Have you ever wondered why we talk about "female" leadership? Will this also deepen the gender framework in the workplace? At this Global Women Impact Forum, we invite 30 outstanding people under the age of 30 in 2018 Fortis Asia with the potential to change the world (Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2018) Food and Beverage CEO Zheng Huiru, founder of Havital HK Holdings He and Rookie Fund Executive Director Don Don join us in discussing limitations and breakthroughs in the female workplace. Limitations may come from the unforeseen factor, but we can find more opportunities to start our own new game.

2019 Women's Fans" Global Women's Impact Forum live, we talk about women's limitations: what restrictions are, why they need to be emphasized and overturned, and what we can do. In the conversation, we feel the energy we are constantly absorbing and distributing, imagining the intimacy that is linked to each other, and as a woman, or as a 30- or 40-year-old woman, as a mother, wife, and supervisor, how we can regain the meaning of influence and find new generations.

The Panel generation opened the conversation, and we saw a gorgeous line-up on the stage: three winners of 30 outstanding people under the age of 30 who have the potential to change the world (Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2018). What they want to talk to today, however, is not the story of successful women's high-rises, but real experiences and challenges.

When they say I'm a "strong woman", I confidently respond to "women be self-reinforcing".

"This is an era of women's power, but do you think enough is enough?" 」

The introduction of the introduction of Mr. Ding Lingxuan, from the beginning to throw the problem, i believe that the scene of women, or men, can feel a slight sting. The long road to women's rights, thousands of years into the present 21st century, we see women scientists, physicians, technologists, presidents, entrepreneurs, women seem to have every opportunity to participate and change the world, as if we should all be satisfied with the status quo. But you can also see why women feel guilty when they focus on their work? Why does the primary responsibility for caring for the family fall on the daughter/wife? Although women have the ability to do business, they are not always as comfortable as men in every way.

"But can these blame men?" I don't think so, it's not caused by men. Many times, Ding says, women limit themselves. When she started her own business, as her career grew more successful, she began to get a little sour talk around her, or labeled her a "strong woman." At the time, she didn't think the word "strong woman" was a compliment, but more like a cynicism.

Women are afraid of their "strongness" because they are bound by many social ideas from an early age.

Life is inherently difficult and has a chance, but if you keep looking at the dilemma, the dilemma will come to you.

Ding Lingjun

Worried that his achievements would overshadow Mr. We are taught to be weak sidemen and do not need to be so independent. But a lot of times, women themselves put these labels on their own, and dare not be brave for themselves once.

In fact, careful consideration, "strong woman" is not a negative word. And when you turn your mind, naturally respond to the world with your self-confidence: "Yeah, women should be self-reinforcing." You regard his words as the most self-appreciation as a strong woman;

Mother and entrepreneur: I'm honest that I need help

We opened the question by Mr. Ding Lingxuan, continuing the atmosphere of the woman's power that was ignited, moving our eyes to the three people who talked to the speaker with the microphone.

The first to take up the question is the food and beverage executive director Zheng Huiru, in the bright title, she opened the first sentence, gentle calm tone, but let us feel a set of impression of the contrast: "We are the whole family to start a business." Zheng Huiru said that she was a very fast pace, only the pursuit of full life. But after setting up the family team, she saw herself as part of the team, making all the decisions to help each other move forward.

Ask what are the limitations of the entrepreneurial process? Zheng Huiru spoke of his gender, age and "mom" status restrictions. For example, you are sometimes questioned "you are the youngest on the team", "girls don't know anything", "Why are you so sharp and messing up the atmosphere" and so on. In addition, because delegations are often required to meet outside and propose, in these workplaces, people often ask her "what about your children?" It seems that women should take care of their children before they are eligible to have their own jobs.

In the face of these mistrusts, she had been unaccustomed, but did not immediately back down or give up, nor closed to deal with independently. She turned to teams, from family to employees, and she made her husband and mother-in-law supporters of her heart and real life. She sincerely expresses her need for help, not to herself, but also to others. So she puther herself in the family and at work, while having the strongest team backing.

"A person can walk very quickly, a group of people can go very far. 」
- Ding Lingjun

As women, we may have multiple roles and responsibilities at the same time. But it is not necessary to make "all done well" as the only goal; Zheng Huiru makes himself a team leader, but also benefits the team, mutual understanding needs to meet each other. She looked like she was hiding herself, but she was actually very dazzling.

Finally, Ding asked Mr. Hui Ru if he would help with family affairs. She still said softly, "He'll help him with milk, and he'll help the baby in the bath." 」

"That's not enough, to encourage him, he's doing a good job, he's doing a little bit more." We all laughed when we heard it. Dear men, women are strong, but women can be stronger together with you.

I'm an introvert, I'm a female entrepreneur.

Then the second stick came to Havital HK Holdings founder Yu Wenxuan. See the black suit of a seat of temperament, not to slowly, the same break the traditional cognition of the successful female strong image. As Ding Lingxuan began by saying, "You have a bright appearance and academic qualifications, feeling is the victory group of life." And asked if you have encountered any setbacks on this road? "I'm an introvert, " she confided slowly and gracefully. Because she is an introvert, she must face the constant challenge and rejection.

Yu Wenxuan comes from the background of business and psychology, but founded the bio-technology-related industry. So in the workplace, she often faces and convinces other more experienced people. But naturally introverted, easy to reveal tension and stress in the conversation, and therefore often lead to communication failure.

