Breastfeeding can only be the responsibility of the mother? Japan's new technology products "Daddy mammal" so that father can also kiss the baby! The invention will not just be a "mother's gospel," but would allow dad to join the family parenting "battlefield" and have more intimate contact with the child.

The family is about to add a small baby, the two at the beginning with a little rusty and happy to look forward to the mood, but also gradually found that the baby will be in the morning and evening crying, hungry or just need people to pay attention to the moment. At this time, the mother because of lactating, like should be responsible for breastfeeding work, from home to public, we mostly only see the nursery in Ladies ' room.

However, breastfeeding can only be the responsibility of the mother? Dentsu, a new technology product developed by the Japanese team, "Daddy Mammal" (father'S NURSING ASSISTANT), will change this established rule.

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Dentsu Father lactation device, reduce the burden of family childcare!

The artificial mammal exterior is like a pair of real breasts, with a tube with a guide to the milk inside, and a simple wear design allows dads to get started quickly.

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In particular, it is not a cold plastic breast, but a device that simulates the touch of the body's skin, has a simulated mother's body temperature, and slightly vibrates during breastfeeding. On the advice of a pediatrician and a professional babysitter, it is pointed out that babies are also used to touching their breasts with their hands when sucking milk, and that the design of softness and temperature can make the baby feel more comfortable and at ease, and can also induce a good sleep.

In addition, the product can connect the mobile phone App, at any time to track the baby's milk demand, sense his sleep time, status and the relative appropriate feeding frequency. With the help of smart technology, it can make parents have better sleep and slow down the pressure on family parenting.

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Dad, I feel you.

In fact, most of these functions are within the scope of imaginable technology, and what we can further discuss is how can this invention improve the relationship between members of the general family?

In the past, we generally recognized that mothers should be the primary mammals, and that babies were connected to each other's umbilical cord in their mother's womb, and that they continued to need a sense of security after birth, such as uterine cladding, including temperature, skin contact, and so on. At this time, the mother lactation and lactation, and the baby continues to have closer emotional communication.

As a result, from gestation to breeding, the father was unable to participate in this stage of "family communication", and easily become a relatively awkward bystander.

But we see this product's emphasis on body temperature simulations, a sense of security conveyed to intelligent control of emotional and physiological needs and other functions, so that fathers can more truthfully interact with the baby, feel the intimate relationship between the self and the newborn baby. The associated one may also be the gain of the future father-son relationship.

Honey, let's become close comrades.

The Dentsu team said in the product's publication: "The belief is the possible of it is," and it is believed that changing the future is possible. First they see the burden of motherhood and family parenting difficulties, and they are eager to help release stress through smart technology.

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However, the appearance of Dad's mammal will not just be "the Gospel of Mother." It should be a medium for dads to join the "battlefield", in addition to breaking the physiological structure, but also to reflect more family emotional exchanges; What is expected to be built in the future will be a more active family support system.

After all, there are more moments on the way to start a family than breastfeeding, and there are more times when you need to team up. Let's become the most powerful close comrades together!