Interview with He Shihi, a professor at the University of Hong Kong. On the #MeToo movement in Hong Kong, this time it cuts into the gender conundrum of Hong Kong politics. "We need people with biological gender who are women, to participate in politics, to enter the Legislative Council, to move into positions where social policy can be formulated," she said. We also need more representatives of cool children. 」

In the previous article, women's fans spoke to He Shihi about Hong Kong's #MeToo, dismantling the causes of widespread social questioning and two of injuries to victims, and the condensation explained why #MeToo victims generally delayed recourse. In the next part of the interview, the condensation will be cut from the perspective of power relations (power-relation) and System (System) to describe the blueprint for women's power in Hong Kong and the difficulties faced.

In fact, speaking of condensation, she is undoubtedly a tough girl, dare to say, and with a wealth of knowledge, no wonder her mouth of the "old poop" will be afraid of her such "a Woman", she can both speak out about the problem, but also mobilize to combat gender inequity of society, institutions and ideology, which is undoubtedly dangerous in the college.

It's "old poop" that gets in the way of a woman's "hair circumference."

Condensation likes to use vivid Cantonese slang to express complex concepts. In addition to liking to say "I as a woman ..." to describe himself as a fighter for a single horse, she also loves to use "hair circumference" and "old poop" two words. In the context of her interview, the former refers to "doing something", "breaking through some obstacles" and "winning the dominant position", which refers to men who have long been sitting in the office with power and voice, such as a high-powered male professor in the department, a head of the department, or a male management in a company, a male leadership in a country It can even extend to male writers in the media who often have cross-page columns.

"In a society that sees women as sexual objects, there is no respect for women's achievements and ideas. -What condensation

"In a society that sees women as sexual objects, there is no respect for women's achievements and ideas. "At the age of 58, she was officially promoted to Professor of social work and social administration at the University of Hong Kong. Subsequently, she applied to the University of Hong Kong for 5 years (60 years of age) to stay in office after the age of 60, so that she could fully plan for her teaching career. However, the application was delayed and she complained to the deputy principal, but the results were only approved for 2 years for an unknown reason. She once pointed out that the university was excluded from "5 years in office" because of its distinctive political stance (supporting the progressive values of umbrella sports, gay affirmative action, etc.).

Her resistance to the system and the authorities, as well as her outspoken character, with the brave, public to come forward #MeToo victims such as dawn, Lu Liyao and so on, in fact, there is a similar thing. They are dissatisfied, they express dissatisfaction and unwilling to obey, but they are regarded as "troublemakers", "bad women","when women say that the pastor Bear hugged himself to make himself uncomfortable, the leader such behavior is wrong, the boss so look at their body is very unhappy, and then to complain, we feel that women not only take it Too seriously, but also to follow up on this, the workload has greatly increased, after the criticism of course is women, because they find her troublesome. 」

Simple and vulgar, to seriously acknowledge a woman's feelings, the power of the old poop will be troublesome, and will find that there is a conflict of interest, nature will be the group image, the relationship between the power of the front to consider, some authorities will simply think: "Instead of taking risks, it is better to deal with the trouble of women first." 」

If the authorities really, seriously want to deal with complaints and improve injustice, society will actually progress, women can be surrounded, society will realize that "the feeling of the original woman is such, the original female body needs to be respected, when she says NO, we want to take it seriously." "However, the reason why old poop is" old "refers not only to age, but also seniority, connections, money, which is the real trouble of the old poop to sit on its high.

Two kinds of "struggle spaces" of condensation

As a professor, the college was the first space for her to fight, but it was not so much a space as a seam, she had been walking the gap, in the "walk", such as in the course of teaching, to join the gender awareness, "in the College, I use theory to fight." There will be compulsory courses and tutorial in the university, and students will read the articles they need to read, and then ask questions and discuss them with me. However, it is still necessary to teach in the name of so-called health, and if the topic involves bad sex, it must not be allowed, such as gay issues. 」

"And in the academy, academic freedom keeps narrowing. "The school's grading system for teachers has gradually become strict, and the" quality of teaching "in their mouths is being tightly monitored. At the same time, "I tried to have students who were afraid to work with me and quit after writing a research paper because they didn't want anything to do with these topics." These topics have become sensitive topics. 」

In China, the issue of gay affirmative action has been banned from discussion (as evidenced by the Weibo incident, the arrest of lawyers), and the topic of feminism has been banned. The reason for this phenomenon, in fact, it is not difficult to understand that there was once a friend of the Umbrella Movement made a metaphor, still profound: The value of progress contains in addition to the Umbrella Movement mentioned in the democracy, we often talk about freedom, as well as gay marriage, gender equality, progressive value is a basket of things, Extracting one of the fruits out of the basket and banning it from appearing, but not banning the remaining ones, is not a complete prohibition, that is, a concession to the value of progress. For countries that oppose Democratic ideas in the bud of society, it is necessary to ban gay affirmative action at the same time, which is called a complete plan.

