Tiny Homes in the American Red! Both personal space, but also free to move at any time with family and friends. Before the material of life, the American granny said that life in the old age should be free and happy!

What kind of life do you want to live in the second half of your life?

In recent years, the Silver hair family in the United States has popularized a lovely residential model, "Tiny Homes", which features about 4-5 flat space, but has a full daily home. More importantly, this "home" can be taken away!

Conveniently, prices fall between $10,500 and about $20,000, and trailer cabins make it easier for older people to afford both mobility and price. Because they pursue the life, not necessarily great luxury, not necessarily to take root, but both alone space, but also with family and friends to contact the simple happiness.

"I don't need such a big house in my life!" 」

Bette Presley, 72, who lives in a five-py trailer cabin in Grand Arroyo, Calif., says the 14-year period has been the best she's ever had in her life!

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Bette Presley yearns for living closer to nature in old age, freefrom desire, unnecessary clutter, and try to be as simple as possible: "We always spend too much, but we don't really need so much." Bette used to live an "excessive" and unruly life. On that occasion, she decided to donate most of her everything, television, computer, microwave oven, table, sofa, printer... For her, the process of being cut off was not simple, but it was a release of life.

In the new house, she has only simple necessary furniture, a double bed, a relaxing bedroom for guests, a minimalist kitchenette and bathroom, and a spacious front-door balcony, which is enough for her to enjoy her day and reconnect with the natural environment.

What kind of second half she wants after she retires? She doesn't want to go to a nursing home, and she doesn't want to add to her child's financial burden; she chooses to stay away from the city, but is closer to nature, to life, and to have a better family relationship because of her love of single life.

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Adele Smith, a 61-year-old retired music teacher, had been living in a house about 36 years old with her daughter, but after her daughter moved out, she felt she couldn't cope with the huge space of loneliness alone.

Every day, the only area she really uses is a corner of the living room, the bathroom, the bedroom and the kitchen, and apart from that, there are many areas that don't make sense to her. "I can't stand such a big house anymore!" Adele thought of her decision to leave the place and leave the feeling of loneliness.

She moved to a cabin of just 6 Ping, a much smaller new home than she had in the past, but had all the imaginations she had for her home: basic living conditions, a more suitable space for one person; she could focus on her life at the moment without having to be distracted by the anxiety of excess space and the thoughts of her daughter. From the outside to the psychological level, she has more happiness and satisfaction.

Mobile home, but a more stable life

Break the past for the old age of "stability" of the imagination: it seems that there should be a large house of their own, there is economic surplus, leisure and entertainment life. But the appearance and popularity of trailer cabins, let us see the silver-haired "happy life" pursuit is more focused on the unburdened body and soul satisfaction.

Small homes, on the one hand, can reduce economic and psychological stress, on the other hand, let us note that the elderly also need the "personal space."

Traditionally, in addition to cohabiting with children, sending them to a nursing home is also a common option for the elderly. But the maintenance home for the safety and convenience of care considerations, space is often configured crowded, poor sound insulation, lack of independent space;

In fact, as long as a more complete health care needs, such as the installation of wheelchair ramps, remind the elderly to take medication voice intelligent system, such as small personal space can make the elderly more comfortable, but also can easily cope with life alone.

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Silver-haired people have a just-sized, own space, you can enjoy the day after the removal of desire, you can also borrow the high mobility of trailer cabins, and family, the natural environment to this society for a more comfortable link.

After all, "home" is not defined as eternal immobility, but to make your heart content and settle. Then have the ability to feel loved and give more love. Trailer cabin, tow wherever you can be your home.