Li Zhongji and Li Naiying starring in the Korean drama "Romance is the appendix of the book", Do you think it is really romance? The heroine divorced at the age of 37 and was ironic as a "broken woman" if she wanted to find a job. This is not a romantic love story, is simply a woman's true history of blood and tears.

You've tried.

Originally thought to be able to do everyone's mouth of the family and the workplace are balanced women, but no one to take care of the children, Mr. Said or you quit, concentrate on taking care of the family, I will be responsible for supporting the family. So you quit and think about waiting for the kids to be older and a little bigger and you'll be back in the workplace. But when you plan to return to the workplace, the world has run so fast that you chase hard, but no one wants to give it.

The Korean drama "Romance is the appendix of the album" launched in January this year, at first glance, really think only about the romance-genius writer Chenhao and advertising copywriter Kang Danyi romantic love story, but did not expect the heroine's life experience, and the real world of women in such a similar situation.

"Romance is the appendix of the other book" Kang Danyi, 37 years old, divorced from her husband, no income, no accommodation, can only live in the old house to be demolished, do odd jobs everywhere, hard to raise children's tuition fees, their own living expenses. Want to find a formal job, but everywhere hit the wall.

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Worker broken woman: As a housewife, how difficult is it to return to the workplace?

Clearly have the ability and experience, why is it difficult for housewives to return to the workplace?

Heroine Kang Danyi and the husband of the affair after the divorce, around the interview to find a job, but no company wanted her. She graduated from a well-known art University, has a wealth of advertising experience, wrote a lot of catchy advertising copy, thought that once again back to their love of the workplace, can have something to do, but the older age, fault work experience, let the interviewer repeatedly question whether she has this ability.

"Have you been idling since you resigned seven years ago? 」

"No, not the interviewer, after resigning, I seriously take care of the children at home." 」

Interviewer perfunctory response, yes, yes, face and taunt, take care of children is how big things, how dare you say export? (Recommended reading:"Gender Watch" monthly salary wife, housework work so tired why no money to take? )

She sits on a competitive interview field, with 20 years old graduates of the graduating society, with about 30 years of age transfer, but no one wants to leave a place for the woman who wants to get her back after giving for her family.

The young girl who went through the same interview with her said to Kang Danyi:

"20 years old to find a job is enough competition, such as you are more and more aunts, it is really annoying. 」

All the encounters of Kang Danyi also reflect the current situation of Korean society. They say women who work through faults are "broken women" in order to take care of their families and give up the workplace. They are socially demanding for their families, but this society is reluctant to take responsibility for their lives-and when they want to return to the workplace, society questions their abilities. The situation is not only in South Korea, but also in Taiwan, where they are despised, more than men-and women.

Once and Kang Danyi in the advertising industry has worked with the female colleagues, became Kang Danyi's interviewer, she used the disdain Inaba eyes to Kang Danyi said:

"The circle has changed a lot. A place like the company is not the place where you say the interruption is interrupted, say it again and come again. I have been guarding the workplace for so long, how can I let you casually plug in. 」

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Except for being a mother, a wife, I want my own name back.

By the age of 37, do women still have a chance to be themselves again?

Do you know what's the happiest thing about going back to the workplace? It's everyone who calls me by my name. I'm a man with a name, too.

Children's mother, wife, mother, sister-in-god ..., women's life, there are countless roles, each role, there is a social burden on the body of the stereotype. Asked a wife to thrift, to the housework, to expect a daughter to marry a good husband, expecting a mother to bring good children. (Recommended reading: housekeeping, fake orgasm, smile service: Emotional labor is not a woman's gift )

None of these characters hangs their own names. Women in the role of floating, not the structure of their own, but also can not be on the ground.

Kang Danyi later found a publishing house business support work, which is a basic job, running documents, watering flowers to send letters. Even if unable to play their own advertising long talent, when she got her own box of business cards, she held in her hands, reluctant to put down, like a long time to find their own finally back to the hands.

Enthusiasm, dreams, expectations of life, she re-held in her hands, decided never to let go. She said that back to the workplace the most happy, is that everyone called her name, Kang Danyi, Kang Danyi, Kang Danyi to watering flowers, Kang Danyi to repair the printer.

This process of looking for a name in the plot is also a woman's endless cross-examination of society: In addition to being a mother/wife, can I still be myself?

But when will the answer be found? Perhaps, like Kang Danyi, when he reached the age of 37, he decided to treat himself well, perhaps sooner. The morning and evening does not matter, but we can all like Kang Danyi, always do not give up the expectation of life, let go after, to find the answer.

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We'll always have a new quest, but we don't have to deny the past.

Kang Danyi is such a strong woman, met her husband's affair betrayal, for the child's school fees hard running, she would not deny that marriage, also do not want to deny that once tried to play a good mother, wife of their own.

Because we always have new pursuits, there are different choices, although those choices, there is a lot of helplessness, but also do not have to deny the past of their own.

Just like the other two female executives in the play: A escape marriage, choose to plunge into work, in the workplace, a gap in the family and work, trying to find breathing space. No matter what choice you are in, every woman is looking for an exit of her own.

And from now on, she wants to face Kang Danyi more honestly. She chose to write a good letter for herself:

"I've known you for 37 years, but I don't know you yet, so I'll get to know you from now on." Danye, you've been working hard all along. I am sorry, I have neglected you, feel free to treat you, I am sorry to let you depressed, once like that to call you;

"What you like and want to do, look for it again." Kang Danyi, you must do this. 」

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Some people say that this plot is impractical, where will be like Kang Danyi, around have to understand you, support your Chenhao. Perhaps, like the name of the play, romance is only a random gift, it tells you, yes, there is romance in the play, in reality, the real Jiang Dan, they still carry the burden of society, can not get that belongs to their own business card.

However, if you decide to write a letter for yourself and then grab high heels and try your best to catch up with the world, or if you decide to live on a day of floating load, try again to find a breath-in any case, please do not, never forget your name.

To all the Jiang Dan.