Women are obsessed with the "old driver group" incident in South Korea.

In many male-dominated chat groups, men often share steals of sex material for reasons of "we're close to sharing good things for you." However, we would like to ask, why do we often have to build on hurting women by "good things" that enhance the friendship of men?

Burn South Korea's old driver group, what the hell is going on?

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South Korea has erupted in a major sex scandal over the burning show, which began with the victory of men's team BIGBANG members in the holding of the nightclub Burning Sun, at the end of January this year is 開始,陸續爆出 suspected of drug trafficking, the invasion and beating of guests, and the provision of customer sexual hospitality. And, according to the Central Society , theBBC Chinese network and other media have pointed out that victory, partner Liu Renxiang and singer Zheng Junying chat group, there are a lot of steals sex videos. Event to be burned so far, March 11, Victory has announced the withdrawal from showbiz. (Extended reading: Korean Entertainment circle sexual Assault: Singer Zheng Junying spread sex film, more than 10 female victims )

However, this is only the beginning. The chat group was then made public, rolling out many of the popular male stars who had been involved in the conversation of the sex film. It also includes, at a minimum, FTISLAND member Tri Jongxun and CNBLUE member Li Zongji. (Extended reading:"Gender Watch" fears abandoned aubane, generations of xenophobic women other than Korean dramas )

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According to PTT netizens to collate the data , Zheng from the end of 2015, he began to steal sex films and "share" with others, the number of women victims as many as 10 people. There have been victims begged him to delete, Zheng but disdain, said "if not caught, you can pretend to fall in love to go to bed." 」

According to the dialogue that has now flowed out, the content of the chat is often filled with derogatory remarks, such as "This woman is like a rag", "there is no young and beautiful and kind, to play just right", and even include a conversation to plan the sexual assault in the car:

January 1, 2016

Zheng Junying: "Let's meet together on the internet, go striptease, and rape in the car."
Li Zongji: "If it's not, it's beautiful."
Park OO:"Real life is going to be like this, isn't it?"
Tri Jongxun: "Yes."
Park OO:"We're a movie grade at all, think about it for five minutes, and you're not going to kill anyone."

Seemingly "harmless" junk talk Group: In fact, the use of rape culture, the consolidation of male friendship

He (Long Junhen) went on to explain the dialogue between the end of 2015 and Zheng Junying in the news report, describing: "Although he did not receive the film at that time, it has received other films." Not only that, but I also did inappropriate conversations about the film, which were very immoral, and I was so stupid. I did not think that this is a crime, illegal behavior, live very comfortable, did not resolutely stop such behavior, it is also my fault. But he stressed that he had never done any illegal acts such as snapping, or spreading videos.

Apple Daily reported that Long Junhen, who had received the film, said that he did not steal it, but only because he "received the film" and "said inappropriate words" and decided to'm league. Although some people may escort: "Boys are boys, we are just talking about rubbish, he did not really steal, why should'm league?" "But in fact, these junk talk groups reflect a culture of rape that men build up by dominating the sex of women."

Not only specialized pornographic groups, but almost as long as men's dialog boxes are often in this situation. Men often use the "because we are close, so I share good things to you" this way, began to preach legal, illegal sex pictures, films.

However, the "good things" that enhance the friendship of men are often based on the harm to the opposite sex.

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In the 2013, Jessica Ringrose and Rosalind Gill, several feminist scholars at the University of London, published a journal study analysing that on campus, boys Exchange nude photos of Girls on Facebook. They found that boys, on the one hand, would take nude photos of girls they dated, and on the other hand, they would "share" the girl's nude replicated newsletter or chat group with other boys to create their own "popularity rankings" (rating).

For popular boys, the more female classmates who hold nude photos, the more they can be admired by other boys. For unpopular boys, by expressing appreciation and envy to those who own photos, "I also want photos", I can consolidate myself to maintain a certain position in the rules of the game.

