2019 women fans The third session of the Global Women's Impact forum, this time, our theme, "Breaking the Limit Open Innovation Bureau", invited 10 women from different fields in Asia to share their true life stories before standing on this stage. Limitations persist, sometimes irresistible, and most of the time comes from ourselves. Breaking through the limit is to find the way you want it most, and then you can start a new bureau of life. Through the word straight hit, want to take you back together to full of power of the scene, see their own limitations, but also find more options and methods.

In the spring of 2019, the women's fan of the Global women's Influence forum came to its third session. From the past we talked about ripping off the label to become ourselves, self-defined influence, this time is to talk about how women can break through the restrictions, and then create a new bureau.

We invite new actors to the drama show of the 51st and 52nd Admiralty Awards: Even Hu Han and Chen Yu, who share their women's life stories in response to women's ambassador and women's fan Silvia, as well as Cao, senior director of multinational companies, peiting, and access to the rich in Asia 30. Under the age of 30 distinguished persons with potential to change the world (Forbes Under Asia 2018): Social enterprise staple food Catering CEO Zhenghuihuru, biological Science winner Havital HK Holdings founder Lingwenlin, financial investment laureate Rookie Fund Tang Qi, executive director, shared the conversation. At the scene of the real story rendezvous, feel the feminine power that inspires each other and leads the "new" situation.

On the night of the event, we continued the form of hand-strapped ribbons, allowing staff to personally tie red ribbons to each participant. The ribbon is printed with the words "#突破限制开创新局", through this tied action, gently deliver every belief, link each other and continue more influence.

In addition, this year has also added a double ticket trafficking, so that we can take their friends, family or partners to participate in joint discussions, because women's restrictions and breakthrough methods, regardless of age, generation, gender should be the common concern of the important topic.

2019 Women fans Global women's influence forum, why talk about restrictions and breakthroughs?

At the beginning of the event, the introduction of women fans co-founder & amp; Data chief Chen Yi Zhen Tanya shared our annual female impact survey results. It is mentioned that this society still has multiple roles for women and must be balanced, as well as the expectations of the established appearance. As daughters, we are asked to obey our elders, and when we have a family of our own, we are asked to bear most of the housework and the responsibility of raising children. In addition, nearly a 50% of women said the society had told her that "finding a good person to get married is the most important thing."

These are the real existence of society now, the requirements and restrictions on women. So the theme we're talking about this session is breaking through restrictions and opening up the Innovation Bureau. We can imagine how much change the world of this society can make when more and more women are influential and able to exert their strength.

Women's Ambassador Lian and Chen Yu: You just need to make good use of your unique side

The third Global Forum on Women's influence, we invite new generation actors to talk to Hu Han and Chen Yu about the limitations and breakthroughs as an actress. It is also a rare way for us to hear the true feelings and female experiences of the actors so close.

It is very tacit understanding that even Hu Han and Chen Yu are the winners of the new actor award for the 51st and 52 Admiralty drama programs respectively, and we would like to talk to them about what "restrictions" are felt along the way in the field of drama.

Chen Yu, who has a hot-hit work this year, "Our distance from Evil," and the upcoming April "If Love Comes back," as a high-profile new actor, said she once had a low show of acting, almost no play, and began to doubt herself. At the time, there were a lot of predecessors around to give Chen Yu advice, but the proposals actually became a limitation in a way. But Chen Yu said she didn't want to fight the obstacles either, but not humble at her own pace, "and when you get to the next play, you'll see that you're a little different." 」

"No one can judge your ability, because no one can keep up with your speed." -Chen Yu

Everyone has their own time zone, and you just have to push yourself forward, and you'll find that no one else can keep up with you, or that you can't really judge your value.

Even Hu Han mentioned, because their temperament is more "strange", more special, so often have to face everyone's vision of their own. For example, when picking up a play, the show is often less sure that they are able to interpret these characters perfectly. But she also said that over the past few years she has worked hard to play every role, because when you try to overcome the framework, to find different channels to communicate with you, always at some point, meet the frequency of people.

