' He said I couldn't talk about us [going to bed] and he said we'd never see each other again. We're all going to get caught off. 」

At the time of the incident, he was just a child.

The remark came from 36-year-old Wade Robson, as well as his alleged pop king Michael Jackson.

It's not a movie plot, it's a real documentary content. The remarks came from Wade Robson, 36, and Wade Robson, the pop king Michael Jackson he accused.

The documentary "Escape From Dreamland" (Leaving Neverland), a British Channel 4 collaboration with HBO, was shown in early March in two episodes in countries such as Britain and the United States. Taiwan is currently listed on the Internet by Fox+. The documentary spindle surrounds McJackson's dream estate, with the suspected non-dreamy sexual assault of a child, James Safichak by James Safechuck, 40, and Wade Robson.

Is it really "not a good price to talk about"? McJackson's third wave of sexual assault doubt

This is not the first, or even the second, case of McJackson accused of sexually assaulting a child.

Evan Chandler, Ivan Chandler, accused McJackson of sexually assaulting his 13-year-old son, Jordan Chandler, at Dreamland in 1993. But the two sides reached an out-of-court settlement at the time, and Chandler received 15.33 million of dollars in the settlement. In the 2003, the second wave of sexual aggression was again. Guevin Avanzo Gavin Arvizo, a suffer cancer boy, also accused Michael Jackson of sexually assaulting him. The jury ruled Michael Jackson not guilty.

Long before the outbreak of the #MeToo in 2017, Michael Jackson's sexual assault was already the most watched event in the Western pop culture circle.

Picture |FOX+

Many people believe that these two waves of sexual assault, but the parents "price is not negotiated", want to falsely accuse the star but failed. 2009 years later, however, the third #MeToo incident surrounding the "King of Pop" erupted again after the death of Michael Jackson. This time, in "Escape from Fantasy Manor", two parties were very precise and specific about McJackson's behavior description.

"We're like a real couple. "Safichak said. He recalled that Michael Jackson even had a simulated wedding and sent him a wedding ring. In addition, after each sexual act, Michael Jackson will send him jewelry. ("We were to this married couple." In fact, S says the singer performed a mock wedding ceremony, complete with a ring, and the other jewelry followed in RET Urn for sexual favors)

In the documentary, Robson points out that this may even be the Michael Jackson stage of careful planning: "While developing sexual relations, he also tries to alienate your feelings and those of your parents." Don't let you get in touch with other people. (Sex includes) kissing, stroking each other, oral sex, he would ask me to lick his nipples, and then he would fix it himself. He has an Indian base, a tent, and we'll lie in a sleeping bag, snack and have sex. There is also a bed in the room next to the video game room upstairs, where we also have sex (medium). There are toys everywhere, not boring, so these things gradually become one. 」

Safichak is very similar to Robson's experience. They were all child stars, and, like McJackson himself, they showed a talent for acting at an early age, and a mother who looked forward to her children becoming child stars.

Safichak 8 years old, he and Michael Jackson together to perform Pepsi ads . According to Time magazine, Michael Jackson specifically visited his home on the outskirts of Safichak to curry favor with his mother and invite them to Dream Manor. Robson, who is from Australia, also attracted his attention because he grew up obsessed with mcjackson, self-taught dance, and won Michael Jackson's imitation contest title. He claimed to their families that they could be the best playmates for their children and take them on holiday to Dream Manor. (Extended reading:90% crime for acquaintances!) How can child sexual abuse be prevented? )

But there, the truth is not so "dreamy." In the documentary, according to two parties, Michael Jackson has made many sexual demands on them. March 4--Talk show host Oprah (Oprah Winfrey) interviewed two parties on the show.

' On my first night with my family arriving at Dream Manor, Michael asked me, "Do you want to sleep in a room or do you want to stay in my room? '" Robson said. "I was so excited that I certainly wanted to sleep with you," he said. The next day, according to the original plan, our family is going to the Grand Canyon for a holiday, Michael is very sad we have to leave, I am also very sad. So I chose to stay and spend a weekend with him. 」

Oprah: "Do your parents agree? 」

Robson: "They all agree. The first two nights were normal. But by the third day, things were a bit odd. Michael would touch my body, like a leg, and touch my crotch (crotch) across his pants, and then teach me how to help him with his oral sex. 」

Oprah: "Did you feel scared or something was wrong at the time?" 」

Robson: "He's going to have a lot of friendly physical contact first, like hugging you, touching his hair, kissing his forehead, and feeling like our body relationship is very close." At the time I thought everything was fine and he was like a father, which was amazing. But when Michael started sexual contact, he would also talk to me, like "God let us Be together", "we love each other very much", and these behaviors are all about showing our love. 」

Oprah: "(interrupting) He said" we (US) "?

Robson: "Yes, the word he uses is" us. " 」

Safichak: "He taught me to masturbate, and then we had a French kiss, and then it was also oral sex." 」

Oprah: "Do you feel scared or wrong?" 」

Safichak: "No, you'll put it in a vein of love (context of loving relationship). I don't have a loud alarm in my head. What I was thinking at the time was that I loved this person and we wanted to make each other happy. We are lovers and best friends. 」

Oprah: "What does that mean? You said you were lovers, but you were just a little boy. He is a more than 30-year-old adult. At that age, do you really know what that means? 」

Safichak: "No, I don't know. But what I felt at the time was a very real link to others. And you love them very deeply. 」

Oprah: "The general imagination is that the experience is violent and painful, but your experience doesn't sound like it at all." 」

Robson: "He didn't hit me, he didn't say anything vicious to me. All he said was, "we love each other." 」

Are we ready to accept that there may be a "sexual assault in the name of Love" in the world?

