The University of Hong Kong stage drama "Vaginal Monologue" performs a long repressed female lust, inviting all viewers to regain control and voice over the vagina. Dear girls, Our groans have long been suppressed, and it is time to face up to women's passions.

On the evening of February 22, the University of Hong Kong's "vaginal monologue" starred, the entrance affixed with a huge imitation of the vagina, the reception of young students, symbolically received the admission fee, everyone receives a small note asking the audience how to call the vagina in their own language. Some people write English, some people write Chinese written language, and I write a Cantonese word with friends: "West".

The word "West" originates from the Cantonese word "閪","閪" refers to the female genitalia, in essence, is the profanity, walks through the streets, often hears some people scold some women is "stinky 閪", just like the English inside the "cunt" word. If the "Reclaiming Cunt" chapter of "Vaginal monologue" is turned into the Cantonese version, "Regaining the stink 閪 voice" will be one of the best translations.

Eternal Reclaim of the right to speak

The costumes of the actors were propped up in black and red, and in the first act, the two actresses entered from both sides of the back of the auditorium to interact with the audience in the theatre. Then, the actor pulls out the small note that everyone fills out before entering the entrance and reads out everyone's answer.

The essence of "vaginal monologue" is to reclaim control and voice over the vagina. For example, in the case of shaving or not, in one scene, the actor plays a wife who is hated by her husband for not shaving, as if shaving is the way to maintain a marriage, and one of the lines is particularly profound: "He likes to be there like a baby, a little girl's vagina ⋯⋯"

As an unmarried, single female spectator, I do not know if the married Lady present has the same experience, but as a lesbian, I personally have the same questions and experiences, has been asked "Why not shave", was questioned " It was unsanitary, "but just after watching the performance, I took part in a women's Day event where I and the participants were asked by the General Assembly a common sense question:" What are the health benefits of shaving? "Everyone replied in unison:" No. "Moreover, the answer is true.

A variety of shaving products and services are available on the market, and perhaps women shave because they want to look good in the pussy, or feel a little healthier, but the Center for Young woman's health points out that removing pubic hair has no healthy benefits, instead, Shaving increases the risk of skin sensitivity and bacterial infection.

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Sex Niche Lighting monologue

Although this "vaginal monologue" is not Cantonese and (for me) a little discoloured, but from the point of view of sex, the content even lesbian, transgender women's perspective also take into account, let people very surprised. (Recommended reading: interview with Chinese sex Science queen C-cup: Talk about sex, let women more powerful )

In one scene, a male cross-female (MTF) actor vividly and humbly tells the story of a cross-woman.

From a young age to the desire to become a girl, she says, as a child, she was often bullied because of her sissy, "and they beat out the girls I carried in my male body (they beat the girl of his boy.) 」。 She later managed to complete a gender reset operation, like a dream.

She put two hands in front of the vagina, compared to a "V" word, expressed that she was finally able to have this "V", "Men are black and white, flat." (Men is monochrome and flat.) "While reading the"flat word, "she also made a point of keeping her voice down and the audience laughing.

However, transgender people, especially cross-women, are seriously discriminated against in the community, after she handed in a cohabiting boyfriend, after a sweet and simple day, the neighbors killed the cohabiting boyfriend, she described, because "they are afraid of love, they are afraid to fall in love with things that cannot be defined." (They were terrified of love, and they were not want to fall into love with ambiguity.) "read it, the lights went out, and it ended quietly.

Our groans have been suppressed for a long time.

Another scene that is unusually wonderful is the story about sex workers. The protagonist is a woman who has been turned into a sex worker by a lawyer, and she is a sex worker who specializes in serving women, she says, "I like to hear women moaning, and I like to make women moan and really moan." ' She could be an ordinary lawyer, but she chose to be a Dominatrix to make women happy (like Irene Adler in BBC Sherlock Holmes).

She was powerful in demonstrating all sorts of groans, from "Japanese women pretending to orgasm" to "Chongyang women next door to college dormitories" moaning, wrapped wide range, normal not a second cold, and laughter constantly. She is also a woman eager to moan, eager to be able to moan without limiting herself, eager to be truly happy rather than pretending.

But, she said, "our groans have been suppressed for a long time." 」

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PostScript: Looking forward to lesbians ' Cantonese monologue

"Vaginal Monologue" began by Eve Ensler, writing and reading aloud the relationship between women and vagina, experience and unhappy experience, I believe that women fans will not be unfamiliar with this. The version of the University of Hong Kong was conducted in English, and the audience was mostly non-local (except for a friend of the Chinese University Gender Society I had just met).

My heart has been contradictory and thinking about why there is not a Hong Kong people, Cantonese version of the "vaginal monologue" staged-regardless of Gio Yuan that year's highly criticized Cantonese version of the stage play "VV do not speak", the vagina is easily named V v. Chinese college students reported criticism, this is undoubtedly the vagina again from the social muffler, contrary to the intention, even performers and behind the class are slightest vagina, it is better not to do. (Recommended reading: teenage masturbation, why can't you tell the secret? )

The power of "vaginal monologue" lies in the formation of different language versions, and then the opening of scattered leaves, in various countries to form a strong female force, unfortunately, the Hong Kong/Cantonese version, in my college career, out of work, has not appeared.

On the other hand, as an audience, I have been watching the performance, the mind has been floating countless about their own, past sexual experience, about the vagina and have been happy and lost, and as a lesbian audience, I would like to have a version can dabble in Hong Kong local life experience, lesbian identity. For example, in the case of "shaving", the distinction between "vanilla lesbian" and non-vanilla lesbian is already a very interesting issue.

Admittedly, however, by the first year of the university contact Eve Ensler "vaginal monologue", every time on the Internet to see different pieces of performance, every reread text, I, as a woman who constantly experience life, have a deeper inspiration, so I would like to say to all the women in the story: " Thank you for liberating the women from yourselves. 」

Lesbians in Hong Kong (Cantonese speaking), we might as well write a "vaginal monologue" that belongs to us.