"At first, it was overwhelming. We clearly have to do security measures, incredibly still pregnant. "When she was 19 years old, she didn't go to college, she became a mother.

Clearly have to do security measures, but still pregnant-children, arrived outside the expectations, not without contraception, but contraceptive failure. So, is it not life to survive? Under the age of 20, she was suddenly panicked. Unwilling to take off the child, but also not confident can go directly into the life stage of having children.

According to the National Health Department of the Ministry of Weifu, in 2015, 3,230 newborns of 216,225 newborns in Taiwan were young girls under the age of 20, accounting for about 1.49% of the number of newborns in that year.

In fact, as early as more than 10 years ago, Japanese drama "14 years old mother" is to explore the topic of teenage pregnancy, causing resonance. Today, the public look at the small mother, the little father, the vision has become more friendly? Or can they get more adequate resources to help?

Become a little mother, must be forced to decide? What is the struggle to determine the process of production or not? When to take care of children, when do you feel sweet and happy? For small mothers, there may be a lot of misunderstanding or curiosity about the public. So we visited Peggy, who became a mother at the age of 19, and she chatted with us about her personal experience, saying: "I don't regret making this decision and even thanking myself for keeping this kid. "(Same scene: first pregnancy, I choose to face my own struggles )

19 years old, I became a mother.

Peggy, 20, has a three-month-old daughter. While taking care of her family, she also works in the restaurant industry in the hope of giving her daughter and family a better life.

When she was 19 years old, she knew her current husband, who was pregnant unexpectedly and made her and her boyfriend very nervous. "At first, it was overwhelming. Because we clearly have to do security measures, incredibly still pregnant. 」

There is certainly no shortage of struggles in the process of deciding whether or not to produce. In fact, she said, the boyfriend did not want to start, after all, life just started, will be tied up by children, there is not enough economic foundation, too much pressure. Peggy's parents also held objections to this, feeling that she was young and had not finished her studies.

But, after a week of discussions between Peggy and her boyfriend and family, they still decided to give birth to the baby. "Have done security measures, or pregnant, I think, this is doomed fate!" 」

In the early stages of pregnancy, Peggy pregnant and vomiting, almost any taste will make her nauseous nausea: "Especially the taste of fried fish, was is going crazy." And I all get up to vomit, but on an empty stomach can only spit stomach acid ah, very uncomfortable. 」

In addition, Peggy intervertebral disc protrusion, late pregnancy, the stomach is getting bigger, almost let her overload, at night also difficult to sleep. Plus, the closer to the pre-production day, Peggy began to appear false pain, she is more nervous, worried that the baby may be born at any time, night tossing and turning.

There are hard and poignant places, and of course there are sweet times. "Every time you have a test, you're looking forward to seeing your baby!" I would look at her small hands and feel very happy. She also said: "Since feeling the fetal movement, I found that my baby is very active, every time playing very vigorously, and sometimes she will be kicked into pain." 」

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A life from two to three people.

On the day of production, Peggy continued to ache for 8 hours. She single-minded hope that the baby quickly out, the production of the present, only a few 10 minutes, the child was born. "Even the nurses said I was strong! "Peggy recalled this past, is still full of motherly feelings.

"I've always gotten along well with my mum, but since I got pregnant, I've only learned how tired my mother was with the baby. "Peggy grew up feeling that being a working woman's mother was an all-powerful woman who was brave to do anything.

"Until my child was born, I found that" mother "will really for the sake of children, desperate to pay, willing to change the child's healthy and happy growth. 」

According to the 2016 statistics of the National Health Department of the Ministry of Weifu, 20-49-year-old women in Taiwan believe that the ideal age for childbearing is 25-32 years. But this does not mean that people who become parents under the age of 20 cannot raise their children well.

Before she became pregnant, Peggy felt he could go around and make money and travel abroad with her husband. After giving birth, the goal of two people's lives turned into "making money and raising children" instead of "making money for Two lives."

' We want the family to know that it's not just mum who takes the baby, but so does dad. "Now, Peggy, who thinks of Workaholics, has returned to work first, and children and domestic work are left to their husbands. If you encounter a non-office day, then change Peggy to take care of the child, let the husband gasp. (Extended reading:"Ding Juan" as a professional pregnant woman: Who said that children and work to choose two? )

"As soon as she falls asleep, we quickly grasp the time to sleep." "For the couple, the child's rest is equal to their schedule," he said.

Despite his fatigue, Peggy still feels happy. "From the moment he was born, he would have" eaten his own hand, "or started wanting to talk, and now he would feel that my baby had grown up and that it was worth it for her mother to give birth to her. 」

' I don't regret making this decision and even thank myself for keeping this kid. 」

This mile from a schoolbag to a child's back.

Strictly speaking, Peggy was 19 years old when she was pregnant, not exactly an underage mother. But, after all, the child was born by accident. Whether intentional or unintentional, adult or underage, we may face a similar situation ourselves or with our friends and relatives around us. So, what can we do?

If there are economic difficulties, government resources can be sought. For example, the Social Bureau provides family support in special circumstances , including emergency life support, child maternity allowance, legal action subsidy and psychological counselling allowance, or a minor pregnancy help station organised by the Social and Family Department of the Ministry of Weifu, which also provides counselling services. In addition to the Government, other civil society organizations, such as the Reed Foundation , also have relevant services and resources.

For Peggy, getting pregnant and having children was accidental, and after some effort and adjustment, she gradually found a lifestyle that suited her and her children. The 19-year-old pregnancy, let her life turn a corner, embark on a different path than most girls of the same age, but she did not regret, take care of children, but also practice their own desire for work and family.

From the back of the bag, to the back of the child, for her, this little life, is the surprise on the road of life.