"You may be weird, but it really doesn't matter, you just have to learn to make good use of your unique side." -Even Hu Han

In addition to film and television works, Hu Han in recent years has also launched a collection of personal text works. Whether it's with text or screen characters, when you can master your own characteristics and accept your strengths and weaknesses, you will always find that channel of communication, and then be able to pass on your ideas and moves.

Then we talk about the established and derivative limitations of the society on actresses. Hu Han First mentioned the age limit, because the public's limitations on women's age imagination, and then made actresses vulnerable to "Am I going to have no drama?" "Anxiety." However, in fact, women of every age, mature old, every stage of the female story and appearance should be told, seen. Hu Han believes that the audience's acceptance range is very large, women do not fear age, because these are the process of must go through.

In her eyes, women have a natural softness and tolerance, they can always accommodate a lot of things, and then produce gentle influence. But she also cautioned that you should be happy outside of inclusion.

Then Chen Yu shared the public's restrictions on the appearance of actresses. Chen Yu because of the black skin, often by the group reminded "Girls do not love sports so much, often run out, usually remember sunscreen" and so on, the luminaire will also be on the sidelines desperately to help her fill up. In the low tide of her no play, she had really listened to these words, and even signed up for a whitening spa course. But now for her, feel that in fact live out of their own comfortable appearance, it will naturally emit a personal style and charm.

Finally, during the live audience question-and-answer time, someone mentioned, "How do you give yourself strength when you're frustrated?" 」

Chen Yu at this time eyes bright, tone very persuasive said "I have a very useful way!" "Let us all not help but listen." "I will go to massage at this time, or acupuncture, that really super pain!" "At this time the whole room roar, feel Chen Yu straightforward and lovely personality." She mentions that when you go through such a sharp pain, you will find that the difficult predicament in life is less than that. Waiting for the body to prop up, the heart can also support the past.

Hu Han also went on to say sensitively, "imagine that you are at the bottom of the valley, and will not fall down." And now that you're at rock bottom, then you can only go up. "With such a heart, she packed her bags and was ready to climb the mountain and pick a tough mountain." In the process you feel that no one can help you walk these roads, every step you go up, you will find that the original so hard, but also in reaching the top of the mountain, overlooking the scenery to feel "just so hard, I can get here" satisfaction. She gives the training of body muscle endurance and mental toughness to nature and delivers it to a mountain, and when the body is strong, your mind will be strong again.

"Hopefully you'll find the power to come back from the bottom, too." "Hu Han to the audience who spoke, and to all the people at the scene, hoping that all the deep valleys were the beginning of our thrive.

Pink Silvia Life story sharing: Hey, you don't have to wait until you're ready.

The tradition of the impact forum is to let our fans come on stage every year to share. We want to build a stage where more people can tell their own stories of life.

This year, Silvia, a co-founder of the gaming industry from only 5% women, also shares her philosophy in the face of these life and work industry constraints.

"Invited to share here by women's fans, in fact, my heart is full of schisandra and mixed." "Unlike the general dynamic opening, Silvia looks at some stage fright and a little bit of uncertainty. She went on to say she suffers from a bit of "fake syndrome," especially in the face of public speaking.

Explaining "counterfeit syndrome" to a woman's life experience means that many girls often feel that they can't meet other people's expectations, and when someone praises you, you think, "Am I really like this?" "You are also afraid that you will not be able to consistently meet each other's expectations."

Silvia said that when he was a young man in the country, he was assigned to a speech contest by his teacher. She remembered that she had been ready at the time, but at the moment she stood under the stage, she saw the sea of crowds suddenly timid up. She could not stop crying, and in the end, of course, could not make it to power. This memory continues to affect Silvia's life, and even though she has been starting her own company for four years, speaking on stage is still an obstacle for her.

So, up to two weeks before today, she spent time in anxiety, repeatedly, sometimes feeling that she was ready, but sometimes she felt that it was much worse. But at this moment, but heard Silvia firmly said: "Anyway, I am standing here today, if I can bring any one here a little bit of heart to read, I think I challenge myself to stand on this stage to speak is very worthwhile." "After listening to this passage, the whole body of applause like thunder, we can also feel her tone more and more stable, but also more and more confident."