Outside the college, as "a Woman", society is her second kind of struggle space, this space does not have to follow the curriculum guidelines, any need for a gender perspective of activities, such as post-discussion, women's Day, etc., she is in the "volunteer" way to participate, she is also happy to share what she has. Sometimes, three, four or five people gather, she is called out to fight, organize, such as "Sex Guild", she laughs, "I often call my actions to do four or five actions, four to five people on the action, and very much want those fashion pop-up store, may be put out on the weekend, and then quickly move, disappear." 」

We need to reform from the system.

We need people with a biological gender who are women, to participate in politics, to enter the Legislative Council, to enter a position where social policy can be formulated. We need more queer representatives, and of course, there are Chen Zhiquan in Hong Kong, but there are no lesbians yet. -He Shihi

It is believed that we need to go deep into the roots of unequal trees, that is, the upper echelons of the system, in order to improve the status of women in society, reduce the neglect of women's feelings and reduce the incidence of gender injustice, "We need people with a biological gender who are women, to participate in politics We need more queer representatives, and of course, there are Chen Zhiquan in Hong Kong, but there are no lesbians yet. "In addition to the political establishment, there are also the school board of the University. (Extended reading: from Europe and the US to see Taiwan!) Women's political participation makes society better )

"In this position (professor) of me, with the same old poop in this position, the treatment has been different." "When she likened the other side to the helicopter, she walked with her feet, engaged in sports and was vilified and marginalized," I think it's really unfair, I don't think I'm worse than anyone else, but why is my road particularly slow, particularly cloudy artificial disorder? "Simompova's" Second Sex "is written in 1949 years. We thought women would no longer be just "second gender" in 2019, and we thought there would be progress in gender equality (such as equality in the workplace, physical autonomy, women's rights).

PostScript: Women of the younger generation need to represent

He is used to talking on millennials as if I ' re teenagers. Re in our thirties now. We ' re raising kids and getting married and having families, and I have mortgages and student-loan debt. S important (Congress is) in touch. The tend to interpret such as me railing against older and being ageist. But that's not WhatsApp. S a problem of representation.

People are used to describing generation Y as teenagers, but some of us are 30 years old. We've started getting married and having kids, we've got mortgage and school debt to pay back, and Parliament needs to be connected to our generation. Some people think that I use this to exclude the elderly, and even say that I am age discrimination, but this is not true. What I have emphasized is whether generation Y is "represented" in society and parliament.

-Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, 116th term member of the United States House of Representatives

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a 29-year-old member of the U.S. House of Representatives, has been a new generation of female politicians who worked for Bernie Sander's campaign works from Latino families, focusing on class and race issues, It is also a feminist political figure who has attracted the attention of the American media. Her humorous and youthful image, in addition to injecting fresh oxygen into the word politics, also represents the voice of young American women of the same generation, believing that it will continue to inspire the younger generation and allow women to flourish. (Scene: who is the youngest congressman in American history? Ogachu-Coutize in politics as chic as dancing posture )

In speaking of the possibility of women's political participation, she exudes a little worried expression, and she looks at women fans and says, "This social environment and change, especially your generation, will be more difficult." In the case of writing workers, your wages and job security are no longer ideal, and young female political representatives are absolutely necessary if we are to strive for gender justice in the wider environment. 」

Why would it emphasize the younger generation of women in Hong Kong? In the case of women in Generation Y (also known as millennials, who generally refer to people born in the 1980 and 1990), some of us (including journalists) have graduated or are about to graduate from college, come out to work for several years, and then have academic loans to be repaid up to 20 years later, if you are lucky, Young women in the working class only have to face financial and career pressures, and if they are unlucky, they may encounter unfair sexual harassment or gender discrimination in the workplace.

90后 's women are no longer children, but in Hong Kong, there are few political figures or intellectual representatives of the same age who can look up and empathize, except for models and entertainers. Hong Kong has had the youngest member of the Legislative Council in history, Rochuncon, who was elected in 2016 with only 23 years of age, and whose political stance is democratic and progressive, has repeatedly appeared in gay activities. Will a similar number of female figures emerge in Hong Kong in the next few years?