Interview with Rookie Fund Executive Director Tang Qi. She loves education and is engaged in student venture investment. She said that when she first came out of society there was a lamp in her heart, and gradually it would be dimmed. But students still have dreams, it is they who teach her not to be easily influenced by the world.

We talk from chattering to Captain Marvel, and then we talk about generational divides and women's workplace woes. As a supervisor, she had a good chat. Tang Qi said: "To believe that they do not have to be very bossy, you can be a boss." 」

Tang Qi wore a blue dress and had a leisurely manner in the door. Confidence, enthusiasm, informal, this is my first impression of her. As executive Director of Venture Investment, the first student in Asia, she has just been shortlisted for the 2018 under 30 financial investments. She smiled. I'm a little nervous in my heart.

Let's talk about the growth experience and how she describes her traits. Tang Qi thought: "My trait is, from small move, so not too afraid of the new environment." Or maybe because, I'll always be the new Girl in my Class (I'm M always the girl), and after a long time, I don't care much about what other people say about me. "The tone of the old God is in."

After the interview, we found out that she was serious.

Around a lap, and sure enough, I still like education the most.

Tang Qi University majored in economics, minor in creative writing, and later chose student venture. Before the interview we thought her campus life must have twists and turns, specifically asked.

"I majored in economics at university, but only because my dad was in the economy, and he wanted me to try and dislike it." There was a very handsome professor of economics in our school at the time, and I didn't even want to sign it. "Heaven is not from Man's wish." "But I didn't think I'd just finished it, and he'll be on vacation next semester!" The whole man is gone! "After a few seconds, she returned to its original condition. "Then I thought that such a degree would be very helpful to the future, so I decided to major it all the way. 」

In addition to the economy, she majored in creative writing. "I love writing my own things, and now I still write copywriting occasionally, because my job now includes taking care of my own money, then I think, well, I'm going to save the funds!" 」

That sounds weird. As we thought, the executive director of the tall venture firm, very different. Tang Qi recalls that after graduation, she worked at HTC's education technology, Zoodles, to HTC Vive as an investment manager for the Virtual Reality Investment Alliance (VRVCA).

"When I was a kid, my mum and dad were teachers, and I definitely didn't want to be a teacher when I grew up. "As a result, I was a lot of tutoring in college. Later, he left the big company, chose a start-up student venture investment, and occasionally served as a tutor for college students. It's like going around a circle. What's the reason? "Later I think, sure enough, is still the most like education, hahaha." 」

She spoke with ease and humor, and there was a serious story behind her. That year she met her current boss at a HTC event. Later the boss founded Rookie Fund, please common friends to recommend suitable partners, both think of Tang Qi in Zoodles education venture background, very suitable. "The boss immediately asked me out for coffee to talk about work. Within two weeks, I had decided to resign from my job at the time. 」

Rookie Fund is a venture investment company that specializes in "getting students to invest in students." The reason is simple, because student investors can best understand what the needs of students are. They recruit money externally to encourage students to invest in small student start-ups. Once invested in brewers, mobile phone payments, there are still a lot of plans to run. And Tang Qi's work content, covering almost most of the company's operations. Organization, finding funds, and occasionally giving investment advice to students. "Because you want students to act directly as investors, they will be" startled "themselves. 」

I do not know how old you are, hahaha, like dating software, e-commerce, many industries in fact, so that young people will see more FU. Like a shake, I don't understand. It's kind of ... to want me to use it right away.

She didn't finish, we actually all know.

Through young people, Tang Qi more understand the eyes of the next generation. "Now our last generation still has most of the world's resources, but it's long overdue to invest in the next generation. She points out that it is difficult for young entrepreneurs in Asia to get enough opportunities because investors are mostly of higher age and usually more conservative in their vision. What she is doing, in fact, is for young people to carve out resources.

I don't know if you are pessimistic people, but when I first came out of society, I still had a lamp in my heart. Gradually, it will darken. I found that the world is not so simple, or I clearly just want to do their favorite things, but it is difficult to achieve, it is very uncomfortable. But the young people have not been affected so seriously, they give me the most important gift, is to let me know, do not easily be affected by the world.

These women's workplace problems.

She had just finished talking about the serious generational divide, but pulled out another important theme in the next second.

"Last year I took a male student and it was hard for us to talk about feminism. He asked me, staff, do you think the Venture circle needs feminism? If we set up a special door for female entrepreneurs, wouldn't it be sexist instead? I remember answering at the time that it was just that you weren't looking at them with discriminatory eyes. But apart from you, a lot of people are looking at women with a specific eye. And female entrepreneurs also have a lot of restrictions, but you don't know, does not mean that restrictions do not exist. 」

I was startled, and the original venture Circle also talked about feminism. I say that this is a common gender myth that flush equality in the workplace is true equality, while ignoring that there are many structural barriers to women's workplace that are difficult to cross. She added: "There is no wrong question, I am actually very happy that students are willing to ask me this." "(Extended reading: The situation of women's work, is Taiwan really better than Japan? )

