Do you believe in your influence? 2019 3rd Global Women's Impact Forum, women fans invited Cao Huixuan, Huang Peiyi, Liao Yixuan, and the audience to share, how they in life, break through difficulties and constraints, and then for themselves and the world, to create a new situation with influence.

On March 28, 2019, women fans hosted the 3rd Global Women Impact Forum Global Women Impact Summit, with the theme "Breaking the Limits and Opening of Innovation". Why let women break through the limits and make an impact, so that they can open up new ways for themselves and the world? Let's start with the speaker's experience and hear multiple stories and voices.

At the beginning of the forum, we first invited the actors, Lian Yihan, and Chen Wei to share, and they talked about the limitations of being an actress.

Chen said that she had a period of low performance, almost no drama, let her into self-doubt. Later, she still followed her own pace, not humble to continue to work hard, and finally have a return. She encourages everyone: "No one can judge your ability, because no one can keep up with your speed." 」

"Imagine you're at the bottom and you're not going down again." Now that you're at the bottom, you can only go up. Even the restriction is like a mountain, you must climb it before you can cross the barrier. This journey, no one can carry you to walk;

Then, fan-pink Silvia also uses the high-altitude bounce as an example: "A lot of times, we limit ourselves first." If you can overcome the fear of the present, you will find that the limit has disappeared unknowingly. (Review: Live Hit 2019 Global Women Impact Forum: You don't have to wait until you're very strong to start, you don't have to start it very well)

In the next episode, we invite Cao Huixuan, Director of Marketing and Human Resources of XiangZiyi Boutique Underwear Brand, and Huang Peixuan, Senior Director of Customer and Sales Development in PepsiCo Greater China, to share with the audience how they face the various limitations in their lives, and how to find solutions in many difficulties, and then break through, Create a new situation for yourself and the world.

How much change is made when women have a chance to break through and make an impact? Let us do a wonderful live hit for you!

Cao Huixuan: You need to know, what is best for you

Cao Huixuan with a stunning suit, stepping on elegant nude-colored high-heeled shoes, in her body, there is a fusion rate and gentle female beauty. She is the marketing and human resources director of Xiangzi-yuan boutique underwear brand, she shares with the audience, she from the individual to the Taiwan brand restrictions and breakthroughs.

First of all, Cao Huixuan from the limitations, she shared their experience of learning. Originally read his own language and literature related departments, but decided to study in the United Kingdom business research institute. From Shakespeare to calculators, the hardships of the process speak for themselves. (Same-field plus- to show: an exclusive interview with Cao Huixuan, Director of Brand Marketing and Human Resources: Women's Sensibility is not redundant, but power)

She shared with a smile: "Life is made up of constant choices. Two roads in front of you, you can only walk one, you never know what the scenery in front of each road is. Cao Huixuan said that she had to go to the United Kingdom in two weeks to complete the check-in procedures, she did not have time to do too much consideration, a bite of her teeth, so fly away. "I want to see what the scenery is when this road ends. 」

In the first class at the British Institute, many people heard that the classroom homework is heavy, have changed departments, and finally, only Cao Huixuan is the only Taiwanese in the whole class. She also hesitated, did she have no business background in her own, should not leave? Although Cao Huixuan is at a disadvantage compared to other students with business backgrounds, she also recognizes that she must redouble her efforts. So she studied the Chinese edition of her business textbooks at night, and then took classes against the English version during the day.

All fear comes from the unknown. - Cao Huixuan

"Because you don't know, you're afraid. Cao Huixuan looked at the audience and said, If you are willing to take the most difficult first step, then you can take the second step, the third step. "Slowly, you'll find that he's not that hard. 」

Cao Huixuan also shared her own courage, when she held back, she would ask herself: "Would you like to be brave for yourself once?" Brave, the word plays an important role in Cao Huixuan's life, just like her mother. When she was a child, when she wrestled on a bicycle, her mother would not comfort her, but encouraged her to stand up. Every time she was in a good standing, she remembered her mother's words: "Brave!" She made a cheering gesture and made the audience smile.

Engaged in underwear brand marketing, Cao Huixuan saw many restrictions as women.

She found that customers came in, most of the time, and often said, "I want to buy black lace because my husband likes it." I want to buy a thing that makes my look more focused, so my boyfriend will be happier. "Do you have an adjusted bra?" My mother says I'm hunched very bad. Many women buy underwear not for their own liking or comfort, but for others. At this point, many of the audience nodded frequently, the Buddha said his own life experience.

"Have you ever asked yourself what really suits you?" Cao Huixuan throws out the question - do you think "good" is the society feel, or do you think it yourself? XiangZi-Yuan boutique underwear, from the "people-oriented" start, to assist every woman to explore self-worth and real needs.

"First of all, you must first know yourself. 'A lot of times, it's what others think we should do, not make our own decisions, ' Cao said. "Every day, someone can't wait to share his life experience with you. But you know, not every success can be replicated. 」

"Your life, each has its own beauty, is like a classic that can not be re-engraved. Cao Huixuan

This concept, Cao Huixuan also practice in Xiangzhiyi's brand management. The brand's mind is to create a new stage for women to create their own positioning.

"The process of branding, we do not replicate the success of others, but strive to become a "people-oriented, love-centric" enterprise. We want to change women's values. Cao Huixuan said that although the process is quite hard, must continue to cover the thorns, but also have come through.

