"HOME" series Unit, show you the world's appearance. Built in Hong Kong cohabitation apartment, HK $3500 (USD 14000) can only afford a capsule bed size. But in the big environment, Hong Kong-style cohabitation is not the pursuit of private space, but a mutual aid company, and you can start a dialogue with this cold society pipeline.

The city is crowded, but it's also lonely.

With the opportunity to take a trip to Hong Kong, most people will not forget the narrow, dense sense of the region. Not only the residential buildings, together with the daily restaurants of the people, are always close to the table. However, even if the city is not well soundproofed, it is easy to spy on the daily work of others, but does not mean that the relationship between people is closely linked.

Although there is a high degree of economic development, but the gap between rich and poor also makes the average quality of life can not keep up. Want to do something, talk about a love to find a home, the cost is too high; young people can't afford a life they want, so they are more alone.

And the news headlines that shrug all day long, saying that this is a generation that cannot afford to buy a house and do not start a business, nor does it make sense to them-nor does it feel that a person is good, but looking at it, in every way, they can only afford themselves.

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It is indeed such a crowded area, to be cut and distributed, so that everyone has their own space, how difficult. Burglaries room, Cage house, Coffin Room, a few key words about Hong Kong housing, the public is certainly no stranger. In the face of pot generation, in addition to the dark unbearable imagination, what is the way out?

A few years ago, the European and American cohabitation model boom blew to Hong Kong, opening the cohabitation apartment integration platform "COLIVING. HK", the first frequency page of the eyes read:" Cohabitation for home, is a belief, by connecting people with the same ideas, understand each other, live together. " 」

We understand each other, I know what you want to find in this city, me too, so let's face it together.

Welcome, Mini Cohabitation era

Hong Kong cohabitation apartments, about the beginning of the rise from two years ago, and the general European or Taiwanese cohabitation apartments The most striking difference lies in the spatial configuration: The narrow person is thick, a building can be separated into more than 100 beds, each bed is not the size of capsules.

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In the main wenqing style of the "book exchange" cohabitation apartment, mainly composed of 3 five-storey Tang Lou, a total of 166 beds, divided into single capsule bed, single space (including personal desk and wardrobe) and a double space with external windows, the price from 3500 to 5500 Hong Kong dollars (conversion TWD about 14000-21000 Yuan), the minimum lease period of 3 months.

This fee is all-inclusive and a single rent includes electricity, water, Internet, regular cleaning and management fees, etc., without the need for additional calculation of expenditure.

In addition to the shared leisure space on each floor, there is also a kitchen, cooking utensils, washing machines, vending machines, shared bathing toilets, and rooftop gardens, and regular events such as cooking, yoga classes, reading sessions, video games or sports events are held with the participation of the active community. In terms of safety, the main 24-hour personal management, as well as in line with the fire regulations of the compartment configuration.

(Book Exchange single room, HK $5200/month, photo | source )

(Book Exchange single room, HK $9400/month, photo | source )

(Book Exchange public space, picture | source )

(Book Exchange public space, picture | source )

Although in such a space size, the price is not cheap, but to stay in the cohabitation apartment can not be said to come. Because of the special residential model, you need to share resources and space with people, so they will also choose tenants with simple interviews, the characteristics need to be able to keep open, do not resist to meet new friends and accept new things, etc., can accommodate others into their own lives.

In addition, the apartments also have life treaties, such as foreign friend visits must be registered first, and before 8 o'clock in the evening to leave, but also prohibit men and women mixed.

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This is just a disguised "wenqing Cage House"?

Two years ago, this kind of residential mode, immediately triggered the attack of netizens, pointed out that 4, 5000 Hong Kong dollars can only live to poor soundproofing, open the door hit the small space of the wardrobe, cohabitation apartment is only beautifully decorated "wenqing cage House", used to scammed yearning for the texture of life of young people.

The living space is narrow, it is never difficult to see the day of the housing, is Hong Kong people's plight of the daily. Therefore, when the appearance of cohabitation apartment type does not let them see a broader life, will trigger a critique is also reasonable to be seen.

You may also want to ask, what can the creation of such a residential model really change in Hong Kong?

Indeed, in the face of a harsh environment, the cohabitation model is unintentionally and incompetent to change. As can be seen, they do not allow people to live in larger and better suites with 3 or 5000 Hong Kong dollars, but emphasize the support around the residence, including shared space, resources, community services, and, in addition, companionship.

Cohabitation Apartment collection for the life culture has more yearning for people, each other can communicate with each other, exchange ideas, from art to new creation, from cooking to fitness daily, to create a small community. It allows you to return to work with alongside occasions, with echoes, smells and temperatures, rather than the usual rigid quadrilateral empty buildings.

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Sharing resources, so that high working hours, indifferent and fast-paying cities, can have a lower cost of mutual care. Everyone has a small piece of exclusive space, but also take out a little bit of their own, to have a relationship with this neighborhood. Further, you can slowly find a channel of communication with this society.

So, staying in the cohabitation apartment may not be another "pot House" embarrassing choice, but you do not want to fight alone, in the face of this emotional and life-poor city, or disease, or even just bitter no one to share the company's entertainment. You just need a little private space, with more and bigger networks. It's not the best look at the moment, but it's a life choice.

Most importantly, we see the Hong Kong-style cohabitation, so that the dense of the people can really close up.