Have you ever wanted to talk to your father about menstruation? Although dad may not understand the physiology of women, but expect in the pain, father can prepare a hot mat for himself, because he is not only a man, but also family.

In the girl's common memory, to meet the first tide that time, you take the mother or sister for their own health supplies, in front of the school boys hide, and honey implicitly test and discuss, thinking that this is the health textbook said it. This is an important moment in your upbringing, there may be a mother, a sister, a peer, but a father less.

But what would he do without him?

You still seem to be confused through these periods, including after, you face physical confusion, your first love, your first love, the first sexual act ... the father has not been involved;

In retrospect, you had in fact expected that your father could buy you a tampon and a cup of hot black sugar for you, and if you had these warm links, your relationship might have been closer, time and time again.

Would you like to talk to Dad about menstruation? Actually, he's looking forward to your growth.

Where's Dad going? You may never have thought about discussing menstruation with your father, or you may feel that your father and yourself are starting to be at a loss as a "woman" and that he doesn't know much about how he can help you or get close to you.

Over time, you may know each other well, but you can't express your needs and concerns with each other.

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Why do you need to talk to my father about your menstruation? Now that they have been hiding under such tacit understanding, each other to spend so many years? But in fact, such an idea defaults to the father is "man", father "does not understand and do not need to understand the female physiology", while ignoring the father is also "family", and as a parent, although he may not understand the female physiology, but he cares about your growth.

From you or the baby to feed, he all the way to see you slowly grow tall and fat, the inner heart mixed with expectations and loss.

We regard the arrival of menstruation as an important process of girls' maturity, and the father is not unaware, nor does he want to know, but it is more likely that he does not know how to express concern. So, from now on, try to get your father involved in your physical period! Perhaps he can give you a lot of practical or psychological support.

It's just, how can we start this topic?

Start by getting back to your father: he also took a health education class

We generally have the first stereotype is that the father is a man, should not understand the woman's physiological "little things." But in fact, the father must also have had a health education class in the student period, how much of the physiological period has a broad understanding. Or the sisters, girlfriends, or mothers he met when he was growing up could be a bridge to his understanding.

So the big obstacle between you should be that he doesn't know how to help you, or that he doesn't know how you need help. But also understand that he actually loves you, and he doesn't want to miss your growth. With this idea base, you can start trying to have a conversation.

1. Date with him for a time of two: I want to talk to you about an important topic

Talking face-to-face can be a more effective and intimate way of communicating. But if that's not the form of conversation you're used to, it can be changed to mobile communications software, phone calls, or even small notes. When inviting your father, you can start by saying, "I want to talk to you about something important" and let him feel your desire, so that he can get into the situation you want faster.

2. In the process, maintain self-confidence and calm, so that both sides can be more relaxed and natural

In Asian families, it may be a relatively unfamiliar attempt to talk to your father about the period of physiology. As a result, both of you may be nervous.

Prepare for the conversation and take a deep breath, which can help you stay confident and calm, and then allow your father to be relatively calm. If you show a tense, restless atmosphere, it's easy to make each other think it's "wrong" or that it's a condition. But menstruation is a healthy and exciting thing, and confident expressions can build confidence in each other.

3. You can show your vulnerability: Don't be afraid to seek your father's help

Talking to his father about menstruation is not really about letting him know about it (how could he not), but about letting him support you. So first remind yourself: the father is a man, but also a family, he can be your backing.

Therefore, you can try to ask your father for help to express your pain, physical discomfort, or even psychological discomfort. If the above "opening the conversation" is relatively difficult for you, you can get him to participate in your physical period from practice, such as preparing hygiene supplies for you, hot mats, etc. These practical actions can bring you closer quickly.

4. Leave each other some emotional time: Dad, thank you for knowing me

Next, you can leave each other a little emotional, express simple thanks. After all, it may take courage for both of them to start the topic. Tell him, thank you for knowing me and helping me, and you'll feel the point of doing it in this gratitude.

Finally, remember that this conversation doesn't take long, it's just to tell you about it, express your needs, and thank you. Too long can put pressure on two people who are not used to it. Point to the end, you can clearly complete the purpose, but also smoothly open the two people's emotional communication window.

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Talking about menstruation, what we're looking for is a closer father-daughter relationship.

Let the father began to participate in their own physiological period, behind the most want to open is actually the communication between father and daughter. After all, in addition to menstruation, there will be more important life experiences on her daughter's way up. such as other physical anxieties, relationships, loss of love, close contact, or a relationship to begin. In the face of these things, daughters usually rarely choose to talk to their father.

We've probably seen the bride's father in tears at some wedding occasions, or suppress her inner insatiableness, or shed tears directly. We find this scene very moving, but also produce more regret and doubt: dear father, you have this deep feeling sorry for us, but why did not say?

If we could open that channel of emotional communication earlier, and we can have more moments of mutual understanding and expression of love, then these occasions may not be an exciting difference, but more blessings and touches.

Because i know each other love each other, so never lost.

This time, try to be the lead of father-daughter relationships: We invite the father to enter his own life journey and tell him what kind of kinship you desire. A daughter can be dad's first health education lesson.

Let your father be your life partner! Start by talking about your physical period and having him prepare your first hot pad.