Cao Huixuan's father once said to her, "You should be the lamp in the dark, and when it comes on, everyone will look up." You just need to find yourself, you will shine, you will shine. Holding this belief, Cao Huixuan in leading the team forward, but also hope that XiangZiyu fine underwear, can become a shining guide, for example: in order to fulfill social responsibility, XiangZiyu launched a lot of public welfare cooperation, committed to giving back to this land in Taiwan. "There's always a lot more we can do. 」

"You are very capable, dare you let yourself shine?" Cao Huixuan said, people do not have a good 100 points, but you can not ignore their own good side. "You all have the ability to shine, and the difference is only that you are willing to show your hair source." 」

Female influence is a gentle revolution, quiet but distant enough to shake the world.

Cao Huixuan

Huang Peiyu X Liao Yiyi: No one is 100 points, no need is 100 points

In the previous paragraph, Cao Huixuan from personal experience, and the next program, we want to talk about the real difficulties in the career.

Host Audrey shared that there are many real limitations in the workplace and life: "How can we see restrictions as a condition and find our own ideal formula." Then, Audrey invited two panellists to the stage: the first, Huang Peixuan, who was the general manager of taiwan for the multinational group before she was less than 40 years old, who is now the senior director of customer and sales development for PepsiCo Greater China, dressed in an ink-green dress, always flashed a flash of luster as she moved, and appeared to be full of confidence. The second speaker was the night's mysterious guest, Liao Yiyi, who was the co-founder of Green Vine. This program, by them together to bring wonderful sharing and talk.

Audrey first asked the two men how they thought of the "restriction" thing.

"Everyone only has 24 hours, do you see it as a restriction or a condition?" It's not so much how you look at restrictions than what you have. Huang Peixuan firmly than a finger said, "You know what you have, you go to that battlefield, you have a higher chance of winning." She believes that everyone is not perfect, but must have their core strengths, make good use of their strengths, in order to achieve their goals in the most efficient way.

"I don't know how many people in the heart, or the mouth has said such a sentence: "Old lady with you spell!" Liao Yiyi smiled, "Can you help me raise my hand?" Have you ever said that at some point in your life? Many of the audience raised their hands, and the Buddha felt the same way.

"I spelled it with "you", what is that "you"? it's a limitation. "But with those restrictions, it becomes a tension. Let's want to break through and make some change. I thought, why should there be restrictions? But now I think that restriction is the condition that makes us more creative and mobile. 」

Being a woman, or being a person, may have to take into account multiple identities at the same time. How to coordinate when you have to play a variety of different roles in life? How do we allocate time properly?

Today I am the daughter, wife and daughter-in-law of others, but I am also me.

Liao Yiyi

"I don't have the best distribution, but I ask myself every day, and I want to make it conscious, " Liao shared. I have so many roles, how much do I have to do? Remembering yourself as another character, she says, doesn't forget the existence of the "own" subject.

Huang Peixuan shared his first experience as general manager. "Of course I was happy at first! But when I arrived the next day, I suddenly found that I would nat nothing. Huang said he used to be good at marketing, but as a general manager, he had to understand the business, he had to know how to operate the company, and he had to know how to deal with the vendor.

"I'm not perfect, I have a lot of things that i can't do. She suggests that you should understand one thing: you are not a perfect person. "I never thought I could do 100 points. But you must know where you are strongest, and know what you can do to get help. (Same-field plus: Interview with Huang Peixuan, Senior Director of Transnational: Don't take perfection as a goal, it's just to force yourself to death)

Continuing the topic, Huang pei-yin also simply gave an example of himself getting along with children. On one occasion, she forced her son to eat eggs he didn't want to eat, and afterwards felt a little guilty, when she and her son said, "I'm sorry, this is my first time as a mother." The lovely and humorous example elicited a burst of laughter. She adds that while it's just a small thing in life, it can be applied to other things.

I admit, "I won't." Really not, just go to school.

Huang Peixuan

One of the fears in the face of restrictions, Huang said, was that I seemed to be meeting, but I wouldn't. She suggested that you have the courage to ask for help at this time!

"Say, "I won't, can I be taught." It's as simple as you can get more than you think. 」

Liao yiyi also agreed, "When you admit that you don't understand, it is that you get more and better starts." 」

The wonderful discussion came to an end, and the audience was open to ask questions. Soon, a girl raised her hand actively.

The girl, named Carol, said: "I had Ivf twice last year and I failed. She is keen on work, was questioned by others, is it necessary to leave the job, in order to get pregnant smoothly? "What I want to ask is, if a person is busy in the workplace, what should be done in life and other things?" 」

Huang Peixuan responded: "Work is always busy. She said, "Do you want a balanced life, or do you want to play in the workplace?" Your problem, only you know. (Same-field plus: Interview with Senior Director of Transnational: On the day of the business meeting, the child in my belly had a heart-stopping heartbeat)

"You have to decide what you want in the future, and then you'll push back, and you know how you're going to work now." - Huang Peixuan

Finally, the woman's big parents, Zhang Yuxuan, also asked: "How to open a new bureau?" How about the next new definition of your life? 」

"First of all, the word "new" is very important. How do you define "new"? It's constantly changing. 'It's only when you keep trying that you'll know what the new is, ' Mr. Huang said. "There is something new before there is a situation." She encouraged everyone present to explore the world if they had the courage.

Trying to break through is a new kind of game.

Through the speaker's sharing, we hear more about the real experience of the restrictions. Limitation sits forever, it exists in your real life.

"All the fear is out of the unknown, " Cao said. She encouraged everyone to step up and be brave for themselves. Huang suggested that everyone should admit their imperfections and keep learning to find the possibility of progress.

What we need to do in the face of constraints is to "admit the shortcomings" and "face up" and when we are willing to admit our weaknesses and break their fears and step up vigorously, we will have the opportunity to make a new start in life.


I just don't feel like I can't do anything, I have a personality that Doesn't give up. - Chen Wei