In the 2017, women fans reported that another female Entrepreneur, Pocket Sun, had shared: "Venture capital has always been a masculine center, with only 7% partners being women, or even less than the ratio of men to women in business." This means that most of the investment decisions are made by men, they like things and the direction of the investment, is the same perspective, the same typical, but under such a choice, it is difficult to have a diversified entrepreneurial team will be invested, women start-ups are often outside the options. 」

"Last year we saw fifty or sixty new teams, including only one female CEO," Tang Qi said. In addition, I also have an observation, in the new team, the position of women is usually marketing. "She said," We have a heart. " But Tang Qi continued: "Of course, if I'm a woman today and I love marketing, of course there's no problem. But will it actually be because girls will be hindered in wanting to do other areas in the new creation circle? 」

"This is not necessarily a personal choice, it may also be a matter of history. Because women tend to be in the field of success and see the role models are women in the marketing world, but when there are few role models in science and engineering, we are afraid to try. We should encourage everyone to try and decide whether to like it or not. 」

In addition to the low number of female entrepreneurs, female supervisors in the workplace is often difficult. "In some workplaces," the traits of girls "are viewed in a different light. ' She said. (Extended reading: disappearing 33%: Why are middle-ranking female executives always unable to get promoted to higher-level positions?) )

"I'm the kind of girl who loves to wear, and I love makeup." Some people will think that if you want to be a sister, you can't survive in the industry. Or, you look good, it should be a vase. It's actually not a escape at all. 」

What are the specific events encountered? "It's like, often someone wants to chase me!" ' She's thrilled. "For example, someone would add me, as if it were a business, only to find that they just wanted to talk." If I were a young boy today, would I be treated like this? Of course there may be, but it will certainly be a little less. In the workplace only because I am a young girl, so in the face of all kinds of things, I seem to have to doubt. 」

I have a female supervisor in San Francisco. She is someone who has very, very short hair cuts, a low profile and doesn't want to be noticed. But even she is often sexually harassed by white men. ' It's a bit of a sad thing, ' she said. But she asked herself to send a message without smiling face, love, and will certainly delay the return of the message, the topic is often talked about the partner. She thought she had to avoid all sorts of situations that would be misunderstood. I said, isn't that all impersonal? She said yes, but there was no way she could.

In addition, even if not pursued, sometimes people are to treat you as a "young girl." ' I can't tell sometimes if some people listen to me because of my appearance or ability. "She positive color. "But if you get a good chance because of your appearance, it's hard to say whether there will be such an opportunity in the future," he added. And surely, they don't really take you seriously. 」

I'm a feminist: I don't have to be very bossy to be a boss.

"I used to talk to family and friends about gender issues and found that a lot of people would be hostile to the word feminist. I think it may be because, sometimes the two sides are too intense, if you want to have a discussion, it may not be a good thing. 」

I asked her, do you think you're a feminist? "I am." I'm a feminist. "She answered with certainty. ' But I have to say, I'm actually a little scared to talk about it. 」

Tang Qi The struggle to be a "feminist," very honest: "But I thought, this is also a very strange myth ah!" Why should I be scared by admitting that I'm feminist? I think it may be that everyone interprets feminist in a very different way, which makes people sometimes not know what to do. 」

"I don't really like" Captain Marvel "that much. Either the topic is not good, or the plot is a bit dry for me. "I talked to her about the latest release of the film. Can feminists originally dislike " Captain Marvel"? This is the doubt in my heart. But the "little police" in her heart is not as much as people set themselves, but live a cheerful and bright life.

"But that supervisor (Jude Law plays), has been scolding the heroine" you are too emotional! "" She was thrilled, and "Captain Marvel" turned into a workplace struggle in a second, and it was apt.

"In fact, boys suppress emotions, but also very hard." That's what my boyfriend is like. Before I socialize with me, I seldom face my emotions well and lock them in small boxes. He has only recently begun to practice complaining with me, clearly seems to be crying and said to me, "I can't cry I Can't cry", hahaha haha. "In an interview to sell her boyfriend, Tang Qi a very happy laugh.

"The advice I'm going to give women is that you can be a boss without a lot of bossy," he asked. "Tang Qi said. If you are gentle, develop flexible management (soft). If you like long hair, you don't have to be consciously cut short because you're in charge. (Extended reading:"Workplace notes" don't have to compare to find your own workplace style )

You can also be a boss without a lot of bossy.

Tang Qi, executive Director, Rookie Fund

"You just need to find something you're good at." And then keep improving it. Remember that you are you, do not pretend to be someone else's appearance, that absolutely does not last, you will go crazy. 」

This is Tang Qi. Self-confidence, enthusiasm, informal. We said it at first, and now you know it.


After the interview, we were at the door of the women's fan, Tang Qi seemed to suddenly loosen their muscles, and told us that they had just been very nervous. After all, venture investment is dominated by men, and when mentors are more exposed to the student community. For a long time did not talk to girls of the same age, as if a little overdone.

Her chatter mode opens again: "I say I like to dress up, and I like to secretly observe other people's clothes, as I found today, each of you has their own style." It's very interesting, hahaha. "Tang Qi was wearing a blue dress that day and was quite bright in the crowd. What a female supervisor wears, seemingly simple choices, and the process can be full of struggles. She loves to dress up, also love education, toward the way she likes, the figure is very firm.