of whiskey a hug, break-up is to hope we are all happy)

After all, you are a part of each other's life, and the statute of limitations is forever. After all, there is no way to go in vain.

"Maybe later/ will not meet / meet the time / as a good person in each other's life" - when they meet, Lin Wanyu

"I see you enter the house. "I'll take you to the bus stop. It was a farewell scene at the time. Until the end, we are reluctant to see the other side's back.

After getting on the bus, I said goodbye to him outside the bus. I know we did our best, once hot, and once cold-eyed walked by together. If life is a garden, I am glad to meet you on that path, flowers blooming, but there is no shortage of heartache.

I'm a little older, and I hope you are too. I wish you happiness and happiness.