In an interview with Zhenghuihuru, chief executive of Food & amp; beverage, she was the winner of the 2018 under Asia Social enterprise, helping high-care people regain their financial capacity through catering operations. For her, the food arts can be seen in Taiwan society and internationally, all because the family started a business together and a team. And therefore, every word she opened, she hardly took us off.

"We are a family to start a business together, the whole company colleagues reached together." Actually ... I'm just representing everyone. "Remember that day, the interview has not yet begun, Hui softly open, a face smiled shyly."

She is Zhenghuihuru, an art food and beverage CEO, and a 2018-century under Asia social enterprise winner. The business model of food and beverage is to bet on social welfare, recruit more strangers, two degree employed women, single-parent families, so that they can no longer only passively accept help, but can dominate their own lives, regain economic capacity.

For Huiyu, the food arts can be seen in Taiwan society and internationally, all because the family started a business together, a team. And therefore, every word she opened, she hardly took us off.

From a young age to high school, the traveller uncle has been there

In the 2014, Huiyu and his family started food and beverage together, the building started them, for the architectural landscape, interior design has a certain understanding, but choose to cross-legged catering industry, which is behind the social phenomenon she observed as a child has a great relationship.

Her mother is a high school director, for the child's growth environment is very demanding, actively let children participate in outside practical education, summer and winter will go to the nursery to do services, which let as a child as the benefits of social issues very concerned: "From a young age to see a traveller uncle, to high school has been there, see he has no way to make money Have been begging for life. Go online in high school and look for data to see what the government has done to help them. 」

"Looking at some vocational training data, I think there is a lot of strange in the middle." "Just as the government teaches training courses to manufacturers, the information is not transparent enough, only to publish information on the Internet:" But people who didn't have computers in the first place, how would they know? 」

Of course, there are many social unions to help with counselling, but later may go through certain factors and go back to square one. So how exactly can you help people who don't have the means? In this doubt, she went to the university to return to the service team, in planning with the partners of the township mentoring Services, saw another possibility-a person may be very small, but if it is a team? With their own expertise, traits, what a team can do is far bigger than a person.

If it is a team, or is it a firm operating enterprise, can we solve these problems?

So after the establishment of food and beverage with the husband family, they create a humanized restaurant management model, there are direct supervision to assist new people to work, and the process of paper, and even online audio and video, so that even without food and beverage background, the need for a high degree of care of partners, can also get started, with a stable economic income.

It's all "I hope," and what does "he" want?

I am curious to ask, there are many ways to help highly caring persons, why choose to open a restaurant? "Dining reduces the cost of opening a lot of shops, and the décor can come on its own (with the family)," she laughs. But in fact, I do not think that only food and beverage can help them, in fact, any job is OK. It should be said that the change of mood Ah, he is willing to come out, to obtain their own financial ability. 」

The other side is willing to change the status quo, is the problem she encountered after putting into catering operations.

After the creation of the food art, Huiyu once found the Traveller girl met at Taipei station, using the government, social resources to help, persuade her to work in the shop. The attendance was erratic, unable to work at a fixed time, and later disappeared.

It was helpless at the time, I said. But she shook her head and smiled with the same: "We are not fish, how do we know if fish will be happy." 」

Helping others fall into the "I hope" thinking most often, but not listening to "he hopes", when the Hui hope that travellers can gain financial ability, live a good life, but do not want to go over to hear what they really need, or perhaps, some people are accustomed to free life, for the past life is very satisfied, then to the restaurant work is not what they

Want to change, in addition to the support of the outside world, but also need the spontaneous strength of individuals ah, must first ask themselves, there is no need to cross the comfort circle?

Give the stage, we want to let you play on your own

Eating food and beverage aimed at solving social problems and betting on the public good, 60% of the partners employed are socially defined "vulnerable", which includes single parents, intergenerational, more strangers, two-degree employed women.

Huiyu is also particularly careful about the use of "socially vulnerable" words: "We will tell supervisors that they are people who need a little more care (high care), not weakness." Because they come in to work in the store, they have changed their financial ability, stepped out of the comfort circle, and can no longer use these words. 」

These high-care persons may be more cold and have a more complex background, but they still have the ability to work, but they need a little more supervision, a little more care, and a little more opportunity and flexibility. Therefore, compared to the definition of "weak", to "high care" to refer to, more representative of their initiative to seek change.

For example, an aunt in the partner, need to take care of the bedridden mother-in-law, only the morning time can work, then the food will adjust the time, so that aunts can go to work in the morning, early to work home to take care of mother-in-law. But at the working level, it does not require it in particular, and the conditions for assessment are the same.

Give a stage where these people have the opportunity to play, and if they believe that change begins on their own, rather than when others pull away step by step. Where there is a place to catch, they just want to listen and try their best to give.

When the pain is over, it is not difficult to look back

To say that Hui is concerned about social issues is closely related to her mother's practical education from an early age, but she said that she grew up feeling that her mother was strict, so the university became a little rebellious. Mother wanted her to study in the Institute, she ran to design company internship, and then to the BI Federation fundraising, every day to fill the itinerary, thinking about how to visit the founder of the Enterprise, the Chairman to raise money, she thought, through practice, can also learn the skills she wants.

But did not think of a want to break through the limits of their own, the body began to go out of the situation, "the face began to grow white spots." She said it was the symptoms of reduced immunity, white blood cells eating melanin, serious words will spread to the whole face, like albinism. At that time, she did not think much, with makeup cover off the white spot, but the white spot is expanding, from the corners of the mouth to hair sideburns. She only went to seek medical attention when she was found by her mother.

"I had skin grafts, peeled off the whole skin, and then replanted it with the skin of my thighs." "She said, with a light wind.

At that time very painful ah, heart also pain, a little later bar, will expand the whole face. She pointed to the corners of her mouth and said she could still see the scar. I shook my head, but I couldn't see it very clearly. Think it may also be that afternoon's sunshine, covering the scar.

I ask, is this the most rebellious thing in your life? She laughs, maybe starting a business is another rebellious bar. In the face of the past illness, she thought about it herself, and said, "It doesn't seem so difficult to talk about it now." 」

After the illness slowed down, mother to graduate she found a nine to five of the work, take good care of the body. He later got an administrative job in a place less than a 10-minute drive from home. "At the moment, I'm pretty depressed, I've learned so much, but I'm running for an unrelated administration." 」

In the face of restrictions, you don't have to be alone.

Looking back on the things you have done with your family, from architecture to catering is very large cross-border, others think from the beginning, she thought is not a limit, nor is it a challenge, because she never felt that she is a person, she has a family to fight together, this is for He Huiru said every word, is not away " We ", she said that the family is the community of life, with them, the limitations of life is nothing.

Because it has always adhered to caring for the community, eating and catering represented Taiwan in the Global Corporate Summit organized by the United States Department of State in 2016, and by the year 2018, the company has become the winner of the under Asia social enterprise, as these awards and events attended, allowing more and more people to see what food art is doing, There are also companies that are beginning to reflect and work toward the social environment.

I asked the Hui, do all this have an impact on themselves? She said modestly that it was all a team effort to come together and that her mood and life had not changed much.

I laugh, but also, this all the way to interview down, she with humility but firm attitude, as with the family to start a business, out of the window of the wind and rain, can not stop them continue to bet on social welfare, that is, and go and see, see what other issues in this society need to be discussed, try to do what you want to do,