After an interview was published, it elicited positive and negative discussions in the community. As an interviewer, I want to restore my observations during the interview process, as well as the gains. Interview process, listen to her situation, more often, I ask myself, if it is me, then what will my choice be? I thank her for her willingness to tell her real experiences, the real experience we've heard, and it's really too little too little. Some choices, I am not necessarily the same as her, but I am still moving for her story; some choices, I may have heard her story, as she did, and I will be encouraged to know what I "can" do.

3/19 (b) in the evening, Peiting's interview was published in two articles, causing positive and negative discussions in the community,

We all read the message, including that the discussion of physical leave is "the supervisor has no empathy", not enough empathy for the female situation, there is also a personal attack against her, do not understand her choice, that she after the induction of labor, there is no rest, still in the country, because she does not cherish their own body. There has also been feedback to women, arguing that this is a consolidation and rigidity of the "patriarchal system", and that women fans should not release such content to encourage women to oppress women. (Recommended reading: Women's fans long run Gender Watch section )

Some readers also said that they do not understand how these criticisms, they see, in fact, is a professional women for their own want, experience the real situation. These circumstances, everyone is different, you can learn from the experience, think of their own methods.

An article, can arouse the discussion, attention, feedback from all walks of life, is the woman fan hope to continue to open, about the female life experience of the discussion space.

A director of time, a mother's time

As an interviewer, I would like to restore my observations in the interview process first, as well as the harvest.

On the evening of Tuesday, I had an exclusive interview with Peiting, senior director of customer and sales development, Pepsi Group Greater China, who was in Shanghai, cross-ocean electric interview, before and after, we chatted for one hours.

Our theme this time is not to talk about those enviable successes, but to limit them.

I am very grateful that she is willing to sincerely share with us a lot of her own personal experience, 're talking about, especially as a woman-she experienced 13 times before and after IVF, lying on the operating table of induced labor, she suffered for the loss of children. Injection medicine process is good hard, and in the process of waiting for children, she said really uncomfortable, is the failure of expectations. She was, for several years. (Recommended reading: I can do 13 test tubes for my child, but I don't want to give up my job either )

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She knows that IVF success rate is not high, they can only do their best, there is no guarantee of any results. The reason for IVF is her existing birth restriction on the body, weighing the choices made later, she wants children, so she is willing to wait.

She also talked about the female body, the reason for talking about physical leave, is to want the other side to pay attention to their physical condition, from the fundamental conditioning, leave is only accompanied by cause and effect; she talks about induced Labor to return to the workplace the next day because of these in her life. " Had to be for "the scenario she had to say because if asked what the truth was, she would tell you that this is part of real life.

We can choose to shy away from these restrictions, but in fact, this is the possible experience of a woman in the face of career development. She can certainly take time off, and as a socially regulated body, a aborted woman will have to lie in a hospital bed, and she is actually simply choosing not to.

Many people are controversial about not being able to understand the choice, arguing that such an option is not worth interviewing and writing. What I heard was that she knew exactly what her role was, understood where her quest was, that she had a clear role assignment, and that the assignment was dynamic, that she had the time to be a director, that she had time as a mother, and that she fought for it, and fought for it, and made a breakthrough for it, to make her own choice.

Interview process, I heard the other end of the phone, there is a child voice. Peiting said the child is eight years old, he is on the phone to reply to the interview, while taking children to play, I am very moved that it is both a working time, but also a family time. What she wanted was never perfect, but to respond to what she really wanted. Because of the "want", so find ways to overcome the restrictions, so the limit to her, more like the conditions that must be overcome.

"A comprehensive measure of what roles you have, thinking about the scores you want to take in these roles, you don't really have to get full marks." "Peiting said to me. She did not feel that her life was perfect, and she admitted that there were many restrictions, but she faced them in a positive way, and when the restrictions became conditional, she wondered what else she could do?

So, let's keep talking.

I was on the other end of the phone, listening to her situation, and more often than not, I asked myself, if it were me, then what would my choice be?

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Everyone goes through a different life, has their own goals and faces different situations, and I thank her for being willing to tell her real experience, such a real experience, we hear, really too little too little. Some choices, we may not be the same as her, can still move for her story; some choices, we might, like her, have heard her story, will be encouraged to know what I "can" do.

If there is anything called feminism, I think feminism should be like this, its core is multi-tolerance, its purpose is to open up the world's architecture and operating system, it operates in a way that is to build a supportive network, this network, I have my way, he has his way, you have your way. So we will know that it turns out that there is not only one way of living, not just a single model, not just a model of success.

It turned out that I was able to define who I was and what I really wanted, and I was able to break free from social stereotypes and get out of my own way. Feminism talks about gender experience so that, in the end, everyone can be freer. The existence of feminism, I think, is like this. (Scene:Whose Knowledge Founder Anasuya: You don't need to Know Feminist to be a feminist )

And I believe more that we have to go on, because when we are willing to see, willing to discuss, willing to try, willing to find our own practices, we have the opportunity to move closer to the ideal of feminism. This is also the woman fans along the way, the consistent intention.

Through the story of Peiting, and the discussion feedback from all walks of life, I clearly feel that the limit is very painful, and the restriction must be constantly told, and by different people to tell, so we can find a way to take ourselves out and find their own set of survival strategies and logic.

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Thank you for your discussion and feedback together, women fans received, the future, will also take everyone's discussions and expectations, continue on this road forward.

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