Interview with Pepsi Group Greater China Customer and Sales Development Senior Director Peiting next article. Whether it's work or life, she says, the focus is still on going back to your choice, what role you want to take care of, and where you want to spend your time. She also said her own story. One year, she did a test tube, pregnant with triplets, the process of an embryonic atrophy, leaving the twins, and later, two embryos have stopped their heartbeat, must have an induced labor surgery. The day you know the news, you are about to open an important business meeting.

This year's 3/28 Global women's Impact Forum will be on the spot to share how she has turned restrictions into conditions to create her own next decade.

Interview with the previous article: " interview peiting: Don't make perfection a goal, it's just forcing yourself to death. "

Ten years from now, what kind of person am I going to be, mature to the point

"When I was 29 years old, I was actually worried, what if I couldn't get married? 」

When I asked about the age of 29, how did she show herself the way, "I started with the point of" How to Marry, "and thought all the way, thinking about what kind of person I wanted to be and what kind of life I would like to be after the next 10 years. Now look back, even if not married, it will not be good ah. 」

Anxiety before the age of 30, quite real.

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Ten years later, what is the appearance, peiting encourage everyone, do not think about the environment, but back to their own-I want to become what kind of person, I want to mature to what point? Changes in the environment are unpredictable, but the exploration of oneself can always be sustained.

"Know yourself and explore the world." No matter what age, it's good to do that. It's never too old to learn, it's old-fashioned, but it really is. Different ages, to find their own subjects are not the same, in short, to understand their own elective and compulsory is what. 」

The subject of life, want to do elective and compulsory, really will not, and how, that is precisely the reason for learning. So, to be able to use a different vision, look at their own present and difficulties.

I was curious to ask her, so what about your 10 years?

"My 10 years later Ah, I think is, how can I work, the longest and longest, is two decades years, what else do I want to do?" What imprint do I want to leave? There's something else I've really done that can have an impact on the industry and the world. "It's important to take your family and lifestyle into account," he added. (Recommended reading: Please be a "man with a story" compared to your sunbathing experience)

I'll just show you the front, you have to look at the back, and I'll turn around.

After three uterine surgery, 13 test tube curative effect, intermediate twins miscarriage, and then into the operation room. This time-consuming process, she learned to accept, "there are things that you can only do your best, and there is no guarantee that any of the results will happen." 」

"I failed very, very many times in the middle, and it was a pretty big subject in my life. The real hard work, not the injection knife, but after waiting for the failure, or even after implantation of the miscarriage. "It's a light wind, it's over, it's over, it's really hard, and very few people see it." The reason for choosing to speak out is to be more or less encouraging people who have the same experience.

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As a result, she says, a lot of people feel like she's in energy.

"Hey, that's because I only show you the front, and if you want to see the back, I'll turn around." 」

She said she is really ordinary people, there are super negative times, will also move not want to go to work, will also think of the mother quit, just did not choose to express the negative in front of everyone. "Because I have no obligation to spread out all my life in front of everyone." 」

Holiday, she said to her son, hey, are we more lazy today than who? Then the bed was a morning. ' I'm also lazy, I'm negative energy, I also have dark clouds, you don't know, it's just that I didn't write it out. 」

I'm not happy, she knows how to heal herself. Want a son's hug, eat and drink, or simply hide, or cry, who does not have such a time?

In the Community era, we look at things or look at people, flat plates. People have multiple faces, ripping off the volume label and trying to see the richness of it. People say she is the Victory group, she said my most bitter time, but choose not to say; People say I wish like you, she said never, I want you to be yourself. That's the best.

Think of the limit as a condition, break out and come out

I ask, have you ever felt a limit in your life? She says she rarely uses "restrictions" to think about things and tends to use restrictions (limitation) as a condition (Condition).

"As a limitation, there are limits to everything." Seriously, there are limits to your birth, black hair, yellow skin, only 24 hours a day, the limit is always there, see what you think. "The most unfortunate thing is to take it as a restriction, where you are trapped, and you can't walk out; as a condition, there is a solution."