Time Magazine reports that their Lawyer, Vince Finaldi, points out that when you are sexually abused by a well-known figure in your childhood, it is likely to change their entire lives. ("When someone was sexually abused as a child, especially by such a prominent figure, it changes the course of their lives. ”)

According to two parties, during Michael Jackson's death, he chose to "keep a secret" for him. As a result, depression and anxiety disorders, and family relations have been alienated.

Picture | Source

The content of this talk show is extremely controversial. If the content is true, then, as Oprah puts it, it is likely to be two sad incidents of child sexual abuse. And its form, is not as "typical" as the outside world thinks. They even believed before Michael Jackson that they had not been sexually assaulted. And it wasn't until 2009, when Michael Jackson died, that they were willing to tell the real story. CBS this morning (CBS this Morning) host Gayle King (Gayle King) commented:

This whole incident is worth noting that when we talk about child sexual abuse, we all think it must be a frightening, painful thing to do. Sexual abuse. But for them, they don't even know what's going on with them because they're all still little boys.

They are not "typical" victims and may not even be sure what is going on. However, there is no doubt that if, according to the data provided by the parties, all the actions of Michael Jackson in the dream Estate are still crimes against minors, but also sexual assault in the name of "Love". (Extended reading: sexual assault in the name of love: a psychic Wolf who uses dependency to strongly charge a woman's body )

"CBS this Morning" commented that the whole thing was so frightening that the lifelike details of sexual assault they portrayed were not in themselves Action (ACT), but narrative (narrative).

You can only understand it through a vein disguised as love.

This is why they did not know each other at all, but their narrative model is like a Fletcher. That's why it took them so long to start believing they were actually being sexually assaulted.

Mr King added: ' Both of them used to think they were the only boys who kept a secret for Michael Jackson. But keeping secrets for others can often drag you down. Because that will make you choose to remain silent when faced with violence. 」

Such stories are powerless, but Taiwan was familiar a few years ago. 2 years ago, a novel, "Fang Siqi's first love Paradise," stirred a similar discussion. When the protagonist, Fang Siqi, was sexually assaulted by a cram tutor, she would rather believe it to be love than to accept it as malicious harm. People believe that "harm" can be a kind of "love", not because of stupidity, but as a temporary strategy to avoid being directly harmed by the truth. (Extended reading: My pain can't be reconciled interview Lin: "has been inserted, will not be drawn out")

Oprah: We must stop looking up at the sun and help our children

Since the release of the documentary, many radio stations have announced that from then on the song of Michael Jackson, the animation "Simpson family" has also been involved in the collection of Michael Jackson off the shelves. Louis Vuitton also said it would cancel the full range of items inspired by him in the autumn and winter of 2019.

The incident is continuing to burn.

What the hell is the truth? No matter how many documentaries you make and how many quarrels and lawsuits you go through, it's likely that we still haven't been able to judge. Any comment on escape from Dream Manor is not a black or white desire to put Michael Jackson's historic status to death, but just to know how we can help our children if these stories are true and if they happen again in the future.

And we also want to know, the community is really prepared to accept that the world may really have a huge number, but also in love as the name of sexual assault?

The New York Times reported that Oprah did not explicitly "convict" Michael Jackson on the show. And only on the basis of this film, as well as the experience of the two people to comment on:

"I hope we can go beyond the sign of" Michael Jackson "and stop looking up at the sun. The immediate priority is that we must help our children, with ourselves. "(I hope I can get beyond Michael Jackson's icon, stop staring into the sun, and do s necessary to help my child Ren and ourselves)

I used to love Michael Jackson's single "In The Mirror" (Man in the Mirror), which was included in the "Mad" album in 1987. His lyrics sang:

M Starting with the man in the Mirror (I'll start with myself in the mirror)

I ' m Asking Him to changed his Ways (asking him to take the lead in making changes)

And No Message Could Have Been any Clearer (no other message is clearer than this)

If you Wanna makes the world A Better places (if you want to make the worlds A better place)

Take A looked at Yourself, and Then make A change (please take A good look at ourselves and then start changing)

While we may never be able to reach the truth, we see that the lyrics contain responsibilities, concerns, and questions about the great world. Through this documentary, we understand that child sexual assault may be further complicated than it seems. As the discussion after the release intensified, it should still not be judged before the trial. However, when such atypical victim stories are rarely told in their entirety, at least let each other down the stereotype, freeing up a space for thinking.

Let's stop looking up at the Sun first.


The background, written by Gender Watch, comes from March, when British public television Channel 4 and HBO documentary "Escape From Dream Manor" (Leaving Neverland) were released. Women fans believe that this matter is of importance, and content insinuating child sexual assault, need to invite public attention. At the same time, a number of foreign media, such as CBS, the new York times and Oprah talk shows, commented on the release of the documentary, causing discussion in the community.

We write because of the complexity and importance of child sexual assault, and we do not directly allege that Michael Jackson is the perpetrator of sexual assault. All references in the full text are accompanied by the source of the media, as well as the identity of the speaker.

As a reporter, we also know that many media "time" and"flashy world" have been collated, pointing out that Michael Jackson's family and heritage management company believe that the documentary is worthy of opposition because two parties have had financial difficulties, have previously identified themselves as not sexually assaulted, Michael Jackson was not convicted before his death. But there is still no causal relationship between this and the person's statement of sexual assault experience in the documentary.