NASA was scheduled to conduct its first all-female space mission in history on 29th this month. But yesterday, NASA said the task would be postponed. The reason is that when they want to take the first step in human history, they find that there are no fitting clothes to wear.

NASA All-Female space mission announces extension

March is an important month for women. Remember the beginning of the month, the United States Space Administration (NASA) announced that on March 29 will be the first all-female crew in human history space mission? However, they wanted to take the first step in human history, only to find that there were no suitable clothes to wear at all.

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The reason for the postponement of the mission is that there are not enough space flight uniforms for M

The New York Times reported that NASA was scheduled to implement the plan of the expedition 59"(Expedition 59) team on March 29. Carried out by two NASA female American astronauts: Anne McClain, 39, and Ann Macley Dinna Kohe, 40.

Not only in space, but also the members of the ground Mission Control center are made up of women . Includes flight Commander (Flight director) Mary Lawrence (Mary Lawrence), two flight controllers (flight controllers) Christine Fei Sio (Kristen Facciol), Jackie Kaijie (Jackie Kagey).

The mission is for two astronauts to take a space stroll outside the International Space Station and to replace the lithium batteries required by ISS labs. Station,iss

The plan has been hailed as an important new page in space history, as it is the first space mission team in human history to be made up entirely of women.

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But on 25th,CNNand the Guardian reported that the "space mission of the first female team in history" had been set for an extension. The reason is that NASA is "not ready for a suitable space flight to two female astronauts." "(NASA's first all-female spacewalk are delayed because and aren ' t enough spacesuits that fit)

NASA spokesman: Mission completion is more important than historical milestones

26th, NASA updated a message on the official website, saying, "McLay found himself in the first space walk, he is more suitable For the M's Cosmic flight clothing upper body." But before 29th, NASA had only time to prepare an M upper body, and it would be worn by Koch that day. "(McClain learned during her first spacewalk-a medium-size hard upper torso–essentially The shirt of the spacesuit –Fits her best. Because only one medium-size torso can is made ready by Friday, March, Koch would wear it.)

Also, the Guardian points out that astronauts ' clothing preparation is actually quite cumbersome. Because when you enter the microgravity state, human height will vary. As a result, there may be a need for dimensional adjustment.

It was the first all-female crew member's space mission in NASA's history, and there were many unexpected events that were not as expected. According to the New York Times , McLay had originally Chosen the L's space flight suit, but in Friday, when he ARRIVED at ISS on a space stroll mission, she thought she was better suited To the M and wanted to make a replacement. And what she faces is that although NASA does have 2 pieces of space flight to the upper body, only one is ready to do so.

NASA explains that they will also put two women on space missions, but I'm afraid they won't be able to do so at the same time. Under consideration, priority will be given to the task of Koch, who is still inexperienced.

Stefani Chelly Schierholz, a NASA spokesman, said:

"When you have the option of only changing members to solve the problem, whether the task can be achieved truthfully is more important than a cool milestone." (When you have the option of the just switching the the, the mission becomes more important than a cool milestone.) "

CNN noted that the mission of McLay on that day will be cancelled. On March 29, the work of McLay will be replaced by Nick Hague, another male astronaut Nick Hagg.

I want to go into space: Do women already have enough equipment and opportunities?

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Looking back at the history of the first female astronaut, is the former Soviet Air Force Major General Tereshkova (Valentina Tereshkova). In 1963, she drove the Orient sixth (Vostok 6) alone for a three-day space flight. And 56 years later, when women are going to space, they still have to go through layers of testing, as well as the replacement of manpower due to the lack of precedent in the past. (Extended reading: Theepoch revelation of "The key minority": Being a minority, we should also devote ourselves to changing discrimination )

More than half a century after Tereshkova's flight, the space mission also made us realize that as women become more involved and the number of missions in space, it will be in the direction of effort to prepare sufficient and appropriate equipment for them in the workplace to show their abilities.