What happens when you play "influence" on a search engine? "Look at this book! Teach you how to convince others "," Master influence, let others listen to you! " "," A few ways to increase your influence! "Blindly pursue the" promotion "of influence at the same time, you have ever thought that perhaps you are the influence itself? Maybe the secret of Ascension is on you? 2019 Global Women's Impact forum, do not talk about success templates, do not talk about how to let others listen to you, we talk about the real existence of female experience, invite you to find influence from yourself, and find ways to maximize the value.

Break through the restrictions you give yourself and start a new bureau that belongs to you.

Never forget that night, I hit the search engine with "influence", 0.5 seconds later the oncoming information filled with "read this book!" Teach you how to convince others "," Master influence, let others listen to you! " "," A few ways to increase your influence! ", I try to find the temperature in the words, look for the female experience, look for a little sense of identity of the same ethnic group.

But no, except for the actual methodology, I can't find the words with the temperature. "Influence" is a good distant word, as if it is the president of an international enterprise will have the temperament, and I just out of the Society of the Little rookie has no relationship-but I clearly feel that my mother is very influential, in the difficult time to reach out to the friends are very influential, give me practical advice of the colleagues are very influential.

So, while following the 2019 global women's Impact Forum Spring Field Questionnaire Mission, I learned that this is the time to explore women's influence, and I don't know why women's experiences are ignored for specific reasons, but now it's time to find out why women's influence is seen by more people.

Recycling questionnaire statistics, behind a sum of numbers, in fact, is a real female experience. This is not a questionnaire analysis report, this is the real experience of more than 1000 women, they are here to share women's stories with you, are you ready?

Influence may be one of the differences you want: you don't have power, you can have influence.

In the questionnaire, there is a question that is asked: "About the impact of the narrative, which of the following is closest to your imagination?" "The most answers option is" the "impact is something that really drives progress and change", or 77.4%; The minimum answers option is "influence is the power to hold decisions" accounted for 20.2%.

"Having decision-making power" is not entirely tantamount to "having influence", and thousands of women's imagination of influence is closer to "being able to bring about real change", and from every aspect of life, we can actually make a difference to the world more or less. Include sharing a word of encouragement to a friend, so that she has the courage to face the low tide of life; write a song to convey the concept of equality for all, so that listeners get unlimited support; take a pair of green chopsticks out of the house, so that the use of washable tableware gradually decline.

Every thing at first glance is a force that can drive real change, and it's all about influence. This is the first, and influence may differ from what you think--not just by a high-powered person, but by a person who has an innate influence. (Recommended reading: interview With Havital founder Lingwenlin: The power of a woman is to be good at getting things better )

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Influence may be different from what you think: influence is not far, influence is our

In the middle of the questionnaire, there is a question of the combination of influence and the workplace: "What kind of work content makes you think it is the most influential?" "There are four options, the leader, the executor, the Advocate, the helper, the final data results break the general idea that" only the leader has influence ": The leader accounted for 40%, the executor accounted for 27%, the advocate accounted for 17.3%, the auxiliary accounted for 15.5%.

Even though there is a difference in proportions, it upsets the general imagination that "leaders are equal to influence" thinking, and that the full proportion of implementers, advocates, and auxiliaries adds up to even higher than that of leaders, proving that no matter what position they are in, they are likely to exert influence.

Have you ever had the experience of seeing a report/hearing the story of a person around you and making an unpredictable change in your mood? For example, you feel sad and unbearable when you see news of gender-based violence, or you feel inspired and empowered to hear that a friend is trying to break the limits of the real world.

The scope of influence may be difficult to quantify with data, but in fact it is fully reflected in the real story and experience, every word, every word, every look, is the influence itself, the influence is made up of these "small things that everyone has."

This is the second, and influence may differ from what you think--any role and position has its influence, and although it's hard to quantify, real experience tells us that this is influence.

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Influence may be different from what you think: take it once in person, better than read the word

The data count here, clarifies my imagination of influence, but brings me to another question.

Only a 8% of women who currently think they already have influence, only eight out of 100, find themselves influential. I look at the very low proportions and think, "Why do people feel that everyone has influence and doesn't feel influential?" 」

I try to imagine the possible reason: when a professional woman in the workplace, after the invincible, she turned into the home, there is a good chance that she will no longer be invincible, she is only because of busy work to accompany the growth of the child's mother. In the face of the topic of women's influence, she does have a great chance of thinking that her influence is "still accumulating" rather than "already having" influence.

She is influential in the workplace, but may be negligent in her family operations. Well, that's a possible reason. But why is there no other number or reference data that can validate this imagination? Why is there no more discussion about women's influence? Why?

I think over and over, looking at the questionnaire numbers to find out the answer. It was only later that consciousness, perhaps not that women had no influence, but that in the existing society, women's influence was not discussed, valued, and not seen. I will not even want to find a data left card, can only be from the experience of friends around.

From 2017 to the present, women fans have been talking for three years in a row, and have held three consecutive global women's influence forums. As women, we understand that in many cases there is too little to join the female experience, so it is decided at this point in time to do such an event, to do such a topic, in order to let the real story of women be seen by more people, we believe that women's influence is absolutely there, but also hope to find with you.

The theme of the global women's Impact Forum, from the 2017 "definition reengineering", to the 2018 "influence, I define", to this year's 2019 "Breakthrough limit, start the new Bureau," Every year has a different talk of the spindle and touch the face, but never take off a concept, we believe that everyone has influence. (Recommended reading: Live direct hit |2018 Global women's Impact Forum: You're important, promise me to make every choice )

It is now known from the survey that only 8% of thousands of women think they have influence, which is our limitation, and only by breaking through the restrictions will it be possible to create a new bureau. Invite you to participate in this event, in many female stories, to find a similar experience with you, in accordance with each other's light, together to support the creation of their own ideal of the new Bureau.

This is the third, influence may differ from what you think, and only when you are present can you feel the difference. Life is A game, together Start A new Game, play thoroughly!