To Day, Dear Today!
To Day, is a betterday.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, the most prominent American thinker, has said:

Each day is the best day of the year.

We may not be able to use every day as a last day to work hard, but it is absolutely possible to make every day something that makes it better for each day to be better than the day before!It is not necessary to have a night long, not to be able to leave everything. If we can accumulate a small change every day, we will have an unimaginable beauty in one year.

womany fan Since it was created, it is hoped that everyone will be more interested in themselves, discover their beauty, and thus make the world a better place to hope for. But what do you want to do to make yourself better?

We believe that it is not necessary to make a drastic change in our own way, the more difficult it is to get close to life, and it's a bit more difficult, but it doesn't let ourselves feel afraid. Only then can we truly continue to be accomplished, and then truly change.In order for this idea to be more accepted and delivered, the text womany woman fan and the commitment to finding and promoting quality illustrators, the same idea as fandora , which is full of drawing colors, is the same "To Day, Dear Today!"The "" plan!

Planning Period

As of October 1, 2012, womany women and fandora will roll out a nice little language to the fan every day, and you can get us a good text and illustrator in this message, and learn more of the illustrators from Taiwan, the amazing art of art.

We are very welcome to share with you every day of the business that we have made for everyone, to share them with your love, attention, dear family and friends, and, of course, hope you like it!

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X Building a Good

Thank you for each of the illustrators who work with this planning effort:

loves graffiti world, mini.Hana, Crazy Jane, Lisa Lisa, Iki, Lisa, Lisa, Lisa, DiDiLife, Denise, [My drawings just], dumb, dumb, nice, nice, nice, comedian, minute, I laughed, I laughed, and I smiled, and laughed at the other.

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