Domestic violence is not the result of a mommy's impulse, but it is the accumulation of long-term pressure on the partner.Because of this, such violence is viewed as a "conscious" behavior that partners can control each other's ideas and actions through this behavior.Through the following 12 topics of self-detection, the intimate relationship with a partner is perspective.

back, did you have the following year with your intimate partner in the past year?(A: 1 for 1, answer no 0 points)

1. All things are decided by one side, and there is little room for

2. Must account for all spending, friends, or whereabouts of your

3. Partner thinks I should prioritize him (she) with him (she) caters to him (she

4. The partner is difficult to communicate, making me emotionally unstable or bored with


6. Partners will say I'm ugly, fat, low, useless or nobody wants to

7. quarrel for things like wear, work, friends, money, children, family, parents of each

8. Partner drinking or drug use is the cause of our

9. In a conflict, one party threatens to break things, hurt themselves, hurt each other, or the other's

10. One party will fight, push or hit each

11. One party is reluctant to do sex with extreme

12. Partners will control me in money, children, or other

a look at your test results!

The score is between 0 ~ 1 points , and it is OK to represent you and your partner.

The score is between 2 ~ 5 points , which means that there is a bit of tension between partners and that there have been conflicts. If they do not, they may worsen to a situation that is difficult to solve, discuss the problem with friends and relatives or social workers, or find solutions to the 113 Women and Child Protection Hotline.

Points between 6 ~ 12 points are in a very tense state with a partner, or the conflict has been in a state of conflict for some time. The conflict is imminent, and each other has a feeling of intolerable. The 113 Maternal and Child Care Newsline or the Men's Line 0800-013999 must be immediately available for professional assistance.

Of course, feelings between men and women cannot be determined by data, but womany wants you to know that when you get along, feel the sadness, helplessness, or even bodily harm of your mind, please stand up and don't let the damage go again!

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