"If we're going to define new values for New Zealand, I'd say" mercy. " Last year, New Zealand Prime Minister Alden said in a speech to the United Nations. She has proved her political philosophy in March, when the Christchurch shooting happened so far.

We also understand from her leadership attitude, partnership, that female leaders can be the same.

Jasinda Alden: The value of New Zealand is mercy

"If we are to define a new value for New Zealand, then I would say: Mercy (kindness). 」

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In the past, when it came to New Zealand, what would we think of? Think of the film "The Lord of the Rings" shooting scene, think of animal husbandry and field scenery. But now there is a new synonym for ──38-year-old female Prime Minister Jasinda Alden (Jacinda Ardern), and her flexible leadership style.

March 15--an attack by white supremacist in Christ City, New Zealand, in which the killer used Facebook to broadcast the shooting live with the intention of "making a name for the international". A total of 50 people were killed and 29 injured in the incident. As the country's leader, Alden set it up as a "terrorist attack" and said he declined to name the killer:

Time magazine reported that Alden said: "We should say the names of the victims who lost their lives, not the people who took their lives." When the killer seeks notoriety, but we in New Zealand will never let him do what he wants, we won't even mention the name. 」

BBC finishing, she also said within six days of the incident, pointed out that New Zealand should control semi-automatic guns (Military-style semi-automatic guns) and assault rifles (assault rifles), as soon as the first week of April in Congress to conduct interim legislation. (Extended reading: New Zealand Prime Minister deals with terror, people voluntarily surrender guns ).

"We can have no semi-automatic firearms, but we can't lose our lives because of these [shootings]." ' She said.

Her flexible appeal received a private response. New Zealand police said they had received 37 guns that were automatically surrendered by the people, according to a Guardian report released 20th. It also makes people recognize that so-called leadership is not just a type of firmness. Similarly, when the sympathy Christchurch , Alden also wore a Muslim turban, "as-salaam alaikum" in Muslim greetings, expressing that when we face harm, not only hatred, but after injury, we can choose mercy and unity.

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A different style of female leadership

On September 27 last year, the Guardian collated an interview film comparing the leadership styles of two prominent political figures. One is Alden and the other is US President Donald Trump. By contrast, the two men's statements at the United Nations can be found to illustrate two distinct types of leadership, as well as two different futures of the world.

"America is a country ruled by Americans," Trump said. We will reject an ideology called "globalism". And we will embrace patriotism. The United States is the world's largest giver (giver), and we have assisted a very large number of countries, but others have rarely rewarded us. "And Alden, Prime minister from New Zealand, a small country in the southern hemisphere, said:

"If we are to define a new value for New Zealand, then I would say: Mercy (kindness). (A) After all isolationism, protectionism, racism, if we want to be able to see further, then "mercy" and "collectivism" will be necessary. 」

When the shooting in Christ City, New Zealand, we realized that what she said was not true.

In the past, she served as adviser to British Prime Minister Tony Blair on State policy. In August 2017, she returned to New Zealand to take over as Labour leader, and in October of the same year she became the youngest prime minister in New Zealand's 161-year history.

"New Zealand is committed to our responsibility to build and maintain peace and security in the world and to promote and defend the universal values of openness, inclusiveness and the rule of law in the hope of achieving pragmatism, empathy, strength and mercy. 」

It has been said that women in the workplace, in order to compete with men, often have to emphasize their "male side." Strong attitude, tough style, low-key private life. So historically, we have seen Mrs. Thatcher, the British prime minister known as the Iron Lady, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, a low-key private life. But is there any possibility that female politicians, too, can have other looks? Alden let us discover that as a leader, you can be known for your flexible leadership skills (soft managment).

You can be pragmatic, the same, strong at the same time, still remain merciful.

Can a female prime minister have an intimate relationship? Of course, it can be brought into the United Nations.

In addition, Alden is not the same, but also reflected in her intimate relationship practice.

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I'm not the first woman to use, and I'm not the first woman to have a baby in the workplace, and there are a lot of women in the world who have done it before me. ("I am not a woman to multi-task. I am not, the first woman to the then and have a baby-there is many and the have do this before. " ) She said.

In the 2018, she became the second national leader in history to conceive during her tenure. This number, perhaps, is hard for you to believe. But in fact, with the exception of Benazir Bhutto, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, who produced in office in 1990, no second female leader in the modern state has ever experienced the same situation. (Extended reading: the leader of a pregnant country in the second term in history!) New Zealand pm: "Women can juggle everything, but they shouldn't take it alone")

She did it. Of course, she was not all on her own, but Crackerford Clarke Gayford, an intimate partner who was willing to hold on to her, and supported her behind her back. (Extended reading: New Zealand Prime Minister and first mate: when you stand at the United Nations, I take care of our baby ) She and her partner, Gayford, often "flash" on the community website. They were not married, and Gayford, as the primary caregiver of the child, often accompanied Al's cancellation of the International conference. He claims to be an "additional (A plus 1)", while his photographs of infant care at the United Nations are also spread across the community network.

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Alden let us see that women leaders are not the only ones who look

Alden is certainly not perfect, and even she doesn't need to be a perfect person. She lets us see that, as a leader, you can be merciful, gentle, and also a good leader. As a woman, you can not get married, you can get pregnant at the busiest time, or you can let your partner take the baby through discussion, after all, as she puts it: "Home is a team." 」

From Alden, we see that society needs more than a single female role model, but a feminist leader (feminist leader) who is as comfortable and alive as she is. We also expect that in the future, political leaders, men and women alike, regardless of sexual orientation and gender traits, will be more attractive.

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