The Taiwan drama "Our Distance from Evil" has been broadcast in the first four episodes, and with the drama, the audience can see the struggles and contradictions of different characters. In the latest episode, the victim's family's phrase "No mom and dad all day, it takes 20 years to raise a murderer" is unknown, hidden behind countless guilts, heartbroken and powerless victim's family members. Undifferentiated homicide is an earthquake, in addition to the current shock, the event related people are affected by different degrees of aftershocks, this is a healing wound play, and the cure method, from the different angles of seeing the event, thinking about different possible truths to start.

He fell to the bottom, afraid of the dark but faced it all alone, and he finally found a way to confront the darkness, which was to make himself darker than darkness; his conviction in justice, his conviction in protecting everyone with the judicial values he believed in, and at some point he began to wonder whether justice really existed; he had no great dreams, To support the child is the meaning of life, but do not know when the child fell to the bottom, the meaning of life he can no longer find, or not allowed to find; They know the media professional, but to maintain speed and the pursuit of the truth between the standard how to pinch, they are the source of social unrest accomplices? Maybe, maybe not.

A social event extends to five endpoints, and the story begins here. The 2019 Taiwandrama "The Distance from Evil" discusses the wounds left by "Indiscriminate Killing" in every relationship. We are all victims, but we can all be perpetrators. No difference killing is an earthquake, in addition to the current event of the shock, the event related people are affected by different degrees of aftershocks.

Through the drama works, the audience and the characters in the play together to explore the center of the epicenter, see the struggle and contradiction in the hearts of each relationship. With the right distance to care about social issues, in the subtle may be able to get along with people every time, speak, judge before trynot to let themselves become people into the bottom of the situation.

"The Distance From Us and evil" is a healing drama, and the cure begins with thinking about different possible truths from different angles of seeing events.

Fiction comes with a few real, real people feel the same

"Our distance from evil" begins by stating that random homicides were two years ago, but victims, perpetrators, media, lawyers and other relevant people have not forgotten the accident, but also with large and small wounds, looking forward to one day can be cured, continue to live. (Recommended reading: Pick the play for you, "Our Distance from Evil": If My Child Kills Someone)

Such a plot is set just a coincidence with the real world time difference, five years ago, taipei MRT random killings, two or three years ago random killings of children, at that time the community have dropped a shock bomb. The impact of the case on society has led people to fear of taking mass transit vehicles, to start to reduce the number of trips with children, and to lose trust among people. In the MRT killings, the Government also carried out the execution on the 18th day after the death sentence was imposed on the murderer, in order to quickly calm the social panic, and took only seven hours to complete the review and signature.

Such fiction with the truth, but at the same time truly let people feel the same story, is the beginning of our face to face the incident, but also the first step to heal.

The murderer of the random murder in the play, "Li Xiaoming", in the eyes of his family is a child who even "looks at the killing of chickens". When did such great love and empathy be lost? Why do you make such a "big thing" as random killing? And why didn't anyone find out what was wrong with him? At the same time, our doubts about Xiaoming, in fact, and in real life, when the community's questions about Zheng Jie, such as a thorough.

Although the plot's main axis revolves around random killings, the actor's words also reveal the writer's and the director's concerns about different social and family issues. When a lawyer seeking justice chooses to take over the case of a child suspect in order to protect the legal rights of the perpetrator, how does his pregnant wife face her husband? How to balance factual correctness with real-time performance when a director with a journalism major balances factual correctness with real-time performance in order to ensure the quality of news and business interests? And how do you get a pinch of news reporting and advertising revenue?

As an audience member, watching "The Distance from Evil" often feels "the power of language", the actor can just poke the most sensitive piece of each person's heart. In particular, the plot of the virtual cross, write the field let people see the heart, we can go through the situation of these characters of the difficulties, but also to remind themselves: "injured don't escape, face up to the problem to find a solution." 」

Photo A photo of our distance from evil. Available in public view

A person who needs healing, but doesn't know where to start.

"Our Distance from Evil" clearly divides the story into five lines, telling the struggles and pains of the same event, from five perspectives.

  • The killer's motive is worth exploring.
  • The pinch between judicial justice and the difficulty of execution
  • The pain of the victim's family and the difficulties of rebuilding their lives
  • Public opinion pressure on the families of the perpetrators who are not seen
  • Balance between media professionalism and speed of communication

Every character in the play needs healing, but you don't know where to get it. For example, mothers who have lost their children, who still love their families but are unable to look straight at the pain of losing their children, have paralysed themselves day and night with their work and alcohol, and parents who think they have raised murderers have been under enormous pressure from public opinion and have no incentive to live a good life.

In major cases of death and injury in society, all aspects of the cause may be reported and discussed, but the pain of the families of the perpetrators is usually not seen, understood, or even allowed. The play plays the victim's father's inspection, originally plucked up the courage to want to apologize, but saw the public occasion for the countless because of their own children and broken families, the instant leg soft said: "I can't, so many people, so many families, how do we apologize?" How do You pay it back? It's that kind of tearing the heart and lungs, it's that kind of powerlessness and frustration.

The killer's family is like the earthquake affected, fell can no longer rebuild the building in general, go out to wear a mask, fear of being recognized; (Recommended reading: Pick a play for you, "Our Distance from Evil" some crime, so that the whole society is heartbroken)

Of course, the event itself may involve more different levels, but in terms of drama alone, it's no longer easy to deal with the choreography of five story lines and clinging to the core concept, and the dramatic tension that is linked to the matter has also made "Our Distance from Evil" a top-of-the-table winner in The First Week of broadcasting.

Photo A photo of our distance from evil. Available in public view

A large-scale psychological consultation that belongs to society

On March 24, "Our Distance from Evil" received a wide range of responses and positive reviews after the first episode, "The drama review can poison the tongue, treat the necessary affinity" the drama review fan group more described. The play is a large-scale psychological consultation belonging to society, about everyone living together under the same sky, through which we see their own tangles and questions, trying to find answers between the characters, in order to improve the sense of powerlessness in real life, really from their own start to promote change.

The wound in the heart is not like the wound of the body, although the disregard will also heal, but the knot of the crucible may be revealed at any time, when we will find that the original wound has never healed. Just like the mother who lost her child in the play, no longer afraid to walk into her son's room, feel covered up, escape can get through. But in fact, the wound has never really healed, and the difficulties have never really been overcome.

At this point in the day when a major random killing took just a few years, "Our Distance from Evil" appeared, re-opening the range of influence behind the event after the wind was calm. The play seems heavy, but also seems to be discussing "human nature is not so-called good and evil", but behind the more want to convey, is actually "healing", through the realistic presentation of the drama works, we can think from different angles into real life, healing hearts have long been forgotten, but still occasionally seeped through the wound of blood.

Looking forward to this psychological consultation let us start to think, began to face the wound, began to slowly stand up from the pool of blood, once again brave to live in the sun in their hearts.