Often forget to bring the key, always can not go back to the house? LUBN Smart Key box to create mobile APP smart storage key service, but also open the sharing home space imagination.

"Ah, forget to bring the key again! "This time locked in the room, forget in the company, or simply forgot where it fell?" You then frantically hit the landlord, roommate, really feel what is called "the door is close at hand, and do not go into it."

In most people's daily days, go out every day to meditate a few times "mobile phones, wallets, keys", trivial and careful to remind themselves. You also thought, clearly is such a small thing, need to spend your heart every day to fight it? What's more, it often doesn't just affect you personally, it's also associated with a burn to your roommate or family.

LUBN Smart Key box, let the key no longer run!

You want to fix this? Lebon control (LUBN Inc.) launched the Smart Security key box (Cloud based Lock Box), which features smart controls in and out of the house, leaving you no longer bothered to "find the key" every day.

The appearance of the Safety Control key box is a large lock shape, containing a can be drawn out of the black box, the use of the method is also very simple, as long as the key into the box, if necessary, and then the mobile phone App to open the box to remove the key.

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The security key box is somewhat similar to the electronic password lock, and it is also a smart technology to manage the entry and exit of the house. But the difference is that the security key box also works with the remote Control service, allowing homeowners to remotely set up other mobile phone numbers that need to be in and out of the house. For example, home cleaning, Airbnb rental, property management and other needs, can be more easily implemented.

It can be imagined that its remote intelligent control design, more suitable for the "shared space" family type of operation. Unlike the personal space imagination of the average home house, the shared space discusses more features and membership related to the home house. This product makes the home house a place that can be shared at any time, with many different combinations of relationships in and out, at any time in the replacement of energy and attempts to accommodate.

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But in fact, the sharing space is not far away from us. In the case of semi-cohabiting couples, in order to facilitate access to each other, you can use this set of Apps to set up both accounts. With each other's familiar intimacy, set the names of both sides in this home house key, and also install your sweet links.

Or maybe because you're usually busy at work, you choose to hire a home cleaner to clean every Friday. You can set the other person's time to enter the house through the short end, more at ease and closer to participate in the self-space collation, so that housing management becomes easier and smarter.

There's no need for that key to carry with you.

Of course, if we return to the design of "no more keys", we are also beginning to think about the relationship between the key and the home.

In retrospect, the year I left my native family to study and work abroad, my parents helped you to hit a key. Then you start to have your own rental house, or go in and out of the other half of the house; Your keys are getting bigger and more, and occasionally you have to look through them for a long time to find the one you need right now.

You gradually find that the key that my parents hit for you that year is the least you use. Your life is so busy that it's hard to spare time to go home. But the farther away from home, the more like that key is to remind you, there will always be a place, there is a person there waiting for you, silently guide your way home.

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With the development of science and technology, physical keys are gradually replaced by various virtual intelligences. Therefore, in the future we go home on the road, link self and home belonging to the media and imagination is gradually replaced.

The advent of the LUBN smart Key box is a hint of a change in the interaction of a home house-the key is no longer just a link to you and this room, it can also link to more other relationships, such as your partner with intimate partners, unfamiliar tenants, home managers. Various lines are extending and challenging your personal private "home" space. And it may also symbolize that the future home will be a more open and inclusive space, perhaps.

And you always have a choice, whether you want to leave the heart to guide home, or open more key locks to different homes, relationships, as long as you remember to unlock, keep your home relationship imaginary open, you will also feel more feedback and beauty at home.