In an interview with Peiting, senior director of customer and sales development, Pepsi Group Greater China, she strives to pursue her personal goals, whether in the workplace or in life: At work, she is the general manager of PepsiCo Group in Taiwan at the age of 40; In her personal life, she underwent three uterine surgeries, 13 tube sessions and had children.

Ask her if she thinks it's hard? "Of course it's hard, but this thing is" I Want it, "" she said. "Because I wanted it, I chose it, so there was no sacrifice."

This year's 3/28 Global women's Impact Forum, she will be on the spot to share how to bring herself to the desired future!

It was a cross-ocean conversation. Six o'clock in the afternoon, I used WeChat to give Pepsi group Greater China Customer and Sales Development senior director Peiting, she is in Shanghai, pick up the phone, sound hearty, Hi Audrey, thank you for dialing over.

At the end of last year peiting out the book "Next ten years, where are you", can be said to be the essence of her career history, through the core proposition, pointing to the heart: The next 10 years, where would you like to bring yourself? So, do you know how to get there?

Under the age of 40, Peiting has been the general manager of the Pepsi Group's Taiwan region, reaching the goal she set for herself more than 10 years ago. Spread out her career experience, Bao Qiao brand manager, KFC marketing director, GlaxoSmithKline Marketing director, Estee Lauder Group's Wood manifesto brand manager ..., some people are title than the story is wonderful, she is definitely the story than the title of the wonderful type. (Recommended reading:43-year-old transfer of courage: don't let age interfere with any of your choices )

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The body is covered with all kinds of labels, she said very understand, "I do not want to be anyone's idol, what you need most, is to become yourself, really." 」

Don't make perfection a goal, it's just killing yourself.

I mentioned the results of a recent women's impact questionnaire, and 68.8% of women believe that the biggest challenge in the workplace is the many roles, the difficult allocation of time, and the difficulty of balancing the workplace with the family. I said, Betty, what do you think? (Recommended reading:2019 Women's Impact Survey: only 8% women consider themselves influential )

"With regard to time allocation, we often refer to balance. Instead, I felt that this balance, not the balance of time, but the distribution of roles. 」

What do you say? "Like before we tested the test, each subject's score is not the same, the weight is not the same." In my own right, at work, I want to take more than 80 points; in other roles, I want to pass. A comprehensive measure of what roles you have, and thinking about the scores you want to take in these roles, you don't really have to get full marks. 」

Balance is a fake topic, everything is perfect is an illusion, really important, is what do you really want? What's more, the score set for yourself is not a trial of life and death. The state is flowing, and of course the score is, "for example, as a mum, in the month of my son's birthday, I want to get high marks." "The child's important moment, she wanted to be there."

This process, you will be very clear and honest to see "Everyone can not do" when. Really, then go for help, find ways, and build your own support system. "When you try to solve a solution, you don't necessarily do it yourself, you may be inviting someone to help you, don't be afraid to ask for it, and sometimes you need a team." 」

Peiting frankly screaming on the other side of the phone, "Don't take perfection as a goal, it's just forcing yourself to death." I'm not a perfectionist, I still want to live. 」

Peiting shared her situation, she knew from the beginning that she was a bitter hand, really cooked well, the housework part asked her aunt for help, she also designed to spend time with children. Busy days, often traveling around, she will do a good job of lucky biscuits before the business trip, "my other half and children smoke in the biscuits of the sentence, will know my heart here." 」

Halfway through the conversation, the child's voice came from the other end of the phone, and she laughed and said, yes, it's my son, he's with me next to me.

Because it's what I want, so there's no sacrifice.

She had shared in Facebook that at the end of last year, the children's final performance, the story of the 12 Zodiac, the children were playing onlookers. Nearly an hour of performance, Kid's lines, about five seconds. She still took time off and went to the show on both occasions, at the expense of missing the client dinner. She wanted to be there, and such an "ordinary" moment was also a family scene. She wrote, "I realize that we are all ordinary ordinary people, and in fact, more ordinary, others see you as a hero, just like a child to the mother." 」

Before she had a baby, she had a hard time thinking that she was going to redefine what kind of mum she wanted to be, and she didn't want to be trapped in the established "Mum impression."

"Because I know that I will never be able to do exquisite bento every day like a Japanese mother; I can't do it, I can take my children at home 24 hours, it's not me; I, as a mum, I think, I'm going to grow up with my kids. I want my children to know that it is a pleasure to keep learning new things. 」

She said the recent children's school had a project to study contemporary artists, and then reported that the mother and son were looking for questions together. Later chose to choose, Find Cai Guoqiang, report regulations to emulate the artist's design, they found cloth and boxes, to make blasting effect, "I feel that I and the child is to explore the world together." 」

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Speaking of the child, her voice was frowning. I asked the child how old she was, and she said she was seven and a half years old and eight years old, a test tube baby. Someone previously heard that the child was a test-tube baby, to his son nostalgia, "Wow then you want filial piety Oh, mother born you hard." 」

She smiled bitterly, very seriously with the child communication, "child, mother did not hope you must filial piety oh." Because the process of mother giving birth to you, and the process of growing up with you, has been due to the joy. "If the child is filial, then I have a lot," she said.

After three uterine surgeries, 13 test tubes, and having children, "Do you say hard?" Of course it's hard, but this thing is "I want". "Because I wanted it, I chose it, so there was no sacrifice, it was as simple as that." (Recommended reading: I can do 13 test tubes for my child, but I don't want to give up my job either )

Wrong choice, in fact, will not be how, change on the good

I went on to ask, so how do we envision the choice? You come all the way, constantly out of the comfort Circle, the promotion of wonderful career scenery, and how to judge?

"In fact, I would like to talk about a concept, do not take" choice "so serious. Choose the wrong to change, choose the wrong can be re-elected, life is actually very long. 」

Surprisingly, she is not an actuarial planning, but more like a soldier to block the action of the faction, planning the future, every best moment, is the present.

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She says life is like this, a moment before hesitating whether to buy a house, whether to make such a big decision, the next moment was sent to Shanghai. What do you think of the choice of life? The answer she gave was very open-minded-the wrong choice, the change is good.

"It's hard for me to answer the question of the most important choice in life. Think about it, maybe having a baby, a life comes because of me, it's still a big decision and responsibility. However, I also have no way to imagine the future of the child will encounter what kind of environment, the future human will be replaced by AI? I don't know, and I can't choose for him. All I can do is take him and explore the world, and if I choose the wrong one, we'll fix it. 」

The fear of "picking the wrong" often makes us stop, and her words are very comforting, "it's really normal to go the wrong way." Navigation is like this, you know where you're headed, you know where you want to go, you know where you're fit to go, that's fine. "Moreover, the place where everyone should go should be different, and it does not need to be the same."

Often face book private interrogation her, Betty sister, how should I make a choice? She has only one word, your life, I do not know your state and situation, I am not you, I can not choose for you ah.

How should I choose? In fact, only "you" can answer this question. "Make a metaphor, you go to the restaurant, from the appetizer pre-dish small main course all the way down, only you point out your favorite combination, you have formula, no one else can tell you." "The best answer should be the one that works best for you."

Bi, she laughs again, alas I am really food, love to eat very much.

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