In the face of this difficulty, she practiced pulling herself out of the problem and looking at the problem itself. She mentions that when you get caught up in it, you tend to accumulate negative emotions and think, "Is he targeting me?" "Don't you like me?" "Because I'm a young woman?" wait, but only more and more self-limiting.

"When you encounter a limitation, don't feel like it's a failure, it may be a temporary setback. 」
- Yu Wenxuan

The problem may not occur because you are not doing well, or because you are a girl, but because of the difference in expression. Introverts are prone to tension, pressure transmission, although let the tour wenyu eat a lot of losses. But instead of treating these things as failures, she can take further action, such as preparing for a fuller set of data, or not afraid to seek out her predecessors; When you exude affirmation and confidence, the other person is naturally willing to stop and listen to each other.

As Mr. Ding said, "When you're ready, everything waits for it to happen." Let the bullet fly, and you'll see it go as you plan.

Limitations do exist, but our cuteness is not limited.

Finally, we feel sitting on the sidelines and eager to wait for Rookie Fund Executive Director Don Don. And the complete opposite of the female leader character, with a vibrant, unafraid of the sky flashing eyes, Tang Wei grabbed the microphone is a magnificent sentence: "See so many people to i am very moved, ouch I feel so annoying Oh!" The whole scene was a little surprised and immediately burst into laughter.

How could there be such a special, some quaint girl, and you can feel her head spinning and thinking too fast to keep up with the language.

Tang Yu then added up, and she was excited to hear the arguments of so many speakers on the scene, and she actually had a different view: "I am 100 per cent agree that only we can change ourselves." However, restrictions do exist, and many are beyond our personal control. 」

She shared the year in her country, tall, want to play basketball, but found that the school basketball club only accept boys. She is not convinced, the community volunteer the first three are filling the basketball club or did not go up, ran and the instructor seeking fruitless, and went to go to the physical education teacher "peon teacher asked me to ask the instructor, so back and forth, is a restriction ah." As a girl, she didn't even have a chance to play basketball.

Then she came to a big company, where she saw that the directors were all men and her peers were all women. Without a high-ranking female role model, she began to wonder: "Can I do it?" Can I climb up? It's not that she doesn't want to, it's the limitations behind these social phenomena that she doesn't know where she can do it and what she can do.

"I think the challenge is that restrictions are sometimes in the hands of others, so I'm not limited. 」
- Tang Wei

But back to what we want to talk about today, Tang said it represents an environment that society may have shaped and you may not be able to change it directly, but you can try it.

"I played basketball later!" "Because I was so bored, I kept harassing the instructors and harassing my male classmates to change places with me, " Tang said with a smile. On the first day of the social class, she walked on to the basketball court, and the teacher asked her what a girl was doing. She said I'd play. Later, she even teamed up in the three-on-three bullfight to win the all-club championship. She said that because of the rebound, everyone saw she was a girl, even dare not come to hit her.

"It tells us that you're just being cheeky, you're going to harass people, they think you're cute, you have a chance." At this point we have been amused and think it's good to be a girl. The advantage is not that we can be cheeky, but that we have all kinds of appearances, each struggling to find ways to find themselves, find happiness.

Leadership is "neutral" but sexism is not

Finally, we opened up questions and had a meaningful dialogue. The questioner asked about an important core spirit in this age of women's rise: "Women are no worse than men". But in that case, should we talk about "female leadership"?

Is there a gender divide in leadership?

As we all know, while labeling "female" presidents, "female" doctors and "female" entrepreneurs, we are also emphasizing the gender divide and falling into the trap of gender equal rights in words. But in the face of such an issue, Tang first spoke out and put forward his own observed phenomena:

"There is a very long-standing investment theory within the venture capital firm that says, "If you meet a female founder, be careful." Women-led teams are stripped of their points in the first place because of their gender, and lose equal competition. But in an environment where sexism is so heavy, "female" leadership is necessary;

Yu Wenxuan also went on to share that his country's high schools are girls' schools, in the past and girls in the competition, out of society after the beginning of competition with boys. "I don't think girls have lost boys, not even in leadership. But why discuss this? Because of leadership outside of work, there are some gender-specific restrictions in society. For example, the corporate culture of rewards, which need to be discussed to bring about change.

"If the senior supervisors are girls, they will say after work, "Well, I'm going home with the kids, we can't get paid." Tang said then that having a female leader, on the one hand, can also create a different culture, so that women do not have to suffer in some places.

Ms. Ding finally shared her years of experience in the workplace as a supervisor, and she believes that leadership is a neutral ability that everyone can develop as long as they develop. Therefore, women should not take men as the object of competition, women's biggest enemy is women themselves. But she went on to say that women's leadership is being emphasized because the number is still too small: "When women's issues disappear, it represents real equality between women and men." 」

Here, this time the Panel generation talk is over. It's wonderful, up sands, so let's see the different imaginations and looks of female leaders. We don't have to be sharp, very strong, we can be gentle, we can also be introverted.

Most notably, from the introduction and drive of the female entrepreneurial predecessor, Mr. Ding Lingxuan, to the response of the three 30-year-old young female leaders, it really is like a generational transition. Like Tang Yu said, never feel like you're not enough now, you've had enough. To believe that you have influence, you can go to education, help people around. When we become leaders one day, but also to help the girls below, a stick, together face the restrictions, see the restrictions outside the wall, the most beautiful new bureau.