"It doesn't have to wait until it's strong to start, it's going to be tough to start." "--Silvia

If she can go back to the past, she hopes she can walk to that stage of primary school, take up her childhood herself, took her step-by-step to this step, walk to the middle of this podium. She would say to her, whatever you desire to do, you just have to do it boldly.

And stepping out of this step is a bit like playing high-altitude bounce. The whole game, the scariest moment is standing on the platform of the moment, you think about how difficult it is to jump down, you are gathering your own courage. However, when you really jump, there is actually only a beautiful scenery, with a full sense of accomplishment. You will feel the sense of freedom released by fear and feel that this is bravery.

Back to the social side of the discussion. Silvia thinks these truths are the same, and a lot of times the public will first predict you what inequalities you will encounter on what occasions and in your field. You feel that you are limited and difficult, but in fact most of the time it is we who limit ourselves first.

"I would like to appeal that when we speak out for" equality ", we should also remind ourselves that the so-called affirmative action, not only how others treat you, more important things to see themselves. "When you want to break through the limits, Innovation Bureau, you don't have to wait at all, you just have to have this idea, you can do it." And always have to believe in yourself and give yourself this courage.

Set off, and you'll find yourself able to.

Women's fan CEO Zhang Wei Xuan: Our mission is to make everyone who they are

After the powder girl Silvia shared, we also went into different fields to share and talk to women in the workplace, from the speaker Cao Hui Yeon "dare different" wonderful speech, peiting, Liao Yiwen's Women's vision dialogue, to the rich Under Asia winner Zhenghuihuru, Lingwenlin and Tang Qi leading generation to talk about, They each shared their own workplace or family stories, talked about so-called restrictions, and the meaning and ways to start a new bureau. More exciting content, we will also continue to bring to you in the next straight-click Text.

10 speakers, like the women's marathon, bring energy to the audience, and we occasionally feel gentle and sensual, occasionally popping up lively and pleasant laughter. Just as women have a variety of faces, we show ourselves here and link to each other. And when the event comes to an end, we also invite the big parents of women fans--the co-founder and CEO of Women's fans, Zhang Wei Xuan, to speak to everyone.

Wei Xuan said that this year's theme is set as "breaking the limit, creating a new bureau", sometimes the most important key may not be "new", but that "bureau". For example, if she also wants to be selected as Under, but she is over 30 years old, she can't do it for the rest of her life. It's just that if you keep thinking about what you can't, it's because you only see that "bureau."

Looking back on his own business, Wei Xuan had a good friend asked her: "Now girls have been very good, can be educated, can vote, what are you going to do?" "But over the years, we have indeed been on the ground, still seeing the gender constraints in society, or what we have given ourselves."

Women's fans have held women's influence forums for three years in a row, with the aim of bringing together the real experiences of different women so that we can gather here and feel and link to each other. We can no longer only look up to the life and expectations of others, but in this evening, see the appearance of success is not only one, women's influence is not only one, and in these appearance, find some personal thoughts, find what they want.

Limitations are real, but today these speakers share their practical experiences and actively seek a breakthrough process. It's never over yet, it's always a long way off. However, through such occasions, we can see that they can have different choices, and can go back to themselves, see what their limitations are, what can be the method.

"Our mission is to make everyone who they are. "--Zhang Wei Xuan

Why start a woman fan, why stick to this path, because we never just want to do one thing, is to let you know, you are you, you can choose what you want to look like. And tonight, women fans are on the shelves of the long-prepared " Gender Force " website, introducing more focused and critical gender services, in the hope that in the future, both women and men, or more gender identity, will be able to find their most comfortable appearance.

The third women's influence forum, we are more breakthrough year by year, because we look forward to this road, we can go the better, give each other more and more support and strength. After the scatter, we will each return to our position. But not the same, because once in this night together, condensed these 10 women's stories, to more female influence, hope that every participation in the scene of you, can therefore have more strength and courage.