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The flip of a word suddenly opens up a lot of space. Indra Nooyi, chairman of PepsiCo Group, also revealed to her. Indra Nooyi is the first Asian female executive director of Pepsi, an Indian woman in most white male environments, and Indra Nooyi's 12 years in office have allowed Pepsi's share price to soar by 80% per cent in 2017, surpassing Coca-Cola's total revenue.

Jump off the limit of the eye, in the unfair situation, to find your wayout, to win the respect you deserve. ' It's a lot like a sports meeting, everyone has their own track, you can't swim, you don't go to the newspaper. Only you know, which side of you have long talent, where special. 」

She says she rarely feels that gender is a limit. For example, there is a new sister in the company who is fixed for two or three days of dysmenorrhea leave every month.

Peiting, also privately, said to her, "It's possible to fix it, you know?" ' She replied back, you're a girl yourself, how can you not be considerate? "It is because of understanding that I want to tell you that if you feel so pathetic every month, I want to take a leave of absence, is really pathetic, for your future is not a good thing." 」

"A lot of people may think I'm extreme, but I really think so. There is a limit, take a breakthrough, do not use self-pity. "Think of the limit as a condition, break out, the road is your own."

On the day of the business meeting, the baby in my belly stopped beating.

She also said her own story.

One year, she did a test tube, pregnant with triplets, the process of an embryonic atrophy, leaving the twins, and later, two embryos have stopped their heartbeat, must have an induced labor surgery. The day you know the news, you are about to open an important business meeting.

"I'm the marketing director, with more than 700 businesses waiting for me, and I can't cry and say I'm not going to report it. I finished the report, got off the stage, fell into my assistant's arms and cried, I said my child's heartbeat stopped. She was surprised to ask me, so you still report? I said no way, I'm going to finish it professionally. 」

The next day, it was difficult for her to accept the fact that her heart stopped and insisted on not having an induced abortion. Until the doctor hits her, you don't come, it's two bodies hanging on your body. She went on the operating table, after the induction surgery the next day, the general manager of Asia came, she still reported, really tired sitting in the office chair, sliding forward.

"Of course I'm in pain, of course I'm not feeling well, and I know how to control it." "She counted very skillfully," he swallowed in pain, and half an hour would be painless. But after two hours to eat again, a day can not exceed eight, more will be poisoned, control this amount. 」

I was surprised on the other end of the phone, she said, giving this example, definitely not to want everyone to be like her. The real experience was there, to get to the bottom of it, but because, it was her choice, she wanted it. It's impossible for everyone to be the same.

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If she really had to ask her, it was not a restriction (limitation), she would say, that was the established condition (condition). I met, I found a way to overcome, I led myself through.

To be shared at the Spring field of the 3/28 Women's Impact forum , I asked her to finally talk about the impact on women's influence, "Women are very powerful, we are resilient and can expand." Toughness, most of the time, is ground out, which is also very different from masculine leadership. 」

As a woman, there are a lot of opportunities for expansion. For example, having a baby can be seen as a limitation, can be seen as a Condition, and can be seen as an Option. After giving birth to a child, she smiled and said that her many bits and pieces of time, but also was ground out, the child on the other end of the phone, hehe smile.

She thought about it, and it's not just women's influence, it's really going to say that everyone's way of leadership is different from the scope of influence. What is really needed is to see that we actually have a flowering direction and road, in which to ask ourselves a good question, so what I want, and for themselves, light a whole lamp, build a road.

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Hang up the phone, we voice the whole way, but I can imagine the scene she is in.

She was professionally interviewed while taking her child, which was both her office and her family space; it was both a director's time and a mum's time. After the role assignment, the feeling of time is not necessarily linear, in the finite, there is infinite existence.

The position is different, and the interview process, I heard the most, is "I Want". Because I want, is so do everything possible, omnipotent. The more you understand yourself, the "possibility" begins to come in.