"HOME" series Unit, show you the world of family appearance. Japan has sprung up a "rental of loved ones" family-style industry that offers a variety of role-playing roles that you need. We also see the rise of the industry, the important not to repair the surface, but to try to treat the overall social "emotional shortage" of the fragile heart.

A 12-year-old girl in Japan is often teased and bullied by her peers at school because she comes from a single-parent family. Later, her mother hired Yijiyuhi, a family rental company's "romantic family," to "play" her father. Romance. So far, eight years have passed, and the girl is about to graduate from high school.

"Rent a family Inc." documentary There is such a traditional Japanese wedding scene, more than half of the guests are actually "rented", but can create a lively, intimate blessing event without disobedient; documentary protagonist City Chuan long set up a rental family company "Reed ましたい", meaning "I Want to cheer. "I want to make you happy, okay?

"Family Rental" industry, since 1989 has quietly sprouted and developed in Japanese cities, and in these 30 years continue to conform to the modern supply and demand market. The city's Chuan lung, which has been spinning around in the industry for years, also points out that he sees people who will come to the door and is usually quite overwhelmed by relationships, emotions and social expectations.

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When "no family", let's become a social snake

Renting a loved ones industry is hoping to provide a variety of role-playing services so that you can relive your kinship in a simple and convenient form. Coupled with the trend towards the prevalence, old age and small children of Japan in recent years, it has also led to a rise in the demand for rental services for family members, as well as diversification.

Click on the "romantic family" Romance website, from the wedding agent to attend, such as the parents of the morning alarm clock, community card friends to the dinner table family, you want to rent what role-playing, each time from 8,000 to 0 days currency, each person from the "yuan," a deficiency in your life relationship.

Only the core that really affects the rise of such emerging family/relationship services should be traced back to Japan's endogenous closed social structure. Japanese who do not love to have too much to do with people, in addition to the surface politeness and neat movement, in fact, through such a secret form, what kind of lonely group psychological treatment?

"I want to challenge the unfairness of this society," Yuyiki, founder of the "Family Romance" company, said during a visit. He saw that the surroundings he was in had a rigid and solid imagination of "happiness in life", coupled with the Japanese obsession with the same order, and the exclusion of those who disturbed the social order, so that those who did not conform to the perfect social relations could only retreat to the corner of the ethnic group and try to find the export.

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These people, who do not have a "whole family", often experience a social discrimination perspective at all stages. What Yuyiki and others want to do is help them find a replacement for a complete self-family relationship. They are through one of the most direct and simple forms: renting out a family member, father, mother, or daughter to fill the emotional gap between family members ' functions and correspondence.

At this level, we also see the issue of the functional aspects of the human family floating on the stage. "Home" is generally seen as a safe haven for personal life, providing you with rest and repair from a physical to a psychological level, storing energy and starting again. The location of the home, like the definition of our self-worth and identity of the fundamental, we are concerned and have some concern, and feel their relationship with the world, self-survival of happiness.

And does such a family function have to be fulfilled from a family with a father, a mother, and a fatherly and motherly love? The discussion of the issue has been put on hold in the sense of the rise of the family rental industry. Because this type of rental family service, want is "complete" your home, you are endowed with social relations expectations.

And such a supply does help many people solve troublesome life problems, such as not wanting to explain to their children why their father is missing, do not want friends and relatives to ask about the wedding without a grand group of friends, rented family, through the " Playing "Meet your real-time needs for a certain identity role, but also allows you to have no need to be on the ground all the way to a variety of emotional and relational problems."

It's just that it also lets you go further into another relationship thinking maneuver.

Emotional shortage of society, I rent is not kinship

Such "conditional requirements" of real-time satisfaction, may be the fastest, let people feel the way to accompany and support. For example, you want to rent a wife and cook a table of dishes every day after you leave work until you get home. In form, it is not difficult to provide such a role-playing, and through such services, it can be packaged as a member interaction within the family. However, how to find more layers of family imagination in such a formal interaction?

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A table of hot dishes after work, provided to you is someone waiting for the gentle and love of the door, but you understand that the real relationship between husband and wife not only stop at this table of hot dishes, you have to solve the problem, as well as your relatively available emotional orientation, should be more diverse and rich. Perhaps you will also want to ask questions, kinship can really be rented? "Playing" to the relationship, false truth and falsehood, but also open up another issue of moral and trust questions.

Or, in other words, the existence of this service is not in the pursuit of "kinship filling", emotional trading and other meanings, but to provide a buffer in social relations window-its rise, it by filling the needs of your relationship, the temporary desire or need within your heart, In fact, and then provide the whole community a way of thinking: what kind of kinship relationship, is what we really want? And this answer, everyone may be different, can also be different.

Back to the phrase Yuyiki said, "I want you to cheer up." After finally retrieving a "Daddy", "Mother" or "daughter", the most important thing is that you can also get back the intimacy and belonging of the love of affection.

And after such a lease of love, it also gives you the energy to rethink your relationship with your loved ones-what kind of life difficulties you are experiencing, what kind of kinship support you crave, and what kind of home do you want? And no matter where you are, the world is always looking for ways to accommodate you.