In other words, boys from the beginning of the growth process, they continue to learn how to use women's sexual texts to maintain masculinity, class partition. And the boys who don't like the rules of the game and don't want to take a stand? It is likely that they can only choose to silence.

In the Victory group, we also see similar patterns constantly replicating. According to a screenshot of the conversation, "the person who opens the film" constantly appreciates and worships those who hold these sexual assault films in exchange for their chances of getting more sex. Men are also hinted at, even if you use illegal, even violent way, get to steal sex pictures, movies, you will not be condemned, but get the eyes of everyone appreciated.

Look back at the "junk Talk Group" that is full of snapping videos. Not only victory and Zheng Junying, but also your own line group. Are they really that "harmless"? Of course not. The atmosphere of all the appreciation and adoration that these groups have done to steal the film is to consolidate the culture of rape, and even if it is not filmed by hand, such behavior is in the invisible establishment of a strong and unbreakable accomplice structure.

When sex is transcribed through non-consensual transcription, the body of this group of women no longer belongs to itself, but to the object of being dominated by others. In the conversation string, they are called "rags", they are not seen as human beings, but only as a currency used by men to build personal prestige, and as the images are copied and transmitted, these sluts humiliate (slut shaming) layer by layer, there is never an end.

The Battle of the Heavenly Man as a fan: what should I do in the face of countless sexual assault scandals?

"The most injured must be the victims of sexual assault, but those who are injured in their hearts, and the fans," he added. "Said a friend. She was watching the news after work and crying for headaches, and she wanted to vomit every day. As a fan, this is a difficult time: Idol burst sex scandal, hanxing version by the gossip version of the villagers ridicule, the response station has announced the closure. Cruelly, many fans have experienced it when showbiz sexual assault scandals, #MeToo events abound, and disillusionment with idols. But not many people tell fans, what's next?

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I used to love the Rolling Stones, the Rolling Stones, who had written countless hate love songs, Woody Allen, the director of the alleged sexual assault of the adopted daughter, and the actor Kasiai Frek Casey Affleck, who was constantly sexually harassed by members of the cast. I often wonder what kind of mind these beautiful texts, songs and movies are created in. The wonderful love illusion, the witty and romantic text debate, the thorough and revealing creativity of human nature, and the cruelty and exploitation in real life are all like betrayal to me.

The same is the case with this incident. Korean Idol selling fans unlimited love fantasy: They celebrate the beauty of Love in the song, play the ideal boyfriend and husband in the TV program, but outside the work not only repeatedly break the fan trust, even I am the perpetrator of rape culture.

If we wish not to have the next heartbreak and be able to eat at ease from then on, it is only the first step to recognize the truth, not to acquiesce in its occurrence.

You can only really change the sin if you don't see it far away

South Korea's infamous sexual assault nightclub, the old driver group incident, sounds pretty remote. However, when we stand far and watch, ridicule, abuse or throw stones, all to change the status quo, to no avail.

If you are a fan of the war between heaven and man, what we want to tell you is:

1. Sadness is reasonable: the sadness of this period of time is normal. Because you put a lot of time and emotion to pay attention to them.

2. Say emotions: You can practice speaking/writing these emotions and sharing them with other fans, after all, as fans, no one wants them to happen.

3. Focus on the facts: focus on more relevant criminal facts and support solidarity activities for victims. (Extended reading: Gender Express | With Hora boyfriend threatening to release sex film, 270,000 netizens in solidarity with the wrong is not her )

And if you are in such a male group, we understand that it is difficult for you to stop and express your discomfort. We suggest that you can:

1. Do not forward: absolutely refuse to forward these steals material to the next person.

2. Do not cheer: Do not follow this matter, let the topic quietly disappear.

It is only when the next incident occurs that we can not just stand idly by and watch people repost the lewd content and feel that "it has nothing to do with me".

When we take sin to the spectacle, not to see sin far away, we